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July 26 – August 1 (2010)

Since meeting Richard Roundtree, star of the 70’s“Shaft” film series, I can’t get that catchy theme song out of my head! I used to have the record and literally played the grooves off of it. As I was humming it around “TTS” stage, Patrick Smith the sound mixer was getting into it as well. I would say, “They say Pat Smith is a baaad mutha…” and Pat would reply ‘Shutcher mouth!” And I’d say, “But I’m talkin’ about Pat Smith!” and he would say, “Then we can dig it.” Hilarious! I dunno…maybe you had to be there.

Monday the 26th – MAGNIFICENT MONDAY! – I got up around noon and did a session from my house for Clear Channel. It was an absolutely beautiful day, so I hopped on my bike and rode into NBC for the taping of “The Tonight Show.” L.A. IS perfect weather!!

Tuesday the 27th – GOOD KITTY! – I had an early call for “TTS”, as they needed me to come in around 1pm and record a piece for a comedy bit. When I got home I had a little time to kill before the taping, so I took my cat Spooky over to the groomer’s to get his nails trimmed. Poor Spook. His nails were so long he was getting hung up on stuff. So like a good kitty he let me put him in his carrier and drive over to the groomer’s. He’s a good boy, and I can tell he likes having shorter nails now. We had an early call for “TTS” today due to some scheduling issue, so I got over there on time, did the taping, and headed home.

Wednesday the 28th – I LOVE MY BIKE! – I had a morning session for a secret videogame at a studio in my neighborhood, so I figured…WHY DRIVE? I’m going to bike! It was a great day, so I biked over, did the session, and then biked back. I had time before “TTS” so I grabbed a quick nap. Then I hopped back on my bike and headed over to NBC. I made pretty good time! when I got home I cleaned up and headed to evening church with my friend Edi and her son Josh.

Thursday the 29th – BOUNCIN’ OFF THE WALLS! – I was up bright and early and headed over to Disney Character Voices in Burbank to do some pick-up lines for an on-line videogame they’ll be doing involving Buzz Lightyear. When I was finished I went over to Staples to pick up some office supplies, then I got a chicken filet sandwich at Wendy’s. On my way to NBC for another early call, I stopped at Krispy Kreme and picked up a couple dozen donuts for the crew of “TTS.” I brought them in set them down. One of the crew said, “For a guy who exercises on his bike so much, you sure love your donuts!” I said, “The reason I DO bike so much is because I love my donuts!” When I left at the end of the day there wasn’t one donut left, so they were appreciated! I came back later for the taping of “TTS” and then headed home to take a nap. I stayed up all night goofing around and watching “Hawaii Five-O” on DVD!

Friday the 30th – EUREKA! –I was excited to ride my bike to NBC, but I remembered I had to be at Studiopolis Burbank an hour and a half before my call time for “TTS.” I liked riding to NBC but riding all the way to Studiopolis might be too much. But just for the heck of it I Google mapped the route and hit the BIKE MAP button. WOW! EUREKA! I had forgotten that a beautiful, designated bike path ran almost all the way to Studiopolis from my house! I drove up my street which has a bike lane to the right, then went on to a street called Chandler which has a beautiful two-way bike path away from any cars. Better yet, a lot of the cross streets were dead-ended at the bike path, so you could continue your ride uninterrupted without stopping for cars in the intersections! It was a breeze! I even mapped a great residential route from Studiopolis to NBC! WOW! What a great day! I got to Studiopolis, did my session for “Kekkaishi” and then off to “TTS.” Then it was the weekend! I got home and grabbed a long nap. I got up later and stayed up all night playing on a website called My Publisher. My friend James had suggested it a week earlier and I just had to try it. Like other websites (like Snapfish, etc.), My Publisher will help you create a hardcover, bound book full of your own photos and comments! I made one of my celebrity photos called “Wally Meets…”. And it was so easy I immediately made one called “Wingertology: Volume 1,” full of old family photos that had been scanned from slides. I then did another one called “Planet Wallywood” which features photos of my collections of things around the house. Then it was getting late and I retired to my room to watch “Hawaii Five-O” with Sassie and Spooky. But afterwards I went back on the website and started a book based on my make-ups and characters. But I was getting tired, so I quit the project and went to bed Saturday morning at 9am!!

Saturday the 31st – THE PRISONER! – Obviously I slept really late in the day, but when I got up my friend Sara and I met to go to the store to get some items for movie night at Planet Wallywood. We got back just in time to let the first few guests in. Since we were all finished with Blu Ray Trek (all of the original Star Trek episodes on Blu Ray), we were now turning our attentions to the crazy spy show “The Prisoner” from the late 60’s. The show is quite a mindbender, so Bob from our group brought over a list of the perfect viewing order. The original broadcast order reportedly was not ideal, but lots of fan groups have published their own ideal viewing order, so we decided to subscribe to that. We saw the first few episodes and sure enough, it was a real mindbender. After that we put on the original “Starsky and Hutch” TV movie of the week, which served as the pilot for the long-running series. It’s always been one of my favorites! The writing is crisp, the acting is superb and the direction is amazing. It really holds up. Then we decided to watch “Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project.” It was amazing, and hilarious. Don Rickles is truly a national treasure! When everyone left I went to bed to watch more “Hawaii Five-O” on DVD and then to sleep.

Sunday the 1st – AUGUST? ALREADY?!! – Can you believe we’re already in the 8th month of the year 2010? It’s astonishing! I slept really late, got up mid-afternoon to walk Sassie, then went back to bed for a few hours. I knew a very busy week was coming up so I wanted to be rested. I got up in time for evening church, drove my bike over to the service, and then went for a quick ride around the neighborhood. Sara stopped over so we could go eat at The Counter in Studio City, and do some shopping. I got back home and my friend Brittney Powell came over to return some dresses she had borrowed for a shoot. I wrote Wally’s Week, did some auditions, and then…you guessed it…back to more “Hawaii Five-O” on DVD!

And how was YOUR week?!?!