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January 26 – February 1 (2009)

Monday the 26th – REST! – Still feeling a little strange, with my recurring tooth pain and such, I decided to sleep really late and relax. I did, however, get up in time to go to my mailbox facility and pick up my Iron Man bust from Sideshow Toys. This is terrific! I plugged it in, and it looked amazing. I then set about working around the house to reconfigure my displays to accommodate the rather sizeable new piece. It all worked out really well, and now when I turn on the main lights on my south wall, Iron Man and my Darth Vader statue both light up at the same time. NEAT!

Tuesday the 27th – OOOOOWWWW! – In the morning I went to Voice Trax West in Studio City to do some pick-ups for some commercials for Sleep Country, a southern California-based mattress company. Then I went home to rest up a bit. I was feeling a little better, and had pretty much gotten my tooth pain under control, but was walking on eggshells with it lest it unleash its unbearable pain again. I got up in the afternoon and went to Regenix for my usual 6 week check-up. The good news is…my scalp is looking really clean and the new hairs are growing in extremely well. The bad news is, while I was talking to Gregg Rosenblum at Regenix, the gum I was chewing became crunchy. And then I felt the intense pain in the rear teeth on my right side. I pulled out my gum and found a small white chip in it. I asked Gregg to put the high powered microscope (that they use on our scalp to view our follicles) over the small chip. Sure enough! Once I saw it on the huge monitor, I could see that it looked like a small piece of tooth with some black on it. I instantly realized that all this tooth pain has probably been the result of the chipped molar in the back right of my mouth. I thought it was a sinus infection, or ear infection. But I think there must be some decay that’s going on underneath the partially chipped filling in my molar that’s causing all this. My dentist said it’s not possible, but why else would all my teeth start hurting after that chip fell out? Right then and there I realized it WAS my chipped molar that was to blame after all. On the way home, I called my dentist and asked if I could get in any earlier than my previously scheduled appointment on February 2nd. The only spot he had open was for Wednesday morning, and I had a really important vo session then. So I kept the appointment for the 2nd, but just knew that I was going to have to load up on painkillers until then. On my way home, I drove by a local cafe and saw my friends Chuck and Betty McCann and Kristy eating on the patio. So I stopped off and had a bite with them. Then I went over to Studiopolis Burbank to do some more voice work for “Bleach.” That night I did some auditions, and just relaxed and counted the days until my dentist appointment.

Wednesday the 28th – MADAGASCAR MADNESS! – I went to Sound Deluxe studios in the morning to record some voice tracks as Alex from Madagascar for a new ride that’s coming to an amusement park. The mock-up of the ride looked fantastic and it was a fun session. I hadn’t done Alex in awhile, so it was great that the producers had voice references of Ben Stiller, the real Alex. After that I went back home to relax and take some more pain killers. That night I went to evening church.

Thursday the 29th – SCHEDULE CHANGE! – I had intended to have my pal and webmaster Scott Sebring come over in the afternoon to take some new headshots, but it all got changed at the last minute. In the morning when I got up, my agent called and said I needed to be at “Family Guy’s” studios to record a few lines of dialogue. So I called Scott to reschedule. First I went to Voicecaster in Burbank to audition for a Volkswagen commercial, then I stopped by my pal Ruben Procopio’s house. Scott had suggested that I get an Adam West bust ( to take to Seth MacFarlane as a gift. I knew that he would love it. Ruben was kind enough to sign a bust for Seth, and I headed over to the Family Guy offices. Seth was amazed at the bust and said it was too cool for the office, he was going to put it on his piano at home instead! Seth’s a fellow Adam West fan, so it’s always fun to talk about Adam when I’m in doing voices on “Family Guy.” Then I went home and studied the script for the “Gormiti” episode we’d be recording the next day.

Friday the 30th – GORMITI AND PHOTOS! – After doing the next “Gormiti” episode at Studiopolis Burbank, I went home and did some stuff around the house. Scott Sebring came over with his photo equipment and I got ready to do my headshots. Be looking on the site over the next few weeks, as many of these headshots will start showing up here. We had a fun time shooting photos, and my cat Spooky even got into the act at one point. But Scott took off later to go pick up his wife, and I got ready to go to Chuck McCann’s house for movie night. We watched Chuck’s movie “The Projectionist” and then went out for dinner afterwards at Stanley’s. Since I had gotten up so early for the session, I was running on fumes. It was becoming a very long day. I went home and fell right into bed! Whew! What a day!

Saturday the 31st – BYE BYE JANUARY! – I slept REALLY late, but then got up and picked up my friend Sara to go to my friend Fred’s to hang out by his pool. We were joined by my pal GloZell. Soon Fred’s friends Randy Carver and his girlfriend Shelley came over and we all had a bunch of laughs. After that Sara, GloZell and I went to my house to watch “Blazing Saddles” on Blu Ray. Sara and I had seen it countless times, but GloZell had never seen it. And she loved it! After the movie we went to Paty’s for a bite of dinner. That night I went home and did a lot of organizational work around the house. I got SO much done! Then I made a pizza, watched two episodes of “Mannix” and went to sleep.

Sunday the 1st – SLEEPY SUNDAY! – I slept REALLY again! It felt great. I did make it up in time to get to evening church. Then I got a Subway sandwich, headed home to do some auditions, write Wally’s Week, review the script for the next “Gormiti” episode, and then go to bed early. My dentist appointment is Monday morning at 11am, so next week I’ll tell you all about what happened. I’m hoping this will be the end of my agonizing tooth pain that I’ve endured since Thanksgiving!

And how was YOUR week??!!