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October 27 – November 2 (2008)

Monday the 27th – CLEAN CARPETS! – In anticipation for my annual
HappyT-HANG-sgiving hangout and open house that I do every year around Thanksgiving weekend, I had the guys from Chem Dry come out and clean the carpets all through Planet Wallywood. Ahhh…there’s nothing like clean carpets!  They got rid of all the stains (popcorn butter, doggie accidents, footprints, etc.) and everything looks great!  When the cleaners are here, they have a large hose running from their truck out back, through my garage and into my house. So the door has to remain open. I had to put Sassie and Spook in the Chaney Room while this happened so neither would have the temptation of running out.  They weren’t sure why they were being sequestered, so I kept going into the room and petting and cuddling them so they didn’t think they were being punished.  But it was all worth it because it turned out great!

Tuesday the 28th – BIG DAY! – First thing in the morning I got up to record some tags for some anti-smoking spots. We recorded them in my home studio, so I didn’t have a very far commute.  Then I got ready to head to Patches in Hollywood to record a commercial for Audi.  After that, I went over to Amoeba in Hollywood to check on the new DVD releases.  I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but every time I go to that store I feel like I need a shower afterwards. It’s very dirty and grimy, and the staff isn’t very friendly (I don’t think they’re very happy there) so I try to avoid it at all costs. But the new Family Guy DVD set was out and I wanted to get it. Once I bought it, I headed home and grabbed my Walther PPK hand-gun and went to the shooting range to meet up with a buddy of mine to do some target shooting.  This time I put the target against the far wall and tried some long-distance shooting. I found out that my shots were all pulling to the left for some reason, so one of the instructors there had me try a slightly different touch on the trigger, and it fixed it!  After the target practice, I went home to get ready for a meeting at church. I followed that up with dinner with friends.

Wednesday the 29th – WILD WEDNESDAY! – I went to McCoy productions in the morning to audition for a 7-11 commercial. Then I drove to Voice Trax West to do some more spots for Steak N Shake, a Midwestern restaurant chain.  I had done some work for them before and it’s always a pleasure working with those guys.  Then I drove into Burbank to Baron’s Hats. I needed to get some foam filler to make my hat fit better for Halloween. After that, I headed over to my chiropractor’s office to get a treatment.  That night I went to evening church, and grabbed some dinner afterwards.

Thursday the 30th – HEART HAPPINESS! – I went to Elaine Craig Casting in the morning to audition for a Snapple commercial. Then I headed home to get prepared for my stress test at the cardiologist. The past few months I’ve been feeling strange things in my chest.  I also have been feeling weird things in my left arm, but I started to realize that the numbness I occasionally felt in my left arm was my old chiropractic issue that had come back. That’s why I started seeing a chiropractor again.  But I wanted to make sure there were no blockages or problems, so I booked an appointment with a cardiologist my G.P. recommended.  I went to the Foothill Cardiology center dressed in a sweat jacket, shorts and my Adidas tennis shoes.  They called me in and I laid down on the table. They took my heartbeat while I was resting. Come to find out I have a PVC (a premature ventricular contraction) and the doctor said this happens in about 30% of people who are completely healthy and normal. In his words, nothing to worry about. Then they put me on the treadmill. The idea was to be on it for about 15 minutes and hopefully get my heart rate up to about 155-160 beats per minute.  Since I’m a jogger, I was able to get my heart rate up to 160 in about half the time.  They noticed that the PVC completely disappears when I’m exercising, which the doctor said was great. Once the heart was beating to their satisfaction, I got off the treadmill and laid down. I had less than a minute to do this, so they could get their equipment hooked back up to my chest to see my chest beating after exercise. Then they printed out all the data and I headed into to talk to the doctor.  He reviewed the material and said “Well, I don’t know what your problem is but it sure isn’t your heart.”  And I said, “So it’s pretty good?” He said, “It’s better than pretty good, it’s really great!”  I was relieved. Guess I’ll live awhile longer. He wanted to see me back in a few months for a follow-up.  I left without realizing that I hadn’t discussed my blood results with him. (I gave blood for samples a few weeks ago)  I called the nurse from my car and she said there was “nothing to worry about.” I said, “Really? Diabetes? Cholesterol? All good?” She said, “Nothing to worry about.” Yaaay!  I got a call in the car from my agent saying that I had to do a quick promo for a video game commercial, so I headed to Voice Trax West to record it and send it over to the producer via e-mail. While I was there I laid down a few more lines for a commercial for a Christmas video. It was a DARN busy day!  But I was pretty exhausted after all the day’s activity. However, I still put on my Scarecrow of Romney Marsh costume and went over to my church’s Halloween party.  There’s a special connection to the Scarecrow with my church. Dr. George Patterson, one of the other elders, was in the singing group the Wellingtons who sang the Scarecrow theme song for Disney back in the 60’s!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the costume, but I was a little worried that some of the littler kids would be frightened by it. But not so. They all seemed to think it was actually pretty cool. It was great because at first nobody knew who I was. The costume only reveals a person’s eyes, so it’s a great costume to be anonymous in.  But after that I was beat, so I went home to enjoy some dinner and a nice sleep.

Friday the 31st – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! – The night before I wasn’t really feeling the Halloween spirit. I had been invited to a big party in Hollywood, but I couldn’t find anyone to go along with me. And I certainly didn’t want to go alone. So I was convinced that I wasn’t going at all, even though I had put together a really cool costume.  But at the “Gormiti” session that morning, my buddy Ogie had said that he lives just a few blocks from the venue of the party.  He said he’d love to go. I also got a call from my friend Miriam during the session and she said she was going to the party as well. So…it looked like I was now going to the party. Which is good, because I would have regretted not going the morning after.  After the session I went to the post office to mail off some stuff, then went to the nail salon next door and got my nails painted black.  After that I headed over to my business manager’s office for a meeting about my retirement package.  He said I was the only client he had that was taking a pro-active stance with my stocks. I discussed with him a new direction and philosophy I wanted to take with my investments.  After that meeting, I went home to grab a quick nap, and then I got up at 5 to start my make-up.  I started with the eye ridges, and then glued on the prosthetic nose. Those went on pretty well, so then I started with the base and shading.  It took a little while longer than I thought, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect. By the time I got to Hollywood it was about 8.  The traffic hadn’t gotten too bad yet. I got the VERY LAST parking spot at the theatre (what luck!) and I put my contact lenses in while in the car. I went in to meet up with my buddy Guy (he had the tickets) and found my buddy Ogie. We went in and cased the joint. It was pretty cool but hadn’t filled up with people yet. I figured about 11 we’d see a total flood of costumed crazies.  A few funny things happened at the party.  First, I saw a guy walk in as Beetlejuice. I started talking to him about his costume and make-up, and told him I had done Beetlejuice for 4 years at Universal.  His girlfriend told me that they had looked up the make-up tips on the internet, and that’s how they did his make-up.  They introduced themselves to me and I to them. When I said my name was Wally her eyes widened and she said, “You’re the guy with the website!”  Apparently, the web directions they used for the make-up was THIS VERY WEBSITE!  What a small world!  So we chatted for awhile and laughed about “what are the chances”.  Then I met a gal dressed as a German barmaid and come to find out she knew Bob Bergen, one of my good VO buddies!  I guess I’ve been in this town long enough to where this stuff happens from time to time.  But the strangeness didn’t stop there.  My contact lenses started really bugging me around midnight so I took off around 12:30am.  I had endured enough. But I got to take some cool photos with folks, and meet some cool people.  I headed back to my neighborhood, but was starving. So I called my friend Miriam and had her meet me at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City.  As I got there, I started thinking about my buddy Chuck McCann.  I knew he was working on the final episode of “Boston Legal” all night, so he probably went home to go to bed. I didn’t want to run the risk of calling him at 1am and possibly waking him up. So I went inside to wait for Miriam.  And who do you think was just walking OUT as I was just walking in.  CHUCK McCANN!  So he turned right around and went back in with me. Miriam, Chuck and I had a great dinner watching all the people come in with their costumes.  What a GREAT Halloween!  See the Halloween 2008 photo page by clicking HERE.

Saturday the 1st – WHEW! – I slept REALLY late after the previous, exhausting day.  My maids came by in the afternoon to clean up Planet Wallywood, and later that night my friends GloZell, Paria, Scott and his wife Vickie stopped by, and we went to dinner at Vitello’s. It was a pleasant night of conversation, food and Halloween afterglow.  It turned out to be a wonderful evening, after a near-perfect Halloween!

Sunday the 2nd – SIMPSONS SUNDAY! – I slept really late again, after being up late the previous night, and went to evening church. It was our associate pastor Louise’s 15th anniversary at the church, so it was great to help her celebrate it.  After that I picked up my friend Sara and we headed to the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror party. I’ve been to about 4 of these, but this was the best. It was Universal Studios by the Simpsons ride.  They had all the restaurants open for free food, ice cream, Cinnabons, etc. We had the greatest time. Sara got her photo with Matt Groening. I congratulated him on the amazing ride and told him he was the luckiest man on the planet Earth. He said humbly, “Yes I am.”  We continued the fun, with free photos and other swag.  It was great seeing friends and enjoying the environment.  We grabbed some more food on the way out. DEEElicous!  Click HERE to see the Simpsons party pic page! Sara was elated that she got to meet Matt Groening, Maurice LaMarche, Gregg Berger and many others.  But my night wasn’t over yet. After dropping Sara off at home, I had about 27 auditions to do at home. I wouldn’t be getting to bed any time soon!  I started the auditions around midnight, and by 3:40am I was just finishing up! WHEW!  Sometimes I think my job…is trying to find another job!

And how was YOUR week??