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November 30 – December 6 (2009)

Monday the 30th – IT’S OVER?! – Hard to believe November is over, December is starting and the new year is almost here! It seems like just a month ago I was at the San Diego Comic Con. It’s wild how time flies! My friend Sara came by my house shortly after noon to get made up by my friend Kady Alatriste for a headshot photo session. Sara has a great new agent, but needed new headshots. So I told them they could use my Chaney Room for the make-up, since that’s what the room was designed for in the first place. I checked my box for mail, and then headed to “The Jay Leno Show” for our daily taping. Afterwards I headed over to Studiopolis to do a quick audition. Then it was back home to enjoy the evening with Sassie and Spooky.

Tuesday the 1st – ONLY 24 MORE SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! – I was up and at ’em early for an HH Gregg recording session at Voice Trax West. There was no Jay Leno Show today because it was being pre-empted by the two hour “Biggest Loser” finale. It was nice to have another day off to just relax and lay around….having dinner with friends and enjoying life.

Wednesday the 2nd – CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE! – I went to Voicecasters in the morning to audition for a Taco Bell radio commercial, and then headed over to the Jay Leno Show for the day’s taping. I arrived early, so I went to the NBC commissary, got some food and just chilled until we did our rehearsal and eventual taping. When I finished I headed over to church and attended the evening meditational service. I was so relaxed when I came out that I turned on the fireplace, tuned my DirecTV to the Christmas music channel, got a blanket and took a nap on the couch. I call these sessions “Christmas Nappies” when I talk to Sassie. We love to take Christmas Nappies during the month of December. It’s very soothing and relaxing, and it’s amazing that even though you are sleeping, it’s still great bonding time with your dog.

Thursday the 3rd – GREAT WINTER DAY! – My pal Mark Ackerman came over in the afternoon to do some repairs on my home theatre system, Then I went to NBC to do the Leno Show. Afterwards I met up with a friend who was giving me an important component to a Christmas gift I’m making for my friend Sunni in Seattle. I know Sunni reads this, so I can’t say any more, other than I had to meet this friend at the Shell station by NBC to do the hand-off. It was like a covert mission you’d see on the old “Mission Impossible” TV series. Lots of fun, and I think the gift is going to be marvelous! That night it was more Christmas Nappies by the fire with Sassie, and late-night auditions and viewings of “Mannix” on my DVD player!

Friday the 4th – FRIDAY AT LAST! – I went to the craft store to buy some items for the “Sunni Project” I’m doing. I also picked up some stuff for another project I’m working on. Last summer, when I went to Aberdeen, South Dakota for my class reunion, I donated on semi-permanent loan two Aberdeen Central High School jerseys I had in my collection downstairs. They were in great shape and displayed nicely. They hung them on the rack next to some of the vintage band uniforms and cheerleader uniforms. But I couldn’t help but think how much better they’d look on mannequin busts. (You know me!) So I purchased two of them and had them shipped to the Aberdeen Central Alumni Museum as my gift. They were elated. I got another fun idea. Awhile ago I was putting some of my old costumes away that I never use any more…Paul McCartney, Phantom of the Opera, Austin Powers, etc. — and I came across my old Elvis costume from 1978, when I performed in the high school talent show. Everybody seems to remember that silly old act, as I was asked to sing an Elvis number at the reunion for old times’ sake. So I asked if they would like to have the Elvis costume to display, since it was just collecting dust in my garage. They said they would love to have it. But again, I can’t just send it to them on a hanger, so I’m putting together a really cool Elvis mannequin to display the costume. I ordered the mannequin and when it arrived the costume fit on it perfectly! All it needed was one last little detail. Have you ever seen those singing robot Elvises that they sell. Well, a guy on eBay named Thomas buys those and parts them out. He had the silicone Elvis “mask” that goes over the robot’s face, so I bought one. This will really make the Elvis mannequin come alive for the display. It’ll be awesome. Hopefully I can get it to the Alumni Museum before the holidays, so all of the former students who may tour the museum while they’re home for Christmas will be able to see it. Later in the afternoon I went to NBC to do my daily Leno thing. Then I went to It’s A Wrap to buy a few dresses from “Deal or No Deal.” They were having a blowout sale so I wanted to pick up a few just to have around in case female friends needed last minute adornments for outings. Later that night my friend Michelle and I went to dinner at Barone’s, my favorite italian restaurant. MMMM-MMMM!!!

Saturday the 5th – PARTY PARTY! – My friend Georgette came over in the morning and we headed to Palmdale to see a seamstress friend of mine to get some sewing done. On the way there, we stopped dead. And we stayed stopped. For an HOUR on the 14 freeway. Apparently a big rig had jack-knifed, and caused a fuel spill. It was nuts! Here’s a pic that I took of the truck as we finally got by!


We finished up our business with Kathy the seamstress and headed back home. Georgette went home to get ready for the “Family Guy” Christmas party. I did the same. I picked her up on the way to the party and we had a great time. Both Seths were there, as were my pals Danny Smith and Steve Callaghan. We at at the same table with Kevin Michael Richardson and Fred Tatascoire. Great fun!
And they had a donut machine there again this year making hot mini-donuts with cinnamon and sugar. YUM!

Sunday the 6th – ZZZZZZ –I slept in fairly late, but I got up in time for evening church. My buddy Terry came with me, then we did some measuring around the house later to create some great new additions to Planet Wallywood. I had been having voice problems for the past few days. It seems like there’s a proliferation of mucous bombarding my vocal cords, and it’s no wonder. My allergies are so confused, what with the weather being hot in the daytime and freezing at night. I gargle a lot with something called Alkolol, and I also use a Neti Pot. It seems to help, but I also drink a lot of lemon water (lemon’s a natural enemy to mucous) and drink hot Throat Coat tea with honey. My regular speaking voice is unaffected, but it mostly affects my upper register, where many of my character voices come from. Ugh. What a hassle. After church Terry and I went to eat at Ernie’s Taco House and then got to work. What a great evening. I just hope my voice clears up!

And how was YOUR week??!!