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December 7 – December 13 (2009)

Monday December 7 – BACK AT IT! – We started the third season of “Gormiti” this morning at Studiopolis in Studio City. It was fun being back, and it looks like there are all sort of new surprises in the third season! Stay tuned! When I was finished there, I got some lunch and then headed to NBC for the Leno show. Andrea Bocelli and The Muppets were performing on the show, and as a Muppet fan since the third grade, it was really amazing having them on the show. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and others. Great stuff! When I was finished, I headed home to pay some bills and relax.

Tuesday the 8th – UH OH! MY WORST NIGHTMARE! – The past few days I had been having voice problems. Not like laryngitis, but a certain section of my vocal range was impeded by something. It was tough and very worrisome. I got to Patches in the morning and luckily had enough voice to do some new radio commercials for Spam. But after the session I immediately headed to the pharmacy and got some Throat Cote tea, honey, Sudafed, something called Alkalol, and lemons. I also managed to get in to see an ear, nose and throat specialist named Dr. Grosh in Burbank. He said my right vocal cord was swollen and had a callous on it. OH NO! He said if I wasn’t working, to not talk for THREE WEEKS! Luckily I still had my lower range, but my higher range was squeaky, or not there at all. I started on a regimen of steroids to quicken my healing process. I took my supplies and headed to the Leno Show. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I managed to get the show intro and the bumper out alright. Immediately after the show I went home to rest. And pray.

Wednesday the 9th – WORSE! –I tried to do a session for HH Gregg at Voice Trax West in the morning, but as I expected my HH character voice wasn’t there. I apologized to the guys at the ad agency and went home to continue to heal. But it was worse than even that. When I got to the Leno show, I found out that my usual “announce” voice wasn’t there. I only had a lower voice that I could use. So for one night, the announcer sounded different than previous nights. I was so frustrated. The powers that be arranged to have a replacement for the show ready for the following night. I would call them early the next morning and let them know my progress. It was aggravating because we’re only sixty-some shows in, and I wanted to get a nice streak going. But it wasn’t to be. So I headed to evening church. Strangely enough the scripture for that night was about a guy named Zachariah who LOST HIS VOICE!! How weird! So, for a full 12 hours (from 8pm to 8am) I had my own version of “silent night.” I didn’t speak at all! I felt like Harpo Marx. If I wanted my dog or cat to do something, I would make a series of whistles, clicks, and smoochie noises. This is truly a voice actor’s WORST nightmare!

Thursday the 10th – BAD DAY! – I got up early and phoned Dave at the Leno show and told him I had no voice. They made arrangements to find a replacement for the day. I also called the guys from HH Gregg and told them I didn’t have the pipes to do the session. I felt like a schmuck. Especially considering that I didn’t feel sick at all. In fact, I FELT GREAT! I simply did not have all of my voice I needed! So I took some medicine and slept all day. I couldn’t bear to turn the TV on and watch the Leno show with the replacement announcer. I steamed with my steamer, I gargled with stuff called Alkolol (great stuff!), I used my Neti pot, I drank Throat Cote tea, and ate honey. I spent another “silent night” at home. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I’m unable to sing along with all the Christmas songs on the radio. That REALLY sucks!

Friday the 11th – BETTER! –I was making improvements by keeping my mouth shut. I called Dave at Leno in the morning and told him I would be there. My philosophy was, if I could just get through the day, I would have the weekend to rest up! I let Jamie Simone know that I wasn’t able to do the “Gormiti” session that morning, so I just stayed home and continued to steam, drink tea and gargle. I worked on my Elvis mannequin (see last week’s Wally’s Week for more). I did everything I could think of that didn’t require me to say a word. My pal Scott Sebring came over to work on my computer while I stuck my face in the steamer for about a half hour. All went well at the Leno show, even though I had my gargle with me in the booth, and gargled only seconds before it was time to make the opening announcements! Afterwards I met Scott and his wife Vickie for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli. We were joined by my friends Edi and Sara. That evening I took “Christmas Nappies” with Sassie and enjoyed the evening.

Saturday the 12th – SSHHHHHHH! – I continued to keep my mouth shut and let my vocal cord heal. The maids showed up and cleaned Planet Wallywood, then my pal Terry came over to work on the house. I’m having some things changed in the house and we were making plans for the upgrades. It started to rain pretty heavily, which I LOVED! I went to the craft store and picked up some paints, and I went to get a prescription at the pharmacy. That night the gang came over for Blu Ray Trek. But I was pretty tired from the previous frustrating week, so I kept nodding off during the episodes.

Sunday the 13th – ZZZZZZZ! –I slept all day and kept my mouth shut for another 12 hours. I got up in time to hit evening church, and then have dinner with my friend Sara afterwards. Luckily I only had a few auditions to do and I turned in to get some rest.

And how was YOUR week??!!