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November 8 – November 14 (2010)

This is a great song by Rob Thomas, formerly of Matchbox 20. It was recorded for a Disney film, and it’s very catchy and pleasant.  I was humming this all day on Saturday. Nice song!

Monday the 8th – DUBBING THE GOV! – I got up around noon and headed to Voicecaster for a quick audition.  Then I had to be at “The Tonight Show” early for a special project. They did what they call a ‘cold open’, a short comedy sketch that happens before the standard opening credits and announcement.  This involved Jay and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about his plans following his exit from Gubernatorial office in January of 2011.  All of a sudden Arnold’s voice changes into that of a trained actor with no accent, and he talks about going into the theatre.  Well, first they shot Arnold and Jay in the dressing room doing the bit, then the camera crew took me into another room with similar “room tone’ to that of the dressing room, and they had me dub in the voice of Arnold the actor.  We took about three takes to get it, and it looks pretty darn good!  The turnaround time was tight, since we tape the show at 4, so we all had to work fast.  Luckily we were able to get it in only a few takes!  The result was VERY funny, and you can see it by looking up the full show on for 11/8.  It’s in the first few minutes of the show.  Check it out!  When that was over I went home to take a quick nap. Then I got up to meet with my friend Brittney Powell. Then it was dinner with my friend Chuck McCann at DuPar’s, and home to pay bills and do auditions!

Tuesday the 9th – NOW THAT’S A CAT! – Just after noon my carpet cleaners came by to freshen up the carpet.  Sassie had a few accidents that I needed to have removed from the carpets.  Then I stopped by my mailbox to pick up some items, and then headed to “TTS.”  They had amazing animals on the show that day, and even though I don’t usually wander into the halls to catch glimpses of the show’s guests, when it comes to the animals I can’t resist. I got to hang out with the gal who held a baby jaguar!  He was beautiful, but very much like a regular cat.  Except with REALLY big paws.  Hard to believe that this stumble-footed little guy was going to be a sleek-footed lightning-fast jungle cat someday!  What a cutie!  That made my day.  After the show I stopped by the post office to mail off another book to my folks.  As I’ve told you before I’m an addict at  I’ve made several hardcover coffee-table quality books from my personal photos. This time I chronicled my trip to Memphis and Graceland.  Since my mom has always been an Elvis fan I sent a book to her as well.  When I got out of the post office I noticed that I had a message from “TTS” asking me to come back in the next day at 11am to do a pick-up on a line for the show.  I made a note and headed home to take a quick nap. When I woke up, I stayed up much of the night doing work.

Wednesday the 10th – BANNER DAY! – I got in to “TTS” to do a comedy bit around 11am, and after it was done I headed to the bank to deposit some money, then to It’s a Wrap to look at clothes, and then to my old haunt in Burbank Roundtable Pizza. YUM!  They have a lunch buffet that’s awesome!  I had to get some groceries so I stopped by Ralph’s (right across the street from Roundtable) and picked up some supplies. I got home and unloaded all the groceries, and then I decided to pump up the tires on the old bicycle and bike into NBC for work.  Two great career things happened to me today!  First off, during the “Battle of the Jaywalk All-Stars” it was my job as announcer to introduce the bit, and then give the scores at the end of the game.  In typical gameshow fashion, Jay threw it to me when he said, “Let’s take a look at the final scores. Wally?”  I was tweaked because a) Jay said my name, which tickled my folks. and b) it sounded like the old gameshows I grew up on. “Don, tell them what they’ve won!”  That was enjoyable!  After the show I biked home really fast to catch “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” on Disney XD.  It was the episode where I played M.O.D.O.C., which was cool, but the coolest thing was when my character Ant Man got to say “Avengers Assemble!”  That’s the famous rallying cry when a member of the Avengers needs the assistance of his team.  I got a chill when I heard that on the air, because I’ve always been a comic book geek, and it was a dream come true!  That was the second cool career thing that happened that day!  Later that night my pal Reed Kaplan came by to stay at my house for a few days. He was in town shooting some interview segments for an upcoming DVD/Blu Ray release.  Reed, my pal  Edi and I all went to Jerry’s Famous Deli to have a bite to eat.  I saw my pal Chuck McCann and his driver Ottis there as well!  What a small world!

Thursday the 11th – HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! – I woke up with a horrible back ache. Right between my shoulder blades. I’m not sure what I did in my sleep but it was really hurting!  I headed over to Santa Monica to go to Pacific Ocean Post (aka P.O.P Studios) to do some new spots for Old Navy. It was great to see my old pal Tim again in the driver’s seat of the recording session. We had a few laughs and recorded some lines.  Since it was Veteran’s Day the freeways were a lot more free-flowing than usual. So I made it there in good time.  I went to the taping of “TTS” later and it was an all military audience. It’s pretty awesome to look out into the audience and see nothing but uniforms everywhere you look…Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard!  When I walked into work there was a huge group of Marines in their dress uniforms. A bunch of them turned to look at me. It’s pretty intimidating when a bunch of Marines turn on you like that, and I’m sure they were wondering who the long-haired maniac was. But I smiled and said, “Happy Veteran’s Day gang! Glad you’re here!”  They all said very polite thank you’s, and I knew it was going to be a great show. They’re a great audience, and today’s show was one of the best!  That evening I met up with Sara, Reed and Scott and Vickie Sebring for dinner at Panera. I wanted Reed to check out Scott’s amazing graphics work for possible upcoming DVD releases Reed may be working on.  In addition to being my webmaster, he’s also very accomplished in the arts of graphics.  After dinner Reed and I chatted a bit, as he would be leaving early the next day and I would most likely miss his exit.

Friday the 12th – GETTING GEARED FOR GLAM! – First thing I did when I woke up was to pop in “Madagascar” on my Blu Ray player.  I have done a lot of jobs as Alex the lion, Ben Stiller’s character in the film.  Ben is so busy he can’t usually do the peripheral jobs which require Alex to speak, like toys, videogames, etc.  Today I was auditioning at Nickelodeon for something they’re doing with Alex the lion. So I wanted to be freshly studied. I listened to him in the film for about a half hour, then got showered and headed over to Nick.  When I finished I went over to Toys R Us to see if any of the new Avengers toys are out, but not yet. I hope they’re out in time for Christmas!  I did the taping of “TTS” and then headed over to meet up with my pals Brittney and Sara for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli.  That night I combed through my Playboy Playmate book to mark the pages that I wanted to have signed the next day at Glamourcon in Long Beach.  About 13 Playmates would be there whom I have never met, and I was hoping to add their signatures to my book.  Pamela  Anderson’s signature was number 100 in my book!  She signed it when she visited “TTS’ a few months ago!

Saturday the 13th – GLAMOURCOOOOOOOOOON! – My maids came bright and early so they could be finished in time for me to leave for Glamourcon.  Edi came over and got ready, and my pal Ottis called to say he was on his way with the van to drive us.  He picked up Sara, whose battery in her car had died, and then came to get us.  Even though I had the trip all mapped out, and my new GPS there, we STILL got lost on our way. It was funny actually.  But we made it there around noon and I set about collecting the 12 signatures I needed to get in my book. I saw my pal James Gonis, who works in Playboy Playmate Promotions.  Every time I see him he costs me money somehow.  He’s the one who gave me the Playmate book in the first place for my birthday a few years back, and then I had the bright idea to have as many Playmates sign it as possible.  That was a costly little undertaking, but I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.   Then James is the one who turned me on to  We all know how that story turned out.  About 25 books later, I’m still addicted to that website…getting my hardcover books published.  But I’m glad he told me about it, as my books have brought a lot of joy to members of my family and friends.  It’s always good to see James since I see him so seldomly. A couple of really funny things happened. A girl walked up and asked me if I wanted to be on Playboy Radio on Sirius satellite radio. She said they were doing a feature on guys with facial hair.  I didn’t know if I should go on anonymously or tell her what I did for a living.  Fearing that if I told her, she may disinvite me to participate, I kept the info to myself and just went on as an average guy with a goatee.  Like my character Butch Maguire in “Livin’ On a Prayer,” I told them I called my facial hair Carmine, in honor of Carmine Appice, world’s greatest rock drummer.  There were three other guys there as well with varying degrees of facial hair.  We all got some funny lines in, but at the end of the interview I told the hosts that I had surprise for them.  I don’t know what they thought I was going to say but they said to save it for their producer.  After the show I told them I was the announcer for “The Tonight Show” as well as a voice-over actor. They were really surprised and come to find out we had a lot of common friends in the industry. If anyone heard that show and has a tape, I’d love to get a copy!  I was surprised that a few of the Playmates remembered me from past shows. Bridgett Rollins said hi, as she had remembered me from a few years ago when her daughter was with her at a show.  Her daughter did the greatest Linda Blair Exorcist voice.  It was great to see Bridgett again. The girls and I got to see Hef walking around the convention floor, which was great.  But the coolest thing was talking to Debra Jo Fondren, a Playmate of the Year. Back in 1979 she did a pilot with Andy Kaufman called “Uncle Andy’s Funhouse.”  It was great hearing Andy stories from her. In fact, I had her sign a photo of her and Andy from that shoot. She was so touched she signed it for free! We exchanged information and promised to keep in touch.

Sara is immortalized on paper by caricaturist Walt Davis at Glamoucon

Here I am on Playboy Radio being interviewed about my facial hair

The funniest thing happened on the way out of the show. The escalator was making a high pitched alarm sound, which was hurting the ears of many of the Glamourcon staff.  I walked over to it and saw that the alarm was originating from the emergency button panel, which was covered by a plexiglass cover. I hit it with my fist and said, “Shut up!” THE ALARM STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!  Without missing a beat I spread my arms out with my thumbs up ala The Fonz and said, “Heeeeeey!”  The girls laughed and it really was a very funny moment. On the way home we stopped at the Beverly Hills It’s a Wrap and picked up some clothes, then it was back home to grab a quick nap.  Then the gang started to come over for movie night. We watched Twin Peaks episode 7, the season 1 finale, then it was the Blu Ray of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, and then  Ed Wood’s “classic,” “Glen or Glenda.”  Then it was time for bed and an episode of “Baretta!”

Sunday the14th – MORE PREP! – I slept late in the day but got up in time for evening church. It was a great service, and some friends and I went to Li’l Toni’s for Italian food afterwards.  Then it was over to Chill for frozen yogurt, and back to my house for a screening of the 1974  Roger Corman classic “Caged Heat.”  The last time I had seen it was most likely at a drive-in movie theatre, and I was probably thinking about other things at the time (if you know what I mean) so I wanted to see it again. Why?  Well, on Monday I’ll be hosting the commentary track for the Blu Ray release.  I’ll have more information for you on that next week, but it’s very exciting!  Then it was off to bed because the forthcoming week was promising to be one of the busiest weeks for me in recent history.  Check back with me next week to see how I did!

And how was YOUR week?!?!!