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September 28 – October 4 (2009)

Monday the 28th – GARFIELD DAY 1! – I got the folks off to the airport in the morning in plenty of time for their plane to take off for back home. We had a good visit, but I think it was a little long for them. Not only did they come during a heatwave (over 100+ degrees!) but after about 5 days of being here they were talking a lot about the grandkids and things back home. I honestly think they were getting homesick after awhile. But that’s ok. They made it back safe and sound. Then I headed back home, got cleaned up and went to Buzzy’s to record some more Garfield episodes. Last year, when we were doing “The Garfield Show,” director Mark Evanier liked to work all day long, from 10am to 6pm. But now since I’m on “The Jay Leno Show” and I need to be there everyday at 3:30pm to record the voice-over tracks for the opening titles and selected bits, working in the afternoons on Garfield is no longer possible. We had a great day though. Our guest stars were Stan Freberg and June Foray. If you’re a fan at all of animation, cartoons and voice-over, you won’t need an explanation of who those giants are. In fact, at one point during the day, I had a scene with June and Stan. Director Evanier came on the talkback (the intercom used so the director can give the actors direction in the booth) to give direction on a specific run of 5 lines. He said, “Wally, Stan and June, go back to line 115…” Just to hear my name grouped in with those two giants caused my heart to skip a beat. It was definitely a career high, and I’m sure Mark had no idea what he had done. It was a real treat! I finished up with “The Garfield Show” around 2 and headed home to clean up for “The Jay Leno Show.” I got to NBC on time and did another episode. Gosh, but I love that job! That night I relaxed around the house, did some auditions in my home studio to e-mail to my agent, and prepared for the next day.

Tuesday the 29th – GARFIELD DAY 2! – Now that the recording sessions for “The Garfield Show” has been divided up into two days, it was back to Buzzy’s to finish our episodes. It was also going to be a very busy day today. In addition to Garfield, I was doing the Leno show again, plus I needed to be down in West LA after the Leno show for another gig. Luckily we finished “The Garfield Show” a little earlier than usual, so that helped considerably. I went to Best Buy before going to NBC, to buy several Blu Rays that were due to come out that day. “Wizard of Oz” was a must! I also picked up “Labyrinth,” and ‘Dark Crystal.” I got over to NBC and while I was waiting to do my V.O.’s, I opened up my discs and read some of the info inside. The Wizard set was amazing. It came complete with a watch, booklet, poster cards, and lots of other stuff. Really great set! When I was finished with “The Jay Leno Show” I hit the road and headed down from Burbank to West L.A. to a company called Triage. I have been recording the openings for the Comedy Central show “Live at Gotham” for the past 4 years. It was that time of year again, so I recorded the openings and then headed back home. Whew! Long, but productive day!

Wednesday the 30th – MY NEPHEW JOHN’S BIRTHDAY! – Happy birthday Johnny! I had to be back in the Westside in the morning for a meeting, and immediately after that it was back to Voicetrax West in Studio City to record some new spots for HH Gregg. When I finished up with that, I went to Voicecasters in Burbank to audition for a Domino’s Pizza radio commercial. After that, it was off to NBC for another day of the Leno show. I got home and met up with Bob Belenchia, so we could grab some screenshots for some of his celebrity clients for autograph shows. Later that night I joined my friend Michelle for dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli, then we came to Planet Wallywood to watch “Labyrinth” (Michelle’s favorite film) on Blu Ray.

Thursday the 1st – HOUSE OF THE WOLFMAN! – I was at Studiopolis Burbank in the late morning to record some more voice tracks for Renji in “Bleach.” Then I stopped off at Best Buy to do some shopping, and grab some lunch at the local Wendy’s. It was about time to wash my car (with all the fires in the area, and ash floating in the air) so I finally got it cleaned up. It looked great! Then it was time to get to the Leno show for another day of work. I’m having an absolute blast working on the show! Afterwards, I got home and took a nap before people would come over at 8:20. I was driving some folks to the premiere screening of my friend Sara’s new film “House of the Wolfman.” Sara and her mom, who was visiting from Arizona, came over and toured Planet Wallywood. Then Ginny came by. We all squeezed into my freshly washed car and headed to the screening in Hollywood. The line was very long, so I dropped the ladies off while I found a place to park. I met up there with Dan Roebuck, Ron Chaney, Chuck McCann and Scott and Vickie Sebring. We all got our seats, our eats, and enjoyed the film. Afterwards, we went to grab a bite to eat at DuPar’s in Studio City. What fun! I was so happy for Sara, since her mom was in town, and it was to see her in the new film!

Friday the 2nd – WHEW! –After running ragged over the past four days, it was time to sleep in a little. My maids came around 11am, but it gave me the chance to catch up on some rest. They finished up and then I got over to the Leno Show. It was the day I would get my employee badge. So apparently they’re expecting to have me around for awhile. GREAT news! And better yet, the photo for the ID badge didn’t turn out too badly! It was another fun day, even though things seemed a little off for me. It took me awhile during the run-through to get the timing of the intro down right, but by the time we did it for real, all was good. That night my friend Ginny, Sara, Cheryl and I went to Barone’s to enjoy some delicious Italian food! MMM!!!

Saturday the 3rd – MY NEPHEW JOE’S BIRTHDAY! – Happy birthday Joey! I was up early so Kathy Pillsbury could bring by my friend Cheryl’s new “Star Trek” costume for Halloween. Not only did Cheryl get a “Mirror, Mirror” officer costume, but she bought a Slave Leia costume Kathy had in stock. The costumes fit great and all was good! Sara, Ginny and I took off for Long Beach for the first annual Long Beach Comic Con. Ginny brought along an anime costume for a character called Saber, and Sara brought along the Slave Leia costume to wear. It was funny watching as they tried to change out of their street clothes and into these costumes. (Thought I wasn’t ACTUALLY watching, ya know!) The costumes looked great on them, and we had a lot of fun walking around and buying lots of toys. When we were finished, we were exhausted and hungry. We ate a late lunch at Chili’s, then headed back. We were all very tired! Folks started showing up for the screening we were doing that night of “Wizard of Oz” on Blu Ray. We followed it up with “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” We ended up watching the Dracula deleted scenes and bonus materials until 3am! WHEW! Long day! Good thing Sunday was a major sleep-in day!

Sunday the 4th – SLEEPY SUNDAY! – I slept really late, but got up in time for evening church. I was participating in the 5:30 service, but I was eldering at the 7:30 service. So between the two, I grabbed some quick drive-through food at Taco Bell. When I got home I did some auditions, finished up some things that needed to be done, washed some clothes and dishes, and hit the hay to prepare for another week, that was promising to be just as busy as this one!

And how was YOUR week??!!!