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November 25 – November 30 (2008)

Tuesday the 25th – PRE-HOLIDAY PREP – I phoned the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City to make our reservation for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Our little group has been going there for quite a few years now, and we’ve become very comfortable with the surroundings and routine it offers. This year, there would be 6 of us going. Last year there was more like 20 and the table was extremely crowded. Later in the afternoon I checked my mailbox and called my chiropractor. I knew that he was trying to leave early for the holiday weekend, but I was running very late. So I apologized and we rescheduled my appointment for the following week. I headed over to Best Buy in Burbank to buy the new DVD releases. I especially wanted to get “Space Chimps” which was being released that day. But I got bit by a bug. I was watching the demo of the new Blu-Ray system on one of their flatscreens. It was a clip from the new King Kong movie, and it showed Kong fighting the two dinosaurs while holding Ann Darrow. It was exciting, exhilarating, and I got a bit choked up. It was like seeing TV for the first time. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Then, as fate would have it, I ran into a friend of mine named Bill in the DVD aisle. He explained to me that he picked up Best Buy’s Blu-Ray player for only $169 and that they still had some available. I started salivating. I envisioned playing Blu-Ray movies for my guests of the Planet Wallywood Happy T-HANG-sgiving hangout and open house this coming weekend. (I open my house every year during this time for fun with friends, and movies are the centerpiece of the celebration!). Bill took me over to look at the unit and I inspected it’s back hook-ups. I called my pal/webmaster/computer expert Scott Sebring and asked if he knew what type of audio hook-ups I had on my receiver at home. He assured me that this player would work out terrifically, so I grabbed one. After all, for the price you really can’t go wrong. So I put back my “Space Chimps” DVD and grabbed the Blu-Ray version. I already had purchased “Live and Let Die” a few weeks ago, but I didn’t want to be limited to only two Blu-Ray discs for the weekend. So Bill (who was starting to cost me a lot of money!) suggested I pick up the entire “Planet of the Apes” collection on Blu-Ray, as the set had just been released. Which of course I did. I also bought “Iron Man” and the original “Halloween.” So I was soon to be the proud owner of 9 Blu-Ray discs. But I spied the 1966 “Batman” movie on Blu-Ray, but the price was prohibitive. I figured what the hell, and I grabbed it anyway. The good news was, the “Batman” movie was actually 10 bucks less at the checkout than it was marked! YAY! I was set for the weekend. Then I went to eat at Wendy’s, and checked out some stuff at Michael’s Crafts, Target and Linens and Things. I called Scott and made him promise to come over the next afternoon and hook up my new player! And to add to the magic…it started raining.

Wednesday the 26th – GARFIELD AND GROOVY MOVIES! – In the morning I got up early to head to Anarchy Post in Glendale to do some ADR for the upcoming third movie in the “Garfield” movie trilogy called “Pet Force.” Most of the film has been animated, and they needed some additional lines recorded by Jon. The slate also included several oomphs, and aaaahhhs and ugs to help accentuate the action. It was great seeing Mark the director again (hadn’t seen him in a long time) and it was wonderful seeing the film in its advanced stage. It’s going to be a good one, very possibly the best of the trilogy! After the session I ventured out into the rainy day and headed home to start the Thanksgiving weekend. Scott and his wife Vickie came by and he started hooking up the Blu-Ray player. It hooked up fairly quickly, and it looked fantastic! We screened scenes from different movies, but we were most taken by how great the ‘Batman” movie looked! We were seeing things that we had never seen before! We couldn’t wait for our friend Fred Westbrook (Adam West’s agent) to check it out later in the week. But it was time for dinner, so we met up with my pal GloZell at Jerry’s Famous Deli. We also met up with rock drumming legend Carmine Appice. We talked at dinner for a long time, and then headed back to Planet Wallywood to launch the
T-HANG-sgiving weekend hangout. We were joined by my friends Paria and Chris. (Chris played Len in our short film “Livin’ On a Prayer”) We watched “The Bucket List” (great film!) and then we put in a classic. Bela Lugosi in ‘Devil Bat!’ We watched a bit before Scott, Vickie, GloZell, Paria and Chris all had to leave. That left only Carmine and me, and we had a great time watching this corny old horror film. It was about a large bat that was trained by Bela to swoop down and attack and kill anyone who was wearing this particular type of cologne. Sheesh!

Thursday the 27th – HAPPY THANKSGIVING! – About 2:45 in the afternoon my friend Sara came by (she was suffering with a cold but showed up anyway, bless her heart) and then Scott and Vickie came by. We were going to head over to Sportsmen’s Lodge to eat our Thanksgiving dinner. I had evidently caught some sort of strange virus which was making the right side of my jaw sore. It felt like a toothache, but the teeth that were aching were on the top in the back as well as the bottom of the back. I couldn’t possibly have a toothache in four different teeth, so I figured it was some sort of nerve virus that was making me ache. I took a bunch of Advil and trudged to the restaurant. We met up with my friend Juliana and GloZell there. It was a pleasant dinner, but made less pleasant when we heard that this would be the last year Sportsmen’s would be hosting the dinner. In fact, they had been sold to a company and was going to be turned into condos! After our scrumptious dinner, it’s customary to grab a few buns off the table and head to the pond to feed bread to the ducks. As the sun started to set it was lovely watching the ducks scramble for the break scraps. But one duck took flight and flew right over my head. It felt like he almost took my head off! Scott laughed and said “Devil Bat!” I laughed and said, “Devil DUCK!” We laughed about that one for awhile. Then we headed back to Planet Wallywood and started tonight’s films. While we were waiting for everyone to show up, I screened a bit of “Escape from the Planet of the Apes”. It looked great! In fact I think we ended up seeing the entire thing! Then we put in “Wall-E.” By now my old junior high school pal Michelle arrived, as did Dan, GloZell and her friends Mary and Q, and David, the guitar player from church. Then Fred Westbrook showed up so we decided to stop “Wall-E” and put in “Batman.” We all had a great time laughing at the action, and marveling at the amazing picture quality! At the end of the night, Scott and Vickie took off to head over to Best Buy to get in line to buy some of the “Door Buster” specials on…

Friday the 28th – BLACK FRIDAY! – I slept really late, as we had been up fairly late the night before. I went to the grocery store to pick up some more supplies for the remainder of the weekend. That night my friend Kristy came by with a DVD of the horror movie “The Strangers.” I knew Scott and Vickie weren’t going to be coming by, so it was safe to screen a horror movie. Soon we were joined by Daveed, Ginny, Brandee & Eric and two of their friends. During the first part of the evening I screened “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” while I gave a tour of Planet Wallywood to those who had never come over to see the collection. Then we put in “The Strangers.” After everyone left, Kristy and I met Fred Westbrook for a really late dinner at DuPar’s in Studio City.

Saturday the 29th – MORE FILMS AND FUN! – In the morning my maids came over to clean up. Just in time too! Then later in the afternoon my pal Gil came by and we watched an episode of “Get Smart” while we talked and got caught up. Gil used to write and produce comedy the Cutler Comedy Network, so we’ve known each other a long time. Later, my pal David came by to pick up an old DVD player I was going to give him. His had stopped working and he needed a new one. I had this one laying around so I figured what the heck. At least now it would be getting some use. Later in the evening, Scott and Vickie returned, and we walked down to Subway to get subs. Jeff Nimoy, who directs me in several anime shows, came over and got everyone hooked on pumpkin seeds. The lovely Tracy came by, and David came back again to watch some movies. Just as we popped in “Tropic Thunder”, my friend Bruce Kulick and his girlfriend Leslie came in. So we stopped the movie and we shot the breeze for about 45 minutes. But they couldn’t stay long so they took off. We finished watching “Tropic Thunder”. I gotta tell ya, it’s one crazy movie, and while Scott, Jeff and I laughed hard, the Lovely Tracy and Vickie hardly cracked a smile. I guess it’s more of a guy movie. But at the end everyone was tired so they took off. But the Lovely Tracy stayed (she was much too comfortable sitting in a bean bag by the fireplace) so we ended up talking until about 6am. Then she left to go home, and I went to bed to get some sleep. It was a very fun night.

Sunday the 30 – THE PARTY’S OVER! – Since I had stayed up chatting until the morning light, needless to say I slept pretty late. Only to find several messages on my answering machine from people looking to see about coming over! Oh no! I figured nobody would come by on a Sunday afternoon, but I was wrong. So I called and offered my apologies and extended an invitation to come over anytime. I got ready for evening church and then went to dinner with the Lovely Tracy afterwards. I got home and recorded an audition in my home studio and e-mailed it to one of my agents. Then I took a long, hot shower, had a snack, and watched some “Mission Impossible” TV episodes on DVD in bed, with Sassie and Spooky (my dog and cat) by my side. LIFE IS GREAT!

And how was YOUR Thanksgiving week??!!