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October 26 – November 1 (2009)

Monday the 26th – ZAK IN L.A.! – My son Zak was still visiting, and was still in a whirlwind after attending a huge Halloween party with me at the Playboy Mansion on October 24th. Today he saw me at work doing a videogame for the “Gormiti” series at the Studiopolis Annex. When we finished, we had a quick lunch and then headed over to NBC so he could get his tickets for the taping of the Jay Leno Show. They needed me into work early, so it all worked out well. I met up with Zak and my buddy Jorge after the taping and they both had a great time. I also met up with my friend Michelle who followed us over to Dan Roebuck’s house to tour his “House of Horrors” wax museum. My friend Michelle had been out sick for awhile and still had a cough, but now I was feeling a catch in my chest as well. OH NO! I think I was coming down with a bug. That sucks! I started that night with the Zicam, but the tightness got worse and worse.

Tuesday the 27th – ZAK’S FINAL DAY! – I got a call on the hotline in my bedroom early in the morning. It was one of my out of town agents asking why I wasn’t at the session. I looked at my clock and couldn’t understand why she was asking me that two hours before my call time. Apparently the agent had given me the call time in CENTRAL time, not Pacific time. I try to discourage anyone from giving me call times in time zones other than my own, because math was never my strong point. I can write down a time to be there, but then to ask me to do time zone calculations is a bit much for me. So I tell all my agents to think of my call times like an airline books their tickets. They give you the LOCAL time for each destination on your itinerary. Not the time that it was in the time zone that you just left. So we got that all worked out, and I got back home to get Zak. We needed to run Sassie to the vet because she had left some “surprises” for me over the past few days. I think with all the stress of two out of town guests and all the hubbub, she just got upset. She’s rather neurotic anyway. So we got her on a high fiber diet for awhile and she gets to spend some time in her house in the garage until she’s better. I had to get Zak to the airport around 1, which I did, then I came home to grab a quick nap. I was feelin’ it. This chest tightness was now getting worse. When I got to the Leno Show I asked the stage manager about seeing the NBC doctor. They said he was only in on Wednesdays, so I’d make a point to go see him tomorrow. After the show finished taping I got a pizza at Round Table, picked up some DVDs at Best Buy, stopped by the cleaners, and got home. It was very windy that day, and at one point something blew under my car and was making a strange noise as I accelerated. It weirded me out for awhile. But that wasn’t the worst of it. When I got home there was NO POWER! The power in the area was affected by the high winds. So I got out my high powered flashlight and just sat in the dark for awhile. I took a nap that evening to try and feel better.

Wednesday October 28 – CARPET CLEANERS & CHEST CONGESTION! – The carpet cleaners came by in the morning for the long overdue task of cleaning all the carpets in my house, and my leather couch. Then it was off to NBC. Today was a crazy day at the Leno Show. Because of late-breaking news the original 10@10 guest Brian Williams wasn’t able to do the show. So we had to redo the intro for 10@10 with the new guest David Gregory. They also had to change the graphics at the last minute. By the time I got to do the run-through it was only a few minutes before we taped the show, which is sometimes how TV works. The run-through went fine, but the rehearsal run-through is shown on my monitor in the “preview” setting. Before I do the intro live I have to set my monitor back to the “air” setting. But by the time we were done with the rehearsal, and I was searching around to find the “air” setting, I couldn’t find it! All the settings were black, because they were getting ready to start the show. I had no frame of reference for which setting I needed to have my monitor on. The music started and I couldn’t see the picture! So they stopped and readied to start again. I still wasn’t finding the picture I needed and I heard the music starting again. EEEEK! I finally found it but my read was about a second behind the picture. It ended up sounding strange. Luckily, they let me re-do it during one of the commercial breaks. 32 shows straight with no mistakes, the odds were that sooner or later something would screw up. Well, today was the day. Add to that, that my cough was improving only a little bit, so I went to see the NBC on-site doctor before the taping. He prescribed me an inhaler and some anti-biotics. I came in early to do some other VO work for the show, and on my monitor I see Jay on the stage doing some rehearsal. At one point he sat down in the chair and the lights were turned off. It was great just watching him lost in his thoughts, with hardly any light on, just going over his prep in his head. It’s not everyday you get to see a true comic genius, a king of comedy, having a quiet moment to himself, and marshaling his energy for the show. I’ll never forget that picture! Despite the craziness, it all worked out. I went to get my prescriptions filled and went to bed.

Thursday the 29th – PLEASE GOD, NOT THE VOICE! – I had an early morning session for HEB, a cooked brisket product at L.A. Studios in the morning. Even though the body aches were beginning, and the chest congestions was still present, the ol’ voice still seemed unaffected. I had some tea at L.A. Studios called Throat Kote which seemed to help. I had to cancel a lunch meeting because I just wanted to go to bed until the Leno Show. I also had a phone appointment scheduled with reknown pet reader Bea Lydecker. I had spoken with her last year and found her remarkably accurate with Sassie and Spooky, but this time she was having trouble getting them. So we arranged to speak the next day. It was back to NBC and then off to bed.

Friday the 30th – FRIED-DAY! – My maids came to clean in the morning, and then I got ready for The Leno Show. It was a lot of fun as always but I still wasn’t feeling 100%. So I promptly went to bed. I’m glad I did. When I got up late in the evening my body aches had gotten worse. I’m afraid I would have to cancel plans for Halloween night at Planet Wallywood. I needed the rest, and I didn’t want anyone else getting infected. Luckily I had an appointment with my own doctor, Dr. Patt the next day! I had chills AND body aches, which made things worse.

Saturday the 31st – HALLOWEEN JUST “FLU” BY! – I got to Dr. Patt’s office in Santa Monica by noon and saw actor George Segal there. He sure is a nice guy. Dr. Patt found out I had an ear infection and bronchitis and gave me a stronger anti-biotic. Along with some cough medicine and painkillers for the body aches. I went home and went right to bed. I started feeling better after a nap and kind of regretted cancelling the Halloween plans. But by the time I got up later in the day I was glad I took the night off. I felt like crap. It just sucks that it had to happen on one of my favorite days of the year! But I relaxed all night, got some food, and just chilled with the animals.

Sunday the 1st – SUNDAY SIESTA! – I literally slept all day. I even had to cancel my elder responsibility at evening church since I didn’t want to get anyone else sick. I was improving a bit, but I was really hoping to better for Monday. I had three sessions scheduled and wanted to be at my best. So since I was tired of sleeping, I got up to do some fun things, work on some new Halloween masks I had just purchased on eBay, straightened up around the house, easy stuff. Then I did a few auditions, though I didn’t sound a lot like myself, and prepared for the new week.

And how was (ACHOO!) your week??!!