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May 25 – May 31 (2009)

Tuesday the 26th – BRAND NEW WEEK! – I thoroughly enjoyed the three day weekend, but it was time to get back to work. I went to Voice Trax West in the morning to do a session for a Florida based furniture store, where I play the voice of the store’s circular advertisement. It’s always fun working with the writers and producers on finding the right voice and characteristics for a new character. Then I stopped home to do some things before I headed over to Studiopolis Burbank to do the session for “Avengers” that I missed when I was sick a few weeks earlier. The role of Ant Man is pretty demanding, because there’s a lot of physicality involved. When you make punching, impact and other fighting sounds, you actually need to involve your physical being in order to get the sound to read as realistic. At the end of a day, it can feel like you just went to a gym for a workout. Luckily, when you’re doing a cast record (with the entire cast there) you have your physical moments, but then you can sit down for awhile and have a rest, while the other cast members have their turn. But when you’re just recording by yourself (like today) it’s all you baby! It was a full hour of physical activity. Fighting, grunting, falling, punching, taking punches, etc. It’s a lot of fun, but physically demanding. When I was done I was pretty bushed, so I went home to take a quick nap. When I got up, it was time to do some auditions in my home studio to send to my agents via e-mail.

Wednesday the 27th – AAAAHHHHHH! – It was a nice relaxing day. It was especially nice sine I had a day to myself. I slept late, then called my friend Sara to go eat. We grabbed a quick bite at Jerry’s Famous Deli, and then went to Best Buy in Burbank to pick up some DVD’s.

Thursday the 28th – PHONE PROBLEMS PART 2! – I did a session for Spam in the morning, where I play several different voices in a short period of time. The spots are very clever and fun, and you hopefully will be hearing them soon. Then I drove out to the Verizon store where I got my replacement phone last week (read all about it in last week’s Wally’s Week) to exchange it once again. The phone they gave me a week earlier, had something wrong with the “END” button. It was set higher on the phone’s faceplate than the other buttons, which meant it was easy to disconnect your call right in the middle of a conversation. The high profile of the END button made it easy to accidentally cut people off. So I took it in to exchange it for yet another one. Just as I did, the END button stuck, and the phone froze. Just in the nick of time! But unfortunately, the techs there couldn’t get it to get out of the freeze mode, which meant I COULDN’T TRANSFER ANY OF MY NUMBERS IN MY PHONE BOOK!! I ended up losing EVERY number in my cell phone’s phone book! I had to start all from scratch! Many of the numbers I had written down in my little brown book, but some numbers I’ll most likely never get again. RATS! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate technology? Anyway, it is what it is, and I’ll just have to deal with it. I headed over to the Studiopolis Annex to record a voice for the next “Naruto” videogame. I can’t tell you any more about it, but it was a LOT of fun, and it’s a VERY cool character. That night I took a nap, then recorded some auditions for my agent.

Friday the 29th – BUSY DAY! – Friday started off early in the day with a session for “Gormiti”‘ at Studiopolis Burbank. When I finished I got home and did some stuff around the house. My maids showed up just as I was leaving for an audition at Salami Studios. Then I went back to Studiopolis Burbank to do some more voicework on “Bleach.” I grabbed some Little Cesar’s Crazy Bread and headed home. That night we enjoyed Blu Ray Trek, with or usual group of friends. It’s where we draw “Star Trek” episodes out of a hat (from the Season 1 Blu Ray set) and watch it. We’re going to make it through all 28 episodes on the set, and we only have about 18 left. But it wasn’t our night. “The Alternative Factor” came up in the rotation. That was always one of my LEAST favorite episodes, but in all fairness, we watched it just to say we watched every episode. It was painful, but we made it. Everyone was getting up early the next morning so we broke it off early so everyone could turn in. WHEW! What a day!

Saturday the 30th – MONSTERRIFIC WEEKEND 1 – I actually got up early on a Saturday to attend the Western Costume annual spring cleaning sale. I didn’t find much this year (as compared to last year’s sale) but my friend Bob found an ORIGINAL Captain Marvel cape from the old movie serials! It was not only the find of the day, it possibly could have been the find of the YEAR! Good find! Afterwards, Sara and I went over to the Burbank Hilton by the Airport, and attended Monsterpalooza. It was a super cool monster convention with masks and all sorts of horror/monster movie memorabilia. It was great seeing all sorts of friends there, and collecting some autographs from some of my favorites. Michael Berryman from “The Hills Have Eyes,” Jim Warren, former publisher of “Famous Monsters” magazine, Ron Chaney and more. We finished up mid-afternoon, and I took Sara to her house to catch a nap. I was going to go home and do the same, but I got a call from an old friend who needed to meet up in Hollywood and talk…desperately. A friend in need is more important than a nap, so I drove to Hollywood to meet with him. We chatted in my car as we drove around, and I offered him the best advice I could offer. I was planning on being in Hollywood that night anyway for the Frankenstein double-feature, so I just killed some time until Sara drove in to meet me. While I was waiting for Sara, a friend from the Midwest called with a crisis she was having. She needed an ear. So I was happy to listen to her issues and offer some advice. When Sara showed up at the Egyptian theatre, I also ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. As we were catching up he said his wife of 20 years had passed away suddenly recently. Well, things come in threes, so it was no surprise that I would find yet a third friend with a crisis that day. I offered what advice I could, but mostly just listened to his story. Whew! It was time to check my brain and enjoy the “Famous Monsters of Filmland” Frankenstein double feature! I met up with my friends Shawn and Larry, and even my pal Deverill showed up. They showed “Son of Frankenstein” and “Ghost of Frankenstein.” As I was watching the films, it struck me. I used to watch these on TV in the old days in South Dakota. Now, here I was…sitting in a beautiful theatre in Hollywood, California, watching a double monster feature, on a Saturday night! It couldn’t have been better! My pal Janet Ann Gallow spoke before “Ghost of Frankenstein.” Janet played the little girl in the film who befriends the monster played by Lon Chaney Jr. Janet was in my short film “Livin’ On A Prayer” and she’s a wonderful person. But by the end of the night, we were tired. What a fun evening!

Sunday the 31st – MONSTERRIFIC WEEKEND 2 – I decided to get up early on yet ANOTHER weekend day to go back to Monsterpalooza. It was a great convention, and I needed to get a few more autographs. Plus my friend Fred Westbrook was going to meet me there, as was my friend Jennifer. Though she’s only 23, her favorite movie is “Creature From the Black Lagoon.” Julie Adams from “Creature” was there signing autographs, so I urged Jennifer to go meet her. It was a magical day. We left mid-afternoon so I could come home and get ready for evening church. I got ready to go and was walking Sassie, when I ran into several of my neighbors. We got to talking and I lost track of time. I figured I could still make it, but then a friend called. So I figured by the time I got to church after ending our conversation, it would be pointless to even go. Especially since immediately after, I needed to pick up Sara to head back to the Egyptian Theatre for another monster screening. Tonight we’d be seeing the original “Dracula” with Bela Lugosi! Bela Jr. was there to open the film, as was Carla Laemmle, probably the only living actor from the film. She’s a spry 99 years young and she’s very eloquent, elegant and charming. I’m sure she’s good for at least another 99 years! My friends Deverill and Fred showed up as well, and we had a great time seeing “Dracula” on the big screen. For me, it was the first time ever. Sara and I didn’t stay for the second feature, but instead went across the street to have dinner at Miceli’s. Then I came home, did my auditions and looked forward to sleeping in on Monday after a WILD and WONDERFUL monsterrific weekend!

And how was YOUR week?!?!