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December 29 – January 4 (2008 – 09)

Monday the 29th – MORE FRIENDS! – I slept really late (it was becoming a habit, this holiday week) but got up to meet my friend Ginny You for dinner. She’s an aspiring voice-over actress who I’ve met before at the San Diego Comic Con. She and I met my friend Fred Westbrook at Paty’s in Toluca Lake for dinner. Then all three of us went to Fry’s Electronics, a legendary Los Angeles electronics store the size of 4 football fields! Fred had never been there and was amazed at the selection! Then we got my friend Kristy at the airport. She had just flown in from visiting her family over Christmas. We all got to my house and we watched several snippets of classic cartoons and shows. Soon Chuck McCann came over as well and we watched clips of his old children’s show. Great stuff!

Tuesday the 30th – MORE FILMS! – That evening Kristy, Chuck and his wife Betty, Fred and I all met for Chinese food in Toluca Lake. We were also joined by my friend Tracy and my friend Sara. Chuck suggested we all go to his house and watch “Gran Torino.” Being a member of the academy he gets all the films sent to his house. So we all went to his home theatre (a REAL movie theatre!) and watched this amazing film. Clint will definitely win something from this! What a great evening!

Wednesday the 31st – NEW YEAR’S EVE! – My pals Joe and Zandra drove down from Lompoc to grill some delicous tri-tip on my grill. MMMM MMMMMMM! We were joined by Scott and Vickie, my other friend Scott and his girlfriend, and James and Cynthia. Sara never made it over, and Tracy never made it over either. I found out later they both spent New Year’s Eve alone! I was bummed! We had tons of food, tons of fun and loads of laffs! Cynthia is a big “Dark Shadows” fan, so we ran “Dark Shadows Bloopers.” That took us up to almost exactly midnight! After ringing in the new year, we decided to watch “House Bunny”, quickly becoming one of my favorite cult films. Lots of quotable lines, funny stuff, and of course, hot girls! We all enjoyed it immensely. But afterwards (around 3am) everyone headed towards home. But Joe and Zandra wanted to get breakfast before heading out on their long trip home. So we went over to DuPar’s. I had pumpkin pie and they had breakfast. The mood was festive and everyone was still dressed in their clubwear from being out. It was a lot of fun. I had some checks that had to go in the bank, and even though I was dreading it, I headed over to B of A and parked. The club next to B of A was still going strong at 4:30 in the morning! Unbelievable! How about all those “recession” partiers, eh? Anyway, I’m sure you’ve read here before my absolute disgust with the new ATM machines which only allow you to deposit one check at a time while each individual check is being scanned. Ridiculous! Especially in a town full of actors with lots of residual checks. But tonight, I wasn’t in any hurry to get anywhere. So I just stood there for 20 minutes and submitted my checks. Once it was done, I headed home, made some popcorn, and watched “Night Gallery” on DVD. What fun!

Thursday the 1st – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! – That night I met Fred, Randy Carver and his girlfriend Shelley, and my friends Kristy and Sara for dinner at Marie Callendar’s. Great fun and food. Then we headed back to my house and met up with “Star Trek” writer D.C. Fontana and her husband Dennis. We sat around and chatted for quite awhile and Dorothy (D.C.) even signed my ‘wall of fame’ in my Chaney Room! Chuck came by and come to find out, he and Dorothy knew a lot of the same people. Though Dorothy and Dennis had to get going, we all promised to get together again soon and talk movies and old time radio! That night my buddy David DeLaPaz came over again and we watched “Walk Hard.”

Friday the 2nd – ERRANDS! – I got up fairly early, picked up my friend Kristy, and we went to Gun World in Burbank. Today was the day I was going to pick up my new Walther PPK-S. I bought it from a friend of mine in South Dakota, and this was the end of the 10 day waiting period. So we picked it up, then went to It’s a Wrap in Burbank to get some clothes, and we headed over to the shooting range in Van Nuys to try out the new Walther. My buddy had it in his collection, but had never shot it before. So it would take a little doing to work out the kinks. Kristy had never fired a gun before, so I rented her a .22 pistol and gave her some instruction on how to load the gun, affix the target, and how to aim and shoot. The PPK-S was having trouble loading the ammo, but it’s common in new guns apparently. It just took some working with it to get it going. But once it started shooting, it was super accurate and a real pleasure to shoot! I bought three bags of rounds, three targets, and I would alternate between shooting the PPK and the PPK-S. Both guns are superb pieces of craftsmanship. Kristy was having fun with her .22, even though she was nervous about shooting at first. But when she found out how fun it was, she enjoyed it. I told her it was like a videogame, except real. We stopped off at Jo-Ann’s fabrics so Kristy could by some remnants for a project she was working on. Then we went to Planet Wallywood to meet up with Scott and Vickie and a my friend GloZell. We watched the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, but it was so warm and cozy that I started drifting off on the couch through parts of it. I need to go back and review some parts of it. What a great day!

Saturday the 3rd – THE FINAL DAY! – Earlier in the day my friend GloZell and I went to Best Buy and I exchanged my Blu Ray player which was giving me problems. I made the exchange and we were on our way. We also did a few other errands. This was the last day I would be hosting the open house/hangout, so I was amazed when about 20 people showed up to hang out. We all got pizza and we staked out our place in the Planet Wallywood home theatre for a Superman double-bill. We would start off by showing the original “Superman” on Blu Ray. It was amazing, and it was the extended cut with many new scenes I had never seen before! Then we took a short break and put on “Superman 2; The Richard Donner Cut.” This was WAY different than what I remember seeing in the theatre, and was very interesting. But when it was over (around 1am) we got into a deep discussion about which cut was better…the original or the Richard Donner cut. What fun! I got a call from Chuck McCann that he was over at DuPar’s, so many of us adjourned over to DuPar’s for pie and coffee. My friend Emerald brought over delicous rice krispy treats that night, so I was full up on sweets. So I opted for French fries instead. By the time I got home around 4am, I was pleased that it had been a WONDERFUL couple of weeks for the holidays. Possibly the best in recent memory!

Sunday the 4th – SLEEP IN SUNDAY! – I slept all day. In fact so long, I was actually LATE to evening church! But after that my friend Tracy and I went to eat dinner at Ernie’s Taco House. She went home, and I took a nap in front of the fireplace for a few hours. Then I got up, typed this latest edition of Wally’s Week, and did some auditions that were due Monday morning. I guess vacation’s really over! Back to business!

And how were YOUR holidays???!!!