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July 27 – August 2 (2009)

Monday the 27th – BACK HOME AGAIN! – It sure was nice to be back home again. I got up late in the morning and went to Voice Trax West to do another couple of TV spots for HH Gregg in Florida. When I was done I went to the local Goodwill and got a white shirt with an 18.5″ collar for my Heartbeeps mannequin. Once the head was added, with the prosthetics on it, the collar on the shirt I had wasn’t large enough to accommodate the circumference. I found the perfect shirt and hurried home. I was still tired from the previous week so I took a nap. That night I did some auditions in my home studio and e-mailed them to my agent.

Tuesday the 28th – LET’S HEAR I FOR AC! – I did another session for the next Ratchet and Clank videogame. Then I went to It’s a Wrap in Burbank but didn’t find anything I needed. Then I went to Best Buy to check in on the latest DVD releases. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some items, and then I stopped by my mailbox and picked up some mail. I got home in time to meet up with Paul, the Air Conditioning guy. I had been having trouble with my AC the past few weeks, so it was good to have him come out and diagnose the problem. He made some notes, and then recharged my tank with more freon. The AC seems to be working fine now, so hopefully it’ll hold fast through the remainder of the summer.

Wednesday the 29th – DAY OFF, BUT…! – Even though I had a day off, and was fully prepared to enjoy it, I had a pretty bad sore throat. I freaked because I seem to always get sick after a plane trip. But this sore throat didn’t feel like those I get when I catch a cold. It was much lower and only on one side. So, I drove down to Santa Monica to see my doctor and get his opinion. Come to find out, I have an ear infection. GREAT NEWS! That means I won’t have laryngitis later on, and won’t go through those aggravating coughing spells. He gave me some anti-biotics and nose drops. I asked him why the sore throat, and he said that the infection from the ear drains and goes over the throat, irritating it. Which would explain why the pain was so low in my throat. I get it! Later that day, I did a gig for a website as a character named Lex Harlan. This character will plant clues for the web surfer to investigate. It was a great gig, since I got to do it from my home studio after a call with the writer and director who enlightened me on direction. That night I took another nap to continue to recuperate.

Thursday the 30th – BACK TO THE WESTSIDE! – It was back to the Westside of L.A. to do a Toyota commercial with my pal Larry Cedar. We had a lot of fun doing the spots. Then I stopped by the drugstore to have some enlargements printed, and then made my way over to Studiopolis Burbank to do some more voicework on “Bleach.” When I was done I stopped by the grocery store, stopped at my accountant’s office to drop off some paperwork (and got a freakin’ parking ticket! RRRRR!) and then picked up some dubs of old 3/4 tapes that I had transferred to DVD. That evening I took a nap, and when I got up I did auditions, and got around to doing my signed photos. I was going to the post office the next day so I wanted to get all my shipments ready to go, and many people had asked for signed photos.

Friday the 31st – BUSY, PRODUCTIVE DAY! – I was up bright and early to do another episode of “Gormiti” at Studiopolis Burbank. When we were done I stopped by Firing Line in Burbank and did some target shooting. Then I went to the bank to deposit some checks, stopped by the post office to mail off a bunch of stuff, and then went to get Sassie some more doggie food. In the evening I grabbed a nap, but got up in time to meet my friend Ginny and Chuck McCann for a bite at DuPar’s. All night, I spent time putting my San Diego Comic Con stuff away, and organizing all my receipts from my trip. It’s all a deduction ya know!

Saturday the 1st – BACK TO THE ROUTINE! – I slept late, but then went to visit my friend Fred Westbrook at his house…poolside. When I finished talking to him, I went home to get the house ready for Blu Ray Trek night. I cleaned up the house and got showered. It was good having the gang back together again for Blu Ray Trek Saturdays. We only had 5 episodes left, and this night we drew “The City on the Edge of Forever” and “The Squire of Gothos.”

Sunday the 2nd – LOTSA FRIENDS! – I went to see my old pal Desiree, who used to work at Pax TV when I was there, for lunch at Jerry’s Famous Deli. She and her boyfriend Dave were there when I arrived. But while I was sitting there I also saw my friend Matt Weinhold and his fiancĂ©e Carrie, my friends Tina and Bonnie from the old 94.7 The Wave days, and Marvin Paige…former casting director and current celebrity manager. What a great place to meet up with old pals! I finished lunch and came home to clean up for evening church. After church my friend Ginny and I went out to The Smokehouse for dinner. We stayed there and talked for about 3 hours! When I got home I did auditions in my home studio that I e-mailed to my agents, and cleaned up the house.

It’s good to be back home!

And how was YOUR week!