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December 27 – January 2 (2010 – 11)

Now that it’s the first of the year, I started thinking about my pal Larry Storch. He lives in New York and is no doubt freezing right now! He’s one of the funniest character actors and voice artists I know, and I believe he’s turning 85 this January. Truly a legend. I wish he could come visit us in sunny, warm L.A., but he’s unable to fly at this time. However, I’m sending him kind birthday thoughts as I hum this song by Splitsville…. “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Larry Storch.”

Monday the 27th – AAAAAHHHHH! – It was nice to be on Christmas break. No “Tonight Show” tapings this week, so I spent the week resting and doing things around the house that I needed to get to. My garage is a mess and I need to sort that all out soon. I still was feeling stuff in the head though. As you recall on Christmas Eve I was having trouble with my equilibrium, a sure sign of a sinus infection (or ear infection!) I called my regular doctor but he was out until the 29th. I called my ear nose and throat doctor and he wouldn’t be able to see me until Tuesday. So I made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon and prayed that I wouldn’t get any worse. I tore through my DVD collection and pulled out a ton of DVDs that I don’t need any more. I had heard about a program called DVDs for Vets and I decided to send them a huge box of goodies. Plus it gave me the opportunity to “thin the herd” of my ever-growing DVD collection. Now things were fitting in my cabinet rather nicely! That night I met with my old pal Fred Westbrook at Li’l Toni’s for some good Italian food. UGH! Like I needed MORE food this holiday week!

Tuesday the 28th – TORINO TUESDAY! – WOW! I took the 1974 Gran Torino out and about and it’s running perfectly. My pal Bodie Stroud at BS Industries really fixed her up nicely! It turns heads wherever we go! First I stopped by the agency where my friend Fred works and he checked it out. Then I stopped at the hardware store to pick up some items, and then it was off to AAA to finish the registration process. I talked to a really nice gal named Mirenda who checked the car’s VIN number against the one on the title. Come to find out, she is in the process of moving to Memphis! I told her all about my trip there in October and she gave me her number so I could call next time I was in Memphis. How nice! I got my new license plates (the ones I’ll keep on the car until my new personalized plates come in) and I sped off down the road. It felt good to have the car running well, and to have it officially licensed! I stopped by my friend Ruben Procopio’s house to say hi and show him the car. He took this photo…

Then I headed over to my doctor’s office. Sure enough, after looking in my nose and ears he said I was infected. So I got some antibiotics and some stuff for the headache pain. I headed to the pharmacy, got the prescription and went home to nap. That night I had a few auditions to do and e-mail in. When I was finished with that I hit my messy garage. Even though I spent several hours in there it looked like I had hardly done anything! I have a LOT of work to do out there!

Wednesday the 29th – NOT FEELIN’ IT! –Well, today it seemed like the sinus infection had gotten a little worse. I don’t think I saw the doctor a moment too soon! I slept in most of the day, cancelling the appointments and meetings I had scheduled. But that evening I did venture out to grab dinner at Denny’s with Sara, and then say hi to my pal Brittney Powell for awhile. Sinus infections suck!

Thursday the 30th – FUN WITH TERRY & BRIAN! – My old pal Terry (the contractor who built lots of stuff for Planet Wallywood) and his son Brian came over to haul away two end tables, a coffee table and a futon that I no longer needed. Terry also went through the house to look at all the things we needed to do in the new year. But I took them over to where my Torino was parked and showed it off. Then we got in and took a ride. We stopped for a quick lunch, then we went over to Bodie’s in Sun Valley. There was a squeak I wanted him to look at, and a grinding near the back tire we heard. So we took her into see what was wrong. Terry and Brian were loving looking at all the great cars Bodie was working on. It was decided that Bodie needed to keep her in the shop for a few days, so we got a ride home from Bodie’s assistant Stephanie. After they left I took a quick nap, then got up to get some groceries.

Friday the 31st – THE MOST STUPIDEST TIME OF THE YEAR! –The point of “New Year’s” has always escaped me. So what? We’re putting a new calendar up on the wall…big deal. Do we really need a holiday to celebrate that? I guess since I’m not a drinker I don’t get the point of going out and getting obliterated just because the date changes. 4th of July I get. Christmas I get. Halloween I get. Thanksgiving I get. New Year’s? I just don’t get it. People explain to me that they want to celebrate the fact that the year is over in hopes that the new year will be better. But they do it EVERY YEAR! Are they trying to tell me that EVERY year is a bad one, and they’re hoping the new one is better? But then at the end of that year they’re still celebrating its demise, so how good could that year have been? Like I said, I just don’t get it. It’s the DUMBEST excuse for a holiday I can ever imagine. Utterly pointless. Knowing that several things were closing early I hustled over to my mailbox to pick up some mail, then off to my bank to send some money to a guy in Connecticut for a new 1974 Gran Torino I’m buying. Yes, I bought another one. I want to get them side by side and compare them and I’ll most likely sell the one I no longer need. The first one has had its share of mechanical problems and to say it’s been a total nightmare would be an understatement. But I learned a lot from the experience, and now I love driving it around! Some lucky soul is going to buy an awfully great car, now that Bodie has had his way with it! But I suspect I’ll probably be keeping the newest one from Connecticut. It is tricked out with all sorts of goodies! CD/DVD player, CB, PA system, siren (yes, a siren!) and it’s in immaculate shape! Lots of TLC! I most likely won’t get all the money out of the first one I sunk into it, but it’s been such an interesting and fun experience that I don’t even really care. I’m starting to see what my boss Jay Leno sees in having so many cars. They ARE addicting! That evening my friends Joe and Zandra drove down from Lompoc and we went to Jerry’s Famous Deli to enjoy a nice dinner. Later a few more friends stopped by and we chatted the night away. Oh, and by the way…

Saturday the 1st – HAPPY NEW YEAR (Ugh)! – I celebrated the removal-of-the-calendar the best way I knew…by sleeping. I was still fighting this sinus infection and I was waiting for the antibiotics to kick in hard. Unfortunately I think the infection is pretty stubborn so it may take awhile. If it’s not better by next Tuesday I’m putting a call into my doctor. That evening most of the regular gang showed up for Planet Wallywood movie night, and we spent the evening watching fun old commercials…cereal, toys, soft drinks…what a blast from the past!

Sunday the 2nd – SINUSITIS SUNDAY! –I laid around all day in hopes of beating this sinus infection as much as possible. I got up for a little bit in the afternoon, walked Sassie and went right back to bed because it had started to rain. As I laid there in my bed, I heard a familiar sound. QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! My ducks were back! I ran to my bedroom window but couldn’t get a clear view of the pool because of all the trees. But soon I saw a beautiful mallard swimming around in our pool, enjoying the rainy day. I love seeing the ducks! Gives me a good feeling. I went back to bed and when the alarm woke me up for evening church I was just not feeling it. I felt pretty bad so I switched off the alarm and went back to sleep. When I did arise later that night I met my friend Chuck McCann at DuPar’s for a meal. My friend Sara was supposed to meet us, but she’s been under the weather too so she stayed home shut in. ACHOO!

And how was YOUR Christmas-To-New-Year’s week??!!