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August 25 – August 31 (2008)

Monday the 25th – MANIC MONDAY! – I started the day by going to the “Family Guy” offices and doing a voice-over for the new “Cleveland Show!”  I’ll be playing a narrator, with a voice very similar to the narrator from the old “Batman” TV series.  I also play a few other characters as well. It looks to be a VERY funny show in the vein of “Family Guy.” I think you’ll enjoy it!  After the session I went to Burbank to stop by Voicecasters to do an audition for Wisconsin Cheese.  Then I ran home to meet up with my editor Dennis O’Connor to take possession of all of the hard drives that contain our videos for “Livin’ On a Prayer.”  It’s nice to have this project finished and now we can start promoting it accordingly!  Later in the afternoon I went to Studiopolis Burbank to do a few hours doing the voice of Renji for some upcoming “Bleach” episodes.  On my way home I stopped by my buddy David DeLaPaz’s place to rehearse our song for the upcoming church service.  David’s a terrific guitarist and we are doing “People Get Ready”, the Curtis Mayfield song, but the version done by Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart.  Then for dinner I met up with my pal Deverill Weekes to discuss future projects and ideas.

Tuesday the 26th – MUCHO MILEAGE! – I was up bright and early to do a session for the Loyola people in my home studio. It went very well. By the time I isolated the tracks and uploaded them to the server so they could access them, it was about 10am. I decided to hit the hay for a few more hours until my next session. In the afternoon I drove down to West LA and did a session for another videogame…some updates for “Dynasty Warriors 6.”  It’s always fun to work with the folks at Voice Group.  When I was done I hit the craft store to start working on my “monster wall.”  This is the faux castle wall facade that will be installed behind my 18″ monster figures above my entertainment center. It’s going to be awesome looking!  But when I got home to check the mail, I noticed a little sparrow on my patio who was breathing very hard and not moving much. Granted it was a hot day, but not hot enough that a bird wouldn’t fly away when I approached it.  So I ran a little water out of my hose and he drank enthusiastically.  But he didn’t look well. I tried to get him to cool off in a little pan of water but he just stayed in the corner of my patio and would occasionally would hop around. I called the vet to see about bringing him in, but after our conversation I was still undecided about what to do about him. I noticed a little growth on his beak, and I thought that he might really be sick.  Luckily, just as I was asking the universe for an answer on what to do, my neighbor Eda came by with her dogs. I knew that Eda had a couple birds as pets and would know what to do.  She brought a little shoe box over with some padding in it, and a little jar of water. She cornered the bird and picked it up and placed it in the box.  She let some water run off of her fingers into the mouth of the bird. She said the bird was very young, and because it was probably sick, was most likely abandoned by the mother and the rest of the family.  She said she was going to get some bird mush from a local pet store and try feeding it. I felt much better that the little guy was in Eda’s hands. I took a nap that night and then got up to go to Big Boy for our usual Tuesday night gathering with Chuck McCann and company.  After that, I took a two mile jog and settled down for an evening of a “Charlie’s Angels” episode before bed.

Wednesday the 27th – AUDITIONS! – I got up and noticed I had an e-mail from Eda saying that the little bird had indeed eaten some of the bird mush, but as it was resting it just stopped breathing and passed away. I know it’s nature’s way, but it’s so sad. But at least we tried to help it.  That afternoon I had intended on hanging out and laying low, but there was a seemingly never-ending stream of auditions coming my way on my e-mail. So I spent the afternoon doing auditions in my home studio and e-mailing them in.  That night I met my friend Christine and her sister and mom at Jerry’s Famous Deli for a late dinner. Chuck McCann stopped by as well and we had a great time. Christine and her family had just gone to Disneyland for her sister’s birthday, so they needed a place to crash for the night.

Thursday the 28th – MEALS, MEETINGS & MARIE’S! – I was up an at ’em fairly early to attend a meeting with my buddy Jon Konjoyan, to talk about promoting some projects we have going.  I bid farewell to Christine and her family, and was out the door. The place Jon and I originally intended to meet was packed so we went to Marie Callendar’s. We had a great lunch and got a lot of stuff talked about.  Then I stopped by my place and grabbed my cat Spooky and took him in to get his nails trimmed at Rusty’s Pets.  Then I went home to answer e-mails and do auditions in my home studio.

Friday the 29th – BUSY FRIDAY! – In the morning I went to Disney Character Voices to do another session for the “Th!nk Fast” videogame. It’s going to be an awesome game and it will be released in the late fall.  After the session, I met my buddy Dan Roebuck for lunch. We talked about a lot of great stuff, as we never get a chance to sit down and catch up. He’s got a family and is very busy, and I’ve got all my stuff going on. We need to make it a point to meet up every couple weeks or so.  After that I did a little shopping in Burbank, and managed to kill enough time to pick up my friend Christine at the Burbank Amtrak station.  She had the holiday weekend off so she came by for a visit.  That evening I caught a nap, and then went for another two mile jog.

Saturday the 30th – LABOR DAY WEEKEND! – The relaxing (but HOT!) weekend was in full swing. We stayed in side mostly. My buddy David DeLaPaz stopped by with his guitar and we rehearsed “People Get Ready” again for the church service on Sunday night. Then my friend Cher O’Donnell came by to go to my pal Deverill Weekes’ birthday dinner with Christine and I.  We had a great time. The restaurant we had dinner at was an Indian restaurant. Not being that familiar with the menu, I just ordered an innocuous chicken dish. So did Christine. But something they were cooking with got into the air and started irritating the eyes of a few of the birthday guest…including Christine. So we excused ourselves and made our exit.  We took the rest of our chicken to go (I figured Sassie would enjoy it!) and headed over to Menchie’s to meet with Chuck McCann. He loves this new frozen yogurt place in Sherman Oaks, so we met him there for dessert.  We parked the car, left our chicken-to-go in the backseat and met up with Chuck. It was an amazing night, and we met the cutest little dog named Ronnie.  We bid Chuck a good night, and I let the girls into the car so we could leave.  I opened the door and let them in, then I went around to the driver’s side door and got in. PU!  It smelled like somebody…ahem…broke wind…passed gas.  I thought it was one of the girls, and they thought it was me!  We broke up laughing when we discovered that it was the CHICKEN-TO-GO!  It smelled awful!  The girls were begging me to stop at a trashcan and throw it away, but I refused. It was much more fun watching them deal with the horrible smell!  What fun!  Then we made popcorn and pizza and watched a late-night “Charlie’s Angels” episode on DVD!

Sunday the 31st – ALL MUSIC CHURCH! – We slept late in the afternoon, but got up to meet my friends Randy Carver and Shelley Herman. They came over to bring me a new display case they no longer needed. It’s a nice case and will look terrific in my room upstairs.  But I was running late. I hit the shower and started warming up for my song at church.  Since August has 5 Sundays in it, we decided to do an all-music service on the fifth Sunday. In fact, it was my idea to do that every time we have a fifth Sunday.  We would call it “S-5” and it would feature all music. I got over to rehearsal and we ran through our number “People Get Ready” and it went very well.  The service was great and the wall-to-wall music was a real blessing.  What a great time. Then after the service Christine and I walked Sassie down to the corner cafe and had a nice dinner on the patio. But I was beat, so I took a nap for awhile.  When I got up I fed Sassie, did some work around the house, and then took a two mile jog.

And how was YOUR week??!