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December 28 – January 3 (2009 – 10)

Monday the 28th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! – My nephew Taylor’s 18th birthday is today, so I sent him a card with some cash. It’s nice to have ready cash when you’re 18. I ran a bunch of errands today, since the industry is pretty much shut down. There were no Jay Leno tapings this week, so I used the free time to rest my voice, do errands and relax. I went to the local printer’s with a photo that had been sent to me of Andy Kaufman posing with his puppet likeness of his “Heartbeeps” character. I wanted to have the photo blown up to poster size to display with the mannequin I have in my house of Andy’s original costume from “Heartbeeps.” Additionally, I also have that same puppet head that Andy posed with on the head of the mannequin. So it’s really pretty cool. I also hauled the Elvis mannequin down to the UPS store to have it shipped to my high school’s alumni museum. If you remember from last week’s Wally’s Week, I am donating my old Elvis costume that I wore in my high school talent show to the alumni museum. I also made the mannequin resemble Elvis by using one of those Wowee animatronic Elvis robot silicone masks. I sculpted teeth and eyeballs on to the mannequin with Magic Sculpt, so when the mask was pulled onto the mannequin’s head, it would look finished. Here’s a shot of how the finished Elvis mannequin turned out. I’m very pleased with it. My pal Jim Ojala did the finishing work on it, by attaching the silicone mask to the robot head with special silicone adhesive. He even put in the famous Elvis lip curl.

┬áIt was fun lugging a halved Elvis wrapped in plastic into the UPS store. The legs went in first. The guy behind the counter said…’What the–?” He did a great job packing up the Elvis halves into one big box and shipping it off to Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Tuesday the 29th – OUCH! –I went to see an ENT doctor back when I had lost my voice, and my follow-up exam was today. I took my friend Sara with me to observe. In order to see if my vocal cords were alright, once again Dr. Grosh had to snake a scope down my nose and down my throat to get a look at my cords. Now, if you’ve never had this done count your lucky stars. This sucks! It has a slightly jagged edge on the end, so it feels like something’s constantly stuck in your throat that you can’t get rid of or swallow. And as soon as you swallow, it makes you gag. It’s awful. All the while you have to make these sounds so he can see how your vocal cords are reacting. He said the good news was that I looked a LOT better than I was before. The bad news was is that I still wasn’t perfect. He said there was a cyst on my vocal cords, but luckily on the outer facing of the cord and not on the “reactive edge” of the vocal cord (where the vocal cord meets up with the other one to make the sound. So, we’re keeping an eye on it and I’ll see him again in 6 weeks. I think the thing to do to make sure my voice continues to heal, is to make sure I don’t clear my throat as violently as I used to, and to take it easy at voice-over gigs. When I was finished there, I went by Gun Country and picked up my two new handguns…a Cobra Derringer (black with an ivory handle) and a matte finish black .45 automatic Colt model 1911. I couldn’t wait to take these out to the range and give them a few test runs. Then Sara and I headed over the hill to my agent’s so I could sign my contracts for the new year. It was a great time to go, since the office was very mellow and the traffic over the hill was “holiday light.” After that we went to Regenix for my check-up. That night I continued to rest my voice and relax.

Wednesday the 30th – RAINY DAY! – I woke up and it was raining. I LOVE the rain! I stopped by my mailbox to pick up some mail. I took my friends Sara and Georgette with me and as we were turning a corner we saw my pal Chuck McCann heading into a restaurant. So we stopped into say hi to him quick. Then I stopped off at the post office to mail off some stuff. Then we stopped by my bank to open an account for my new LLC production company called Plate Spinner Productions. Then we hit the gun range. I showed the girls how to shoot my Walther PPK, while I shot my Beretta. Then I dug out the new .45 automatic, but I was having trouble seating the bullets. But it shot pretty well. Not as well as my other .45 automatic, but it was alright. Then I shot the Derringer. It was problematic. The trigger pulled so hard that it was almost impossible to pull. Plus, the little twist lever that locks the barrel into place after you load the bullets, completely fell off! So…I’m taking that one back to the gun shop to see what’s wrong. We stopped by the print shop to pick up my Andy poster. We took the poster home and then we all went for steaks at the Smokehouse. Yum! It was deeeelicious! It was fun taking a nap on a rainy evening!

The Andy poster now on display

Thursday the 31st – THE LAST DAY! – I was sure ready for a few days of rest, but I had a lot to do. I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and I took my guns back to Gun Country to have them look at them. The Derringer needs to be taken to a gunsmith to have him lighten the pull on the trigger. I stopped by Gun World to buy some new boxes for my new guns, and I stopped by my vet’s to pick up some more treats for Sassie. Then I stopped off at the grocery store to buy some supplies. BIG mistake. It was PACKED with shoppers buying their last-minute items for the New Year’s Eve parties. The lines were long at the checkout, and a few of the shoppers had gotten into heated arguments. All I wanted to do was to go home and hide. The craziness was already starting. I got home and got a quick nap before the guests showed up for movie night at Planet Wallywood. It was a good group. We watched “Galaxy Quest” on Blu Ray, and it looked amazing. Then we watched some more of the “Midnight Special” DVDs that I have absolutely fallen in love with! What a nice New Year’s Eve!

Friday the 1st – HAPPY NEW YEAR! – I slept really late and it felt good. Sara came by later that afternoon to hang out, but she had injured her calf the previous night at a New Year’s Eve party. So she was hobbling around pretty badly. After a nap, I was going to clean out my garage that night, but Fred Westbrook called me and invited me to dinner at DuPar’s with he and Chuck McCann. We talked until 1:30 in the morning or so. It was fun! But I still had work to do. So I spent the entire night getting my taxes ready for my accountant. That meant that I had to wade through 4 months of bank statements that I had been neglecting. By 6am, I had finished. I watched an episode of “Baretta” on DVD, then went to sleep.

Saturday the 2nd – AAAAAAAHHHH! – It was nice sleeping in again. My friends Emily and Georgette and I went to dinner at the Studio Cafe in Studio City, then we headed to my house to have Blu Ray Trek night…episodes of the original “Star Trek” on Blu Ray. It was a great deal of fun, and a fun crowd!

Sunday the 3rd – PREP! –Though I slept well into the day, I got up in time for evening church. Then I met with Jon Konjoyan and Ken Dennis regarding my Plate Spinner Productions company. After a nice meal at Paty’s in Toluca Lake, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some items I had forgetten on Thursday. When I got home I took Sassie on a walk around the neighborhood and then did some auditions in my home studio. Tomorrow, it would be back to work. And I had to prepare.

And how was YOUR week/year???!!