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April 26 – May 2 (2010)

I just finished watching the Season 3 DVD set of “Hawaii Five-O” and I still can’t get the theme song out of my mind. It’s amazing. See for yourself…

Monday the 26th – LAZY DAY! – Though I got to bed late, I got up early to take my folks to Enterprise Rent-A-Car so they could rent some wheels to take a trip up north to Santa Barbara to see some family. I stayed around and made sure that they got their car alright. Then I went back home to sleep for awhile longer. Later that afternoon I got up and went to The Tonight Show to do the taping. When I finished I went to pick my folks up and then we went to dinner. But after their long drive, and my long weekend, we were wiped!

Tuesday the 27th – GARFIELD AGAIN! – I was excited to take my folks to today’s Garfield session so they could meet the cast. They got to meet our guest voice Stan Freberg, and my mom related a story to the great Frank Welker that left him in disbelief. My four year old niece Julia watches Scooby Doo religiously. She even knows that Frank does the voice of both Scooby and Freddie! Apparently my sister read the end credits to her, and she has a memory like an elephant! Frank couldn’t believe it! He signed a few Scooby items for her. They had a great time watching the session as we did two cartoons that day. When we finished I got home, walked Sassie and headed to the Tonight Show early. That night we got the folks packed up, had dinner and relaxed.

Wednesday the 28th – BYE BYE MOM & DAD! – The folks had a great week in Los Angeles, we did a lot! The Tonight Show, a trip to Santa Barbara, a great autograph show, and great food! I got them to the airport in the morning, then went to Outlaw Sound in Hollywood to do some ADR for some TV spots I did awhile back. I can’t say much about them yet, but when they air I’ll let you know all about them! If all goes well the campaign should run for about 2 years! When I finished up there, I ran some errands, checked my mailbox for boxes, and got ready for “The Tonight Show”. Afterwards, I went home and slept!

Thursday the 29th – CATCHING MY BREATH! – My hair was in great need of a cut and color, so I went to see my stylist Andi at Floyd’s in Studio City. When I finished I ran a few more errands and then got to “TTS” for the taping. Again, that night….REST!

Friday the 30th – END OF THE WEEK! – I got to sleep in today and boy was it great! The intense activity of the prior week required that I hit the reset button. I went to “TTS” for the taping (always a blast!) and then drove to Los Feliz to Elm Sound. For two years running now, I’ve voice the commercials for Canada’s “Underwear Affair,” a 10k run and 5k walk that participants run in their underwear. It’s for “below-the-waist cancers” like Ovarian and Prostate. When the session was over I stopped and got a sandwich and headed home. That night I relaxed.

Saturday the 1st – HAPPY MAY DAY! – My maids arrived around 11 to clean Planet Wallywood, then I headed over to my friend Fred’s to hang out by the pool. Then I headed home to watch the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” on blu ray. And after watching it I decided there was really no reason to see the new remake, since the original got it right on so many levels.

Sunday the 2nd – DAY OF REST! – I slept late, got up and went to evening church, then came home and napped. Later that night Sara and I went out to Jerry’s Famous Deli for a late dinner, then I came home and stayed up all night doing auditions, doing stuff around the house, and writing Wally’s Week. Whew!

And how was YOUR week?!?!