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October 12 – October 18 (2009)

Monday the 12th – HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! – Since it was a quasi holiday, there wasn’t much going on. But the Jay Leno Show was still taping, so I got over there in the mid afternoon to do the announcements for the show. It was a great time! That night I did some work around the house. I also had some auditions to record in my home studio to send to my agents. But that’s become the case almost every night.

Tuesday the 13th – GETTING READY FOR HALLOWEEN! – It was starting to rain, as we were going to be in for about three days of rain. I LOVED IT! It really put me in the Halloween mood. My son and I will be going to a huge party at the Playboy Mansion on the 24th. He’s flying in from Sioux Falls, South Dakota the day before the party and it should be something he’ll remember (and me too!) for the rest of his life! I’m putting together a Victorian-era looking vampire character. I had purchased a really great vest at It’s a Wrap that will match the costume perfectly. I have a long black suede coat with some airbrushed designs on it that I had bought from a friend to use in the filming of “Livin’ On a Prayer.” I’m using that with my Austin Powers shirt, some black suede bell bottom pants I got from my pal Bruce Kulick (they used to be long to Nikki Sixx apparently). Add to this a black beaver top hat and some cool double fangs. After the taping of the Leno show I took my Austin Powers shirt to the cleaners to be cleaned. It probably hadn’t been cleaned since the last time I did Austin over 8 years ago! It wasn’t rancid or anything, but it did have some make-up smudges on it. Then I went to the fabric store with the vest and got some cool silver buttons that will go on it to replace the silver buttons that were already on it. I tried to get some pictures printed off my flash drive of the past weekend’s autograph show, but the printer at the store I went to was printing everything too yellow. Computers…bah! That night I went home to enjoy the rainy night.

Wednesday the 14th – RAINY DAY 1! – I was up early to be at Leno for the recording of a special bit. It didn’t take very long to do, so it was a quick in and out. Which is good because Jay was coming in right after me to record a voice-over, so it’s good I got done and out of his way. He’s a VERY busy guy! Then I went to another store and got prints made of my photos from the autograph show. These turned out very well! I also dropped the vest off to the tailor to have the buttons replaced. I went to the craft store to buy a new chain for the bat pendant that goes with my costume (the one that came with it was too short for my purposes) and I picked up some vitamins at the local vitamin store. Then I went to do some recording for a new episode of “Bleach” at Studiopolis Burbank. Then I went back to NBC to do the Leno show. Bill Cosby was the guest, and it was amazing to watch this legend at work. There will never be another like him. He’s a true master! That night I went to evening church, and then got some dinner and relaxed as the brunt of the rain began.

Thursday the15th – WAKE UP! –Luckily, I have a hotline installed in my room. That way my agents can get a hold of me when I’m sound asleep, since I sleep odd hours. I had fully intended to sleep late into the afternoon and get up in time for the Leno show, but one of my agents called around 11 to tell me about a last-minute session for the HH Gregg electronics stores. So I got up, showered and thanked God for my hotline! I went to Voice Trax West and finished the session. Then I headed over to the Leno show to do my announcing bit. An old friend of mine from WAY back in the old South Dakota days, contacted me a few weeks back and told me he and his wife would be in town. PLUS, they said they had tickets to the Leno show. So when I got to work at NBC, I went into the studio to look for Jim and Ann. I found them, said hello and arranged to meet them after the show for dinner. Jim and I were in a band together (briefly) back in about 1982 called Lance Romance. Now he’s a screenwriter who came to L.A. to check in with his contacts. We had a great dinner afterwards at Paty’s in Toluca Lake and caught up on old times. I picked up my cleaned Austin Powers shirt at the cleaners and I could see my Halloween costume taking shape. I still have no idea what my son Zak is going to be, but that’s up to him. Later in the evening, my friend Michelle came by to watch the Leno show.

Friday the 16th – SLEEPIN’ LATE! – It was great to get to sleep in, as I woke up just in time for the Leno show. I just want to say again how much I really REALLY love this job. It’s truly a dream-come-true, and everybody there is so nice! It’s a true pleasure to go to work. When I’m in the booth and I hear the director start the countdown for the taping in my headset, my heart skips a beat as my body tenses with anticipation. True, it’s not LIVE TV, but it’s just as good. It’s a REAL high! That night I took a nap, then got up late in the evening to goof around the house.

Saturday the 17th – SATURDAY STEAKS! – My maids came to clean up around 11am, then my friend Sara and I went to the Westside to The Mix studio. I finished up my tracks for a videogame. Then we went to my favorite steak place George Petrelli’s Famous Steaks. I was looking forward to this all week, since I knew I’d be on the Westside. Unfortunately, they changed the salads from what they used to be. They used to be iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots, but now they’re using all those crazy looking greens (I think they look like lawn trimmings), so I had a salad of Romaine lettuce instead. But Sara agreed, it wasn’t the same. Then I found out that they changed the recipe for their green beans. They used to have bacon and almonds in them, but they were different. And as soon as they were brought to the table I could tell they were different. They changed the recipe to accommodate all those who can’t or don’t eat bacon. Again, I was disappointed. The steaks were just as good, but the other two items being so different really bummed me out. Oh well. That’s the biz I guess. Sara and I took off for home so we could get ready for Blu Ray Trek night. We watched two more episodes of “Star Trek: The Original Series” Season 2 on Blu Ray and as always, had a great time.

Sunday the 18th – SLEEP-IN SUNDAY! – It sure felt good to sleep the day away. But Sundays are usually like that. I got up in time for evening church, and then got some Taco Bell to take home. I found out my niece in South Dakota has H1N1, so please hold a good thought for her. In the evening I finished up some stuff around the house, answered some e-mail, bought some stuff on eBay, did some auditions to e-mail to my agent, and got ready for the new week. Not only would my son be coming in on Friday, but my friend Matt from New York would be coming in Monday through Thursday to stay with me. Big week ahead!

And how was YOUR week?!?!!