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September 27 – October 2 (2010)

About a week ago while we were watching an old episode of “Hee Haw” during movie night at Planet Wallywood, we heard Dolly Parton sing “I Will Always Love You.” Somebody mentioned, “Oh! It’s the Whitney Houston song!” While Whitney had a bigger hit with it, Dolly wrote the song and recorded it years earlier. I actually prefer her version way more. She also sang it in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” which I think we’ll screen at a future movie night. That’s a great movie! In case all you know is the Whitney version, here’s the Dolly version for you to hum along with.

Monday the 27th – CRUEL SUMMER! – In addition to Los Angeles making the news about having the hottest day in their history (113 degrees!) it’s my sister Peggy’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEG!) and my good pal Nancy Wolfson (HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCE!). It was smokin’ hot today. Luckily my AC was working well, and I was out of the house most of the day. I started off in the early part of the day by heading to Santa Monica for another Old Navy commercial. Normally the Westside is considerably cooler than the rest of L.A., but it was even 100 degrees in Santa Monica…by the ocean! I finished up the session in great time and headed to It’s a Wrap in Beverly Hills to check out their Halloween selection. It was pretty slim pickens, so I headed back to my house. I stopped off at Office Depot to get a new 2011 Day Planner. Can you believe it’s almost 2011??? SHEESH! Where is the time going? I stopped by my box to pick up my mail, and then I needed to be at “The Tonight Show” a little early for a voice session. That evening I met up with Edi and Sara at DuPar’s for dinner, and I was exhausted! In fact, I almost fell asleep at dinner! The heat was really zapping my strength! That night my pal Brittney came over to say hi for awhile, and I did some auditions in my home studio and e-mailed them to my agent. Whew! I’m ready for Christmas!

Tuesday the 28th – ONLY A LITTLE COOLER! – It cooled off only slightly, but anything lower than 113 degrees is welcome! While at “TTS” I acquired my airline tickets for my upcoming trip to Graceland in October! I can’t wait! I was going to go with my parents and family back in the 80’s when they went, but my work schedule at the time wouldn’t allow for it. Now I’m going! It’ll be great! That evening I went to the “House of the Wolfman” DVD release party at King King in Hollywood. I saw my old pal Marcus, who used to do audio at the Beetlejuice show at Universal. Wild! I also ran into Freddie who used to be the Bride of Frankenstein. It was fun catching up with those two and reminiscing about old times. My pal Dan Roebuck also showed up, as did Ron Chaney, the great grandson of Lon Chaney Sr. I gave him a copy of my book “Lon Chaney For Dummies” that I produced through My After the party Dan, his friend Chuck, Sara and I went to eat at Bob’s Big Boy. What a night!

Wednesday the 29th – WACKY WEDNESDAY! – Shortly after noon I went to Voice Trax West to do a session for Old Navy. Then I put some checks in at the bank next door. I stopped by my box and picked up my mail, and got Sassie my dog some more Pill Pockets. They’re little meat pockets that you can put their medication in. Genius! I went to “TTS” for the taping, and there were cool animals on the show. When they came out, Rickey and the band played “Baby Elephant Walk,” my “What’s Wally Humming” tune from last week. How weird is that?! I thought maybe Rickey had been hitting up my website for song ideas. It sounded great! When the show was over the sky looked really heavy and dark. I asked James one of the camera guys if it was going to rain. He pulled out his i-Phone and looked at the barometer and said, “No way. If it was going to rain that little pointer would be on the other side of the dial. But about an hour later, it started to lightning and thunder like crazy. It’s rare that you get that in L.A., so I like to enjoy it when it happens. Sassie, on the other hand, does NOT enjoy that. My friend Edi came over and we immediately put our bathing suits on and hit the jacuzzi. The sky was orange and purple, like it used to look in the old days in South Dakota just before a big storm. We saw a FULL rainbow over the L.A. sky. It was stunning! We got in the jacuzzi and felt it raining on us, but as soon as the lightning started over our heads we got the heck out of there! Later Edi and I walked over to the Studio Cafe to meet up with Chuck McCann and Sara for dinner. The thunderstorm really broke the hot spell quite nicely!

Thursday the 30th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY! – It’s my nephew’s birthday today. 12 years ago, my sister Peggy gave birth to him just a few days after her birthday. I started the day with an audition at Kalmenson and Kalmenson, and then went over to Studiopolis Burbank to do some voice tracks for an upcoming episode of “Kekkaishi.” I got called in to “TTS” for a quick v.o. then I went home to meet up with my pal Scott Sebring at my house to fix a minor computer issue. But it was right back around again to go back to “TTS” for the taping.

Friday the 1st – OCTOBER IS HERE! – Can you believe only three months are left in 2010? It boggles my mind! I woke up with a scratchy throat. Uh oh. So I started in on the Zicam right away to fend off any possible oncoming illnesses. It was a full day today…I went to Elaine Craig Casting in Hollywood to audition for a series of TV promos. Then I went over to “TTS” for a quick v.o., and when I was done I went to Voicecasters for an audition there. I stopped at the Burbank It’s a Wrap and picked up a few Halloween items that were marked half off. I stopped by Del Taco to grab lunch, and then back to “TTS” for the taping. My “other” boss Seth MacFarlane was on the show again. I didn’t have time to go back and say hi, but I heard him mention on the microphone that his dad was with him. So I leapt up and ran to the green room where Seth’s dad was. I hadn’t seen him in awhile and I’ve known him since “Family Guy” first started. I walked in and saw him there and he smiled and said, “I still have your bobblehead!” I gave him a big hug and told him how sorry I was to hear about his wife’s passing. I told him he looked great and then went to go watch Seth’s interview. It was a kick seeing him do the voices of Peter and Stewie and hearing the audience go nuts. I still remember the day when the show first started and no one was getting it. I kept telling everyone that it was genius, but most people just wrote it off as a Simpson rip-off. I tried to explain that it was totally different, but no one listened in the early days. Now, over 10 years later, the “Tonight Show” audience was in hysterics listening to Seth do the voices. I felt proud. When I finished the taping I went over to my chiropractor’s office for an adjustment. Then I headed home, took a shower and slept all evening in the hopes that my scratchy throat will go away.

Saturday the 2nd – GLOOMY WEEKEND! – The cloud cover still was hanging out, but the sun came out for a little while in the afternoon. I was feeling MUCH better (GOD BLESS ZICAM!) and I let the maids in to clean Planet Wallywood. Then I took off to get Spook’s nails trimmed and pick up some mail at my box. My U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter came in the mail and I’m elated! It’s too cool! As the maids worked away I made myself busy scanning photos for a new book I’m making on My I grabbed a quick nap before movie night, then the gang came over to start watching the old “Twin Peaks” TV series. We started with the original pilot which I had never seen before. It was amazing. Because it ran longer than the usual TV episode, we only watched that. We’ll start watching episode 1-29 next weekend. We followed that up with “Ed Wood”, one of Tim Burton’s best. But it was getting late and it was time to hit the hay. But not before watching an episode of ‘Man from UNCLE’ before I went to sleep!

And how was YOUR week?!?!