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July 28 – August 3 (2008)

Monday the 28th – BACK HOME! – I got back home from the San Diego Comic Con that morning at 3:30am, and after doing some unpacking, I hit the hay. It was good to be home, though the convention was monumentally amazing.  That afternoon I got up l ate, kicked around the house and started the extensive unpacking process.  That night I paid some bills, and then went back to bed to take another nap. I guess Comic Con had taken more out of me than I thought.  After my nap, I spent the evening doing more…you guessed it…unpacking.

Tuesday the 29th – I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE! – I had fully intended to sleep soundly until 1pm, when I would get up for my Disney session, but at 11:40am I was rudely awakened by my walls in my bedroom shaking. Yup, an earthquake. I hadn’t felt one that strong in quite awhile, but thankfully there was no damage around Planet Wallywood.  Just a few action figures that fell over, and a few frames askew on my wall. Calls started coming in from all over the country to see if I was OK.  I got showered and headed over to Disney Character Voices for one of my final sessions for the “Th!nk Fast” video game.  Everybody was talking about the biggest earthquake in LA in 15 years. Luckily, everybody seemed to have made it through alright.  That night I grabbed a nap, and then woke up and spent the evening unpacking more of my stuff from my trip to Comic Con.

Wednesday the 30th – STILL UNPACKING! – I had to have my maids come over to clean the Puppet Room. Usually, they come on Fridays, but since I was out of town the previous Friday for the San Diego Comic Con I called them last week and asked them to come on Monday instead. Well, my house sitter called last Friday and said they had showed up anyway to clean. I told them to go home and come Monday, but they stayed and cleaned anyway. Well, my house sitter had her cat sequestered in the Puppet Room because he wasn’t getting along with Spook, so the maids never made it into the Puppet Room. Well, if the maids had honored my original request, and if my house sitter had honored my request to send them home, I wouldn’t have had to have them come back out.  But, since it didn’t work out the way I had asked, they had to come all the way back out and clean the room they missed.  After that, I got ready for my final session for “Th!nk Fast” for Disney. So I went to Disney Character Voices and did the session. But there was still enough of the script left to need to bring me back for a few hours the next day.  Exhausted, I went home and relaxed. Oh yeah, then I continued unpacking from Comic Con. This night…I finished it! Whew!

Thursday the 31st – F!N!SHED! – We finished up the last section of questions for the “Th!nk Fast” videogame, and we all toasted our final session with some Cokes in glass bottles that I brought into Disney Character Voices and they were happy to ice up for me.  Deeelicious!  That night I spent the evening sprucing up some stuff around the house. AHHHHH, it’s good to be home!

Friday the 1st – GOOD TO BE BACK! – I welcomed my friend Mark Ackerman over, as he brought my new television set!  My Mitsubishi big screen HDTV projection set fried a month ago.  Apparently, coolant leaked out of somewhere and dripped on the master control circuit board and fried the whole thing. This is a problem with these types of TVs I’m told. So I got a good 8 years out of it. Time to move up to a flatscreen LCD. So Mark brought it over and looked at what we would be doing with the entertainment center over the weekend to accommodate the new appliance.  As he started unhooking all the components (we needed to deconstruct everything so we could move the old TV and the entertainment center out to rework it for the new TV) I realized I was running late for my Naruto promo. I headed over to Studiopolis Burbank and recorded a new promo for the “Naruto” DVDs.    When I got back home every component was neatly stacked on my fireplace, and the entertainment center was completely empty.  That night I got together for dinner with my friend and webmaster Scott Sebring and his wife Vickie, and we were joined at Jerry’s Famous Deli by my friend Cher O’Donnell. After that, Cher and I came back to watch a few episodes of “Charlie’s Angels” on DVD. What fun!

Saturday the 2nd – CONSTRUCTION! – My friends Joe and Zandra Pendleton came down from their home in Lompoc to help with the reconstruction of my entertainment center for the new TV.  My contractor friend Terry came by as well around noon and we got busy. First, as I took Sassie to the groomer to get her out of the house while we worked, Joe and Terry got the old TV and entertainment center moved to the garage, so we could start working on it.  Then when I got back, we headed over to Home Depot to pick up supplies.  Then Joe and Terry set about adding new shelves to the entertainment center that Terry built 8 years ago.  But now, since we no longer have a TV involved that sets on the floor, we decided to raise the screen higher. So that means we would have more space above and underneath the TV for other components. Or…DVD’s!  Zandra had a great idea that we should turn the entertainment center upside down and rebuild it from there. The components used to be above the TV (because the TV was sitting on the floor) but now the components would be UNDER the new TV.  So we added three shelves to make this happen.  Once the entertainment center was turned upside down, Terry and Joe added a shelf at the top. This will hold a section of DVDs on either side, and the center surround speaker in the center. Really neat!  Then they put in a ultra-strong brace to hold the bracket that will support the LCD flatscreen TV.  Then underneath the TV, there are two more shelves added…one for a row of DVDs, and another for components.  It was working out marvelously! But it was taking a really long time. We worked well into the evening, and we hadn’t even painted it yet!  So I told Joe and Terry to bring it up into the living room, and I would buy paint and paint it by hand, versus the spray painting that we HAD planned on doing.  This would still buy me enough timed to paint it on Sunday and have it ready for Mark Ackerman when he comes over on Monday to reinstall all of the components. Whew! What a fun and productive day!

Sunday the 3rd – PAINTING PAINTING PAINTING! – I got up and headed to the hardware store to get the paint items I needed to complete the entertainment center. I got brushes, pans, rollers, primer and the paint itself.  Then I got some lunch and headed home. I turned on some music and masked off the appropriate areas, and laid down cardboard to catch any overspill of paint. Then I primed the new areas.  By the time I had finished priming the last section, the first section I primed was dry. So I started in right away with the gloss black.  Apparently, I was going to need two coats, because the black wasn’t covering very opaquely.  So I got cleaned up after the first coat and headed to evening church.  When I got back home I met up with my pal, the lovely and talented Kelli Maroney, for dinner at Little Toni’s in North Hollywood.  Then I got back and put my painting clothes back on.  I turned on Coast to Coast AM and started in on the second and final coat. It was looking great!  I had to keep an eye on my cat Spooky, as I had seen him sitting in the cabinet earlier, as if it was his new favorite place to sit.  Luckily the paint was dry, for if it hadn’t been, I would have had a black and white cat, instead of just a white cat. I did everything I could to keep an eye on him, but I had to go to bed and wasn’t sure that he would stay clear of the wet paint on the cabinet. But before I went to bed, I touched the shelf and and it was relatively dry. So I thought we’d be OK.  I turned the fan on and pointed it to the entertainment center to help it dry even faster. After all, the guys would be coming at 9 the next morning to install everything and I wanted to make sure it was absolutely dry.  WOO HOO!  My new TV will be in soon!

And how was YOUR week??!!