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October 19 – October 25 (2009)

Monday the 19th – WORK WORK WORK! – I started the day off mid-morning with a trip to Technicolor in Burbank to do some voices on a new videogame. Even though I voiced the hero in the game, there were only select lines needed. I also did a few incidental voices as well. After I finished up I went to Gun World to pick up my new Beretta Cheetah handgun. My 10 day waiting period was up, and I couldn’t wait to get my new acquisition. I stopped in, filled out all the required paperwork and was on my way. I couldn’t wait to get it on the range and try it out! Then I stopped by the Post Office to mail some things, went by my tailor’s to pick up some items that were being altered for my Halloween costume, and then a quick lunch. Mid afternoon I was on my way to The Jay Leno Show for another afternoon of fun. When I finished up I went home and relaxed.

Tuesday the 20th – WESTSIDE, YO! – I got up in the morning to find that my cat Spook had wet on my futon in the Chaney Room. WHY DOES HE DO THIS!? He wet on a pair of pants that I had purchased at It’s a Wrap. Is he going to have to do this to every new piece of clothing I bring home? I was seriously considering trying to find him another home where he could be happier, because clearly he wasn’t enjoying life with me. I was going to consider it. After I threw the futon cover in the washer, I had to split. I was again down on the Westside of L.A. to do two sessions, another session for Spam, and another Domino’s commercial with my pal Chris Cox. I had to be there really early in the morning, because I was booked already in the afternoon hours on the Leno Show. So I took the hour and a half drive to Santa Monica and did the Spam session. Then it was only a short drive to Big Joe Sound for the Domino’s commercial. When I finished I headed home to get ready for the Leno Show. On my way there, I took Spook to the groomer’s. It was time for his bath, and since I was mad at him this made it all that much easier. Then I did the Leno Show. On my way home I stopped at Albertson’s and picked up some of my favorite soda..Diet Rite Tangerine. It’s hard to find, but Ricky the product manager ordered me a few cases special. Then I picked up Spook at the groomer’s. It’s hard to tell how dirty he gets until you see him clean! He sparkles. He’s white, so any dirt or filth really dulls him. But when he’s clean he’s whiter than white. I took a quick nap before my dinner meeting with a friend named Sarah, who is an aspiring writer. I set the alarm in the Puppet Room to get up a half hour before dinner. But I woke up at 9 (the time I was supposed to be there!) with Spook jumping on my chest. Why didn’t the alarm go off? Come to find out, I had set the alarm for 8:30 PM, but the regular time was set for AM! So it never went off. I called Sarah and apologized and told her I was on my way there. My pal Matt Beckoff from New York also called to say he was on his way over. He would be staying with me a few days, but I wasn’t expecting him until later. He was tired and wanted to turn in early. So I let him in, then made my way to Jerry’s Famous Deli to meet Sarah. We had a great time chatting, and I brought her over to show her Planet Wallywood. But I was still EXHAUSTED!

Wednesday the 21st – DAY OF REST! – I didn’t have anything going this day, and thank GOD! The only thing I had scheduled was an appointment with Make It Work. Since I had some trouble with my computer I figured it was time to call in the computer techs. But after the tech explained what the problem was, I figured that the problem was something I was going to handle on my own. I made it to the Leno show on time, and had a great time. Afterwards I came home to grab a nap before church, but decided that I was too tired, and just slept the entire evening. It felt good though. I really needed it!

Thursday the 22nd – SAD FOR SOUPY! – My friend Sara came over in the afternoon to grab lunch with me. Then I headed to the Leno Show for my usual announcing gig. When I got back my friend Matt had told me that kid’s show host Soupy Sales had passed away that day. Matt was not only Soupy’s friend, but Soupy’s appearance manager. So he took it pretty hard. Geez…we lost another legend. I sat on the internet all evening looking up stories on Soupy’s passing. Too sad.

Friday the 23rd – FRIDAY AT LAST! – I got a call on my bedroom hotline in the morning saying that I needed to be at Voice Trax West around 11 for another session for HH Gregg. So I got up and hightailed it over. I finished up the session in about a half hour, then made it back home to meet up with my friend Michael from my church. Michael’s a great flooring expert, and he helped me get a wrinkle out of my carpet with a high tech carpet stretcher. It looks great now, and I’m ready to have my carpets cleaned next week! When he finished I got over to the Jay Leno Show. Today’s guest for the 10@10 segment was the First Lady, Michelle Obama. I had cut the introduction to the segment earlier in the week and was kind of thrilled. It’s not everyday you get to introduce the First Lady of the United States of America! But when I saw the announcement played back during the taping of the show, I got a real chill! This will be a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life! Hearing myself introduce a First Lady on national television. I got home and bid Matt farewell, as his plane was heading back to New Jersey that evening. But I turned right around and went to the Burbank Airport to pick up my son Zak who was coming in for the weekend. I decided that he and I were going to go to the Kandy Halloween Party that Saturday night at the Playboy Mansion. It was expensive to get tickets, true. But it’s something we would remember the rest of our lives. I picked him up as his plane got in early. Then we went to grab some dinner with Sara and Sarah at DuPar’s. We had a blast!

Saturday the 24th – PARTY PARTY! – Sara came by around noon so we could go shopping for make-up items for the party. We got some cool prosthetic scars at Naimie’s Beauty in Studio City. Then we stopped by the nail salon and got our nails painted black, while Sara got a manicure and pedicure. We got home and started the make-up procedure on Zak. It took about an hour and a half, then I cleaned up and got ready and did my own make-up. We were going to drive to Century City where we would park the car and take the shuttle to the Playboy Mansion. We had the top down all the way through Coldwater Canyon, and it was a beautiful night! We got there and parked. But then tragedy struck. POP! The top button my my black suede leather pants popped off! They were always tight, but I had never worn them with a shirt tucked in before. Not only did I have a t-shirt on, but a shirt on over that, and they were both tucked into the pants. Add to that a few Krispy Kreme donuts I had and… YIKES! There were two buttons left, so I thought I would be alright. After all, my vest hung over the fly of the pants anyway. We got on the shuttle and we were very excited. We went through the haunted forest, and the creeps jumped out of the forest and startled the visitors. We stopped by the monkey cages and saw the monkeys scurrying back and forth. We even got to hold a couple of exotic birds. Then we hit the main area. The first person I saw who I knew was Jacki R. Chan, who played C.C. in “Livin’ On a Prayer.” We talked for awhile, took a photo and we went to find food. The mansion was decorated up lavishly. Girls danced on poles, lights twinkled everywhere, mannequins of famous horror characters stood around, and of course…THE GIRLS! All those gorgeous girls in one place. Zak thought he was in Heaven. Of course, I was immune to it all! (hahaha!) We soon caught up with my friend Kristy who had been hired to do make-up on some of the actors in the haunted house. Later we ran into my friend Cher who was dressed as Slave Leia. We walked the grounds, went to the game room, saw Corey Feldman walking around. I spotted Kareem Abul Jabbar (hard to miss a 7 foot something guy!)..and we also saw Hef’s twin girlfriends. We took a load of pictures, and we got stopped by many a sexy gal asking for a photo since our costumes were so cool. Zak was a zombie lumberjack, and I was a gothic rock and roll vampire. But then POP! My second button on my pants broke off. Luckily I grabbed it and saved it. But now I only had one button left to go! It was starting to be difficult to keep the pants up. Luckily Cher brought along two safety pins, so I pinned them together and pinned them on either side of the top of the pants. I should have worn a belt! That seemed to work for awhile, but I was going to have to be careful. We hung out in the game room for awhile, and as the evening wore on I was more and more interested in leaving. I don’t care much for drunk people, and around 11:30 everyone there seemed to be drunk or high. I was aching to go, but Zak wanted to stay as long as he could. My tolerance for drunk idiots isn’t very high, and soon even the hot chicks didn’t seem as hot any more when they’re stumbling around and mumbling incoherently. When I got asked if I had any cocaine, I knew that was my cue to leave. We walked Kristy to her car and got her on her way. Then Zak and I went to catch the shuttle back to the parking structure. But some girl had lost her lunch on the bus and the odor was something we had to live with during the 20 minute drive back to the lot. Not to mention, that my third and final button popped off along the way. Luckily I grabbed it and saved it for reattachment. But just as we got to my car POP! My safety pin contraption holding my pants together popped off as well! Now I officially had nothing to hold my pants up. Despite that, we went to DuPar’s and grabbed some dinner. I just walked…VERY carefully. By the time Zak and I had gotten home, my pants were literally falling down around my ankles! I instructed Zak as to how the removal of the prosthetic scars should go, and I turned him loose in the Chaney Room to work them off. Meanwhile I went upstairs and changed into comfortable clothes. Whew! It was quite a night, and something Zak and I will be laughing and talking about for a LOOOONG time!(see selected pics here…)

Sunday the 25th – OH SHOOT! –Zak and I met Kristy and Tina at Firing Line in Burbank to do some shooting. I brought along the new Beretta and tried it out, along with my Walther PPK, .38 Smith and Wesson snubnose, and my friend Deverill’s .45 automatic. We had a blast shooting. Then Zak and I grabbed a quick lunch and headed to evening church. When church was done we met up with Sarah, Sara, Ginny and my friends Joe and Zandra for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli. We ran into my pal Bruce Kulick who was there getting some soup for his cold. After dinner we went to Planet Wallywood where Ginny, Sarah and Zak sat around and listened to me cut auditions in my home studio. Normally I do them by myself, so it was interesting having an audience. But it was time to hit the hay for a busy Monday. I had work to do on the Gormiti videogame, as well as the Leno show, which Zak had tickets to. More next week!

And how was YOUR week??!!