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February 22 – February 28 (2010)

Back when the movie “Caddyshack” came out my friend Scott Maguire and I saw it about 100 times in the theater. We can still quote it today! Since we were both in radio as DJs at the time, we picked up the soundtrack (back then it was on a vinyl LP record!) and played it over and over. We noticed that two separate songs on the album were used in the opening of the film. The ethereal opening of the layered voices came from the third track on the album called “Make the Move” by Kenny Loggins. It blended perfectly with Kenny’s “I’m Alright” track. However, the version of “I’m Alright” that radio stations were given to play had a cold opening with Kenny and an acoustic guitar. It didn’t sound much like what we had heard in the film. So I set about cutting both songs together to make it sound like it did in the movie (or approximate it at least). Back in those days, you laid the song down on audio tape, and literally cut the pieces of tape together that you wanted, then spliced them together (similar to how movie film used to be cut). Today it’s much easier to do with digital, and since the “Caddyshack” soundtrack has been digitally remastered on CD (with only 3500 units released!) I figured I’d cut it together like we did in the old days of radio, at the behest of my friend Scott Maguire. Scott still runs several radio stations in the Midwest and wanted this “remix” desperately. So I obliged. He’s happily playing this “exclusive” version on his stations, and I can’t seem to get this song out of my head now to save my soul! So…enjoy! The special “Wingert” remix of “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins!

Monday the 22nd – TOLDJA THIS WAS GOING TO BE A BUSY ONE! – Remember last week when I said I was enjoying the “week off” of just laying around, and that I KNEW the next week would be non-stop rock and roll? Well, I was right. Monday started out with a quick “Gormiti” session at Studiopolis Studio A. They couldn’t seem to get the entire cast together to record ensemble, so we did our lines separately. When I finished I headed over to Voice Trax West to do a “legal” for Autolite. The “legal” is the obligatory legal disclaimers you hear at the end of some commercials. It’s where the guy talks reallyreallyfastandnevertakesabreath! Well, I had done that for years for Hyundai for the Richards Group, and so they called me to do this. But this was by far the toughest I had ever done in my career. It was a lot of copy, and short little sentences, and it all had to be read in about 8 seconds. WHEW! I never knew “void where prohibited” was so tough to say lightning fast! It took awhile, but we managed to piece it together. I’m just glad the kind folks at the Richards Group were so patient and accommodating as it took me awhile to wrap my tongue around those words. When I finished I was exhausted, and I went over to the Ortho dealer right next door. I had been thinking about getting a new bed for awhile (the one I had been using was about 10 years old and was losing support) and this was my chance. I was waking up stiff and sore and figured it couldn’t be old age (OH NO!) it had to be a worn out mattress. I saw a few choices and talked to Joe the expert salesguy. I told him I’d do some more research and get back to him. Then my friend Sara met me for lunch at Panera. Then I took an evening nap and got prepared for the super-busy Tuesday.

Tuesday the 23rd – SUPER BUSY TUESDAY! – It was time for another “Garfield” session at Buzzy’s in Hollywood. I always love these sessions, as working with Mark Evanier is a delight, and watching Frank Welker, Gregg Berger and Jason Marsden work is always a pleasure. We did four episodes until 2:30 or so, then I headed out to Regenix at Cedars-Sinai to have my hair checked out. The program, after two years, is still working wonderfully. On the way back I called my friend Sara and Fred Westbrook to meet me at Paty’s in Toluca Lake for dinner.

Wednesday the 24th – WET WEDNESDAY! – I started out by going to Elm Silverlake Studios in Silverlake to do this year’s promos for “The Underwear Affair”…a 10k run and 5k walk in Canada that people do in their underwear. It’s to raise funds for cancers “below the waist” and I had a lot of fun doing their campaign last year. (Canada? In your underwear? BRRR!) Anyway it was good seeing everyone again, and afterwards I headed over to Oracle Post in North Hollywood to do some work on a cool new videogame that I can’t tell you about until this July. But suffice to say it’s going to ROCK! I got to work with my friend Margaret Tang, who’s VERY pregnant with her second child. I hurried home to meet my groomer who had the daunting task of not only bathing and grooming Sassie, but my cat Spooky as well! It’s a mobile grooming service called Wag My Tail, and we took Spooky out to the van first. Since he’s all white, he gets dirty from time to time…kind of a “yellow-y” hue. But when he’s washed, he’s nice, bright and white! I stepped out into the van to watch him get bathed and he was doing the usual crying that cats do when they’re dunked in water. But he was being pretty good. Since he’s been bathed since he was a kitten, he’s kind of used to it (as used to it as a cat can be!) Sassie was next and she’s always a trooper. Since she’s gotten older and her back legs have weakened somewhat, she can’t stand sitting around at the groomer’s all day waiting to be groomed, so I had to start having a mobile groomer come to the house. But she came back inside all fluffy and pretty. My friend Sara came by to run an errand for me…some tax documents to my accountant. That night my friend Georgette came by and we went to the Wednesday night Meditational Service at my church, then we had dinner.

Thursday the 25th – IS IT SATURDAY YET???!! – I went over to Voice Trax West early in the morning to record some more stuff for HH Gregg’s TV commercials. I went back to the Ortho dealer next door, but Joe wasn’t there. He mentioned a price to me for a complete package and I wanted to accept the deal. But since it was his day off, the replacement salesperson Char had to contact him to make sure the price was OK. My friend Georgette and I drove down to West LA to see my dentist. My crown for tooth 14 was ready to apply. This was a bad luck tooth. I had a root canal on it last year, and the first crown that got put on was too narrow and there was too much gapping. That caused gum pain. So it was removed and redone. The second crown I had chipped on the inside right around the holidays. The porcelain chipped all the way down to the metal underskeleton. So that one had to be CUT off of my tooth, and now hopefully this one will work better. On the way back home from the dentist, I took Georgette to Robinson Beautilities to show her where my friend and webmaster Scott Sebring had rented that Osmond Brothers costume from a few weeks back. That’s when he donned an original Osmond jumpsuit and met three of the Osmond brothers who were SHOCKED to see it again. Richard at Robinson Beautilities told me to look around, all costumes were for rent or sale. SALE!!?? I knew they had previously been for rent, but now they’re for sale??!! Too cool. I called Scott right away and told him the original Osmond suits were for sale. I checked the styles of the costumes with him on the phone, as he was the Osmond expert who knew which costumes belonged to which Osmond. I ended up getting the same Wayne Osmond costume Scott wore to the Osmond appearance, I also got a black jumpsuit worn by Merrill, and I also got Donny Osmond’s jumpsuit with the broken heart on the back!

You can see him singing “Puppy Love” at a state fair in the 70’s wearing the suit in this video.

But the greatest find was a Jay Osmond costume that was silver lame with rhinestones and zippers. This was the VERY same costume I wore in the E! True Hollywood Story as Andy Kaufman performing as Elvis. So there were TWO big reasons to own it. I also bought a pair of Donny’s white boots to complete the “Puppy Love” jumpsuit.

Not sure what I’m going to do with these eventually, but they’re great to have and the opportunity to own them couldn’t be missed! But I got a call from my agent. I had to be at NBC an hour earlier than I expected to do a run through of “The Tonight Show.” This was the week before Jay Leno returned to “The Tonight Show” so they wanted to do some test shows to check the lighting and set changes. This meant that I only had about an hour to make it out of West LA and up to Burbank! And in afternoon traffic! YIKES! Georgette and I didn’t have time to grab lunch, except at a Taco Bell drive-thru. Luckily I made it back home in time to drop her off, and head to NBC. After the run-through I went back to Ortho and bought the bed. After that I met my friends Kristy, Sara, and Chuck McCann at Chin Chin for dinner. Later that evening, my old pal Amy came to visit from St. Louis. But I had been up since early that morning, so I was pretty beat! WHEW!

Friday the 26th – FRIDAY AT LAST! – I was at Studiopolis Burbank in the morning to do another episode for “Gormiti,” but had to split early to be back at NBC for another “Tonight Show” test show. It went very well and it’s extremely exciting. MORE on this later! When we finished I went to see my chiropractor Dr. Carletta in Burbank and got an adjustment. Then I went to get some items for Sara who was sick. That evening I took everything off the walls in my staircase hallway, about 60 pieces of art all together. I had some vintage Ben Cooper Halloween masks and several framed pieces of art. I didn’t want the guys who delivered my bed to crunch into them as they were walking the new bed up the stairs. So better safe than sorry. I took down every piece and replaced them with a masking tape label, so I would know where to replace everything. I was literally up all night doing this, and didn’t get to bed until 6:30am Saturday morning!

Saturday the 27th – SLEEP? WHAT’S THAT?! – Two hours after going to bed, I got a call from the mattress company saying they were on their way with my bed. So I got up, and got prepared for them. It had started to rain heavily and I didn’t envy the delivery guys. They got there on time, set up the bed and took off. They said they had 20 deliveries that day. TWENTY?!?!! GREAT! Apparently the economy WAS on the upswing. I went to my mailbox to pick up some items while my sheets dried in the dryer. When I got back I put the sheets back on the bed, and about mid-afternoon FINALLY went back to bed! I slept a few hours and then got up to have dinner with Chuck McCann, Fred Westbrook, and Sara, Georgette and her cousin Andrea, and my friend Tansy at Li’l Toni’s Italian restaurant. Good food, great friends, and lots of funny conversation.

Sunday the 28th – SLEEPIN’ IN ON THE NEW BED! – I finally got to get some quality sleep time in on the new bed. When I woke up I wasn’t sore or stiff! TERRIFIC! I got up in time for evening church at 5:30, then I stayed for the 7:30 service to serve as Elder. Since my three year Elder duty is up this month, this was possibly my last service as Elder. When I finished I was craving KFC, so I got some drive-thru and headed home. Sara stopped by for a little bit, then I got busy with my auditions. I finished them up, e-mailed them to my agents, fed Sassie and Spooky, and hit the hay to watch some more “Get Smart” fourth season episodes on DVD. When I finish the fourth season, my next target is “Baretta” Season 3, then “Hawaii Five-O” Season 3. I’ve got my viewing set up for the next year I think!

And how was YOUR week??!!!