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March 30 – April 5 (2009)

Monday the 30th – ERRANDS ETC. – I met with my pal Jon Konjoyan regarding my short film “Livin’ On a Prayer.” We’re strategizing ways to promote “LOAP” as an ongoing comedy/reality series. We met for lunch at Marie Callendar’s in Toluca Lake, a nice little restaurant with lots of cozy booths. We were sat right next to a big window and the sun was so bright and intense, Jon had to wear his sunglasses throughout the meeting. It really was a TRUE Hollywood meeting! A guy sitting at lunch with his sunglasses on talking television. We got a good laugh out of that! Afterwards I went to buy some flowers for my friend Sara. The previous Friday, she was phoned and told that some flowers were going to be delivered to her and they needed her address. She gave them her home address and waited for the flowers to arrive. But to her surprise, no floral arrangement came. But she was served papers! THEY LIED! She was devastated. She said she had never been sent flowers before and was even more devastated by the summons. I felt bad for her. So I went to the local florist to have REAL flowers sent to her and texted her to see where she was at. She wasn’t at work, which I thought was strange. She was at home. Come to find out her grandma had just died over the weekend. So I felt even more compelled to send the flowers. I ordered the arrangement and had it delivered to her at 5pm. She called and was elated.

Tuesday the 31st – CHOWDER! – I did a session for the Cartoon Network hit show “Chowder” in the morning. It was a great time. Collette Sunderman was directing and she’s ALWAYS a pleasure to work with. Also in the cast were John “Bender” DiMaggio, animation legend Tara Strong, and my old pal Dwight Schultz! Dwight was Howling Mad Murdock on the “A Team” series back in the 80’s. I hadn’t seen Dwight in awhile, so I brought along an A Team bubble gum card and had him sign it. He’s the coolest guy in the world, and amazingly talented. Watching this cast work was an extreme pleasure! After the session was over, I headed over to It’s a Wrap to see what was new. I also stopped by the local Toys R Us and picked up a few new toys in the “Gormiti” line. Though we’ve been working on the voice tracks for the animated series for about 10 months now, the toys are just now starting to hit the shelves. It’s supposed to be the next big thing, and we’re hoping the high visibility of the toys will help the series find a good home. Then I went over to the post office to mail off some autographed photos and some other stuff. I also sent off my “Land of the Giants” DVD box to my friend Matt in New York. A couple of the “LOTG” stars are signing at the Chiller show in mid-April and I wanted Matt to get some signatures on the box. I already have three on there now, but there are two more I need and Matt’s going to do it for me. What a pal! My friend Scott Sebring joined up with me for awhile and we ran some errands. First off, we went over to a comic book shop and I bought the new Supergirl figure from DC Direct. It’s amazing, but the real reason I bought it is that it comes with a Streaky the Supercat figure too! I LOVE Streaky! Then we went over to Prints Charm’n which was right next door, and picked up my new promo prints. When I’m written and asked for a signed photo, I’m always happy to send out a glossy postcard. But I was getting tired of the old style, so I had Scott whip up a new one. And it’s a beaut! Check it out!

He did a terrific job and managed to squeeze most all my major characters into that small space! And Prints Charm’n did a wonderful printing job too, as the colors are vibrant and the paper is super glossy.

Wednesday the 1st – HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY! – I didn’t get any major April Fool’s jokes played on me, nor did I play any. But today was the first day that all California residents saw their taxes go sky high because of our legislature’s failure to control their crazy spending habits. We now have the distinction of being some of the most highly taxed people in America. Nice huh? I went over to Kit Kraft and picked up some monofilament. I needed it to affix my Supergirl figure to the ceiling in Planet Wallywood, to make it appear like she’s flying.  I also headed over to Long’s Drugs to get some photo prints made. I came home and met up with my friend Kristy who dropped by because she was in the area. I got the monofilament out and started hanging Supergirl in a corner of my house, where a signed Helen Slater Supergirl photo hangs. It seemed appropriate. Then I got the ambitious idea to restring one of my favorite necklaces. It’s made with jade from Guatemala, and I got it when I did a film there in 1997. But recently, the monofilament holding the beads together broke and it was quite a job to find all the little beads and collect them up and put them in a little Ziploc bag. It had been sitting around for awhile in that condition, so I figured I’d put more of my new monofilament to good use and restring the necklace. BIG MISTAKE! That was a lot harder that I thought. Luckily, I have a magnifying glass in my desk lamp, so I could see those teeny tiny little beads easily. But removing them from the remnants of one string and putting them on a new string wasn’t easy! It would almost have been better to remove all the beads from the old string and start anew. But I wanted to maintain the design integrity of the original necklace as much as possible. Well, as beads dropped on the floor, I would grab a flashlight and look under my desk. I finally got the necklace finished but realized I was missing one of the 6 pieces of jade. I figured it was lost for good and tied the necklace off. Oh well. Right? Wrong! As I was poking around on the floor later, THERE IT WAS! The piece of jade I had lost track of weeks ago. So guess what!? I had to cut the new necklace apart and restring the whole darn thing! And since the pieces of jade are fairly close to the center of the necklace, it was quite a job! But worth it. I was ready to meet up with Chuck McCann and my pal Sara for a piece of pie at DuPar’s! YUMMM!!!

Thursday the 2nd – AVENGERS AGAIN! – I slept fairly late, but managed to get up in time for my afternoon session for the new animated series ‘The Avengers; Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” Those sessions are always a great time and today was no exception. When I finished I got a call from Chuck McCann saying that he and his wife Betty were going out to dinner. So I got my pal Sara and we met up with Chuck and Betty for a delicious dinner at Barone’s Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks. When I got home I did a bunch of auditions in my home studio and uploaded them to the website for my agents. Whew! What a day!

Friday the 3rd – FRIDAY AT LAST! – I was back at Studiopolis Burbank for the “Gormiti” and I took along the “Gormiti” toys I bought at Toys R Us last Tuesday. We all had fun looking over the map and comic book that came with the toys. It really helped us visualize the landscape and landmarks that are mentioned in the script. When we finished the session I went over to Kalmenson and Kalmenson and read for a commercial for Phillips 66. I stopped by Leet TV repair in Burbank to try and get my camcorder repaired. Apparently I had dropped it at some point and some of the circuit boards inside the camera may have cracked. Steve Leet said it’s a common problem with these cameras and he would give me an estimate in a few days. I really like that camera. I hope they can fix it! I got home in time to let my maids in to clean Planet Wallywood. That evening I took a bit of a nap and then got up and did my 3 mile jog. I haven’t been back at jogging all that long, so I’m still getting in shape. Soon I should be able to make the full 3 miles at a jog, but at this point I jog a full mile and a half, but usually jog/walk the rest of the way back. I’m trying to do a “3 for 3” program…which is 3 miles a night, for three nights a week. But I only got out two nights this week. But as we get closer to summer I’ll get better at sticking to the schedule.

Saturday the 4th – FRIENDS, FUN, FILMS AND RIBS!? – My friend Ginny and I went over to Fred Westbrook’s house and sat around his pool. Scott and Vickie Sebring soon came over as well, as did our friend Alex Zsolt who was in town visiting from Michigan. He’s a very accomplished pianist and was in town during Easter week to do a bunch of concerts. Our friend GloZell also arrived and Fred barbecued ribs for us. They were deeeelicous! We had a great time sitting around the pool, talking, laughing and looking at Fred’s collection of Batman stills. We were soon joined by Chuck McCann and Randy Carver. But toward the beginning of the evening it was starting to get cold. It ain’t summer yet!! So we went over to Planet Wallywood and watched “Hellboy 2” on DVD.

Sunday the 5th – LAZY SUNDAY! – I slept in late, but got up in time for evening church. Then I went and grabbed some food at Taco Bell, did some auditions, and did another 3 mile jog. Tonight’s jog seemed to go a little easier. And as I continue to run, the three miles will come easier and easier. I long for the day when I can make the full three miles at a full-on jog and barely break a sweat! It takes work, but it’s worth it!

And how was YOUR week??!!