April 6 - 7, 2013

In early 2012 I got to enjoy an experience I never thought would happen. Seeing Starsky & Hutch themselves (Paul Michael Glaser & David Soul), reuniting in person for a weekend appearance in Burbank, California. (Read all about it here)

The response was so overwhelming, that it gave two ladies who were in attendance an idea. While the Burbank experience was amazing, why not up the stakes for S&H fans? Why not stage an intimate gathering of only the most devoted fans with the two actors who made Starsky & Hutch-mania a possibility? And Sur-Con was born.

Sur-Con was set for early April 2013, and revolved around an episode of the show directed by David Soul called "Survival." After the Burbank show, Carolyn and Laura asked to meet with me for lunch to discuss their idea. I brought the Gran Torino to lunch and gave them both a ride. They asked me to be involved in Sur-Con and I anxiously committed! Here's the diary of my days surrounding Sur-Con. It was another amazing experience! Enjoy!

Thursday the 4th – After work I washed some bedding, and cleaned up for the arrival of my ol' pal Steve "Hutch" Hatt. He was my Hutch when we used to play Starsky & Hutch as kids. We dressed like them, talked like them, walked like them...everything. He was coming to town to enjoy the Starsky & Hutch tribute event called Surcon 2013 this weekend. Lots would be happening. A dinner with a small group of 60 people and Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, and a ride in my Gran Torino (with Paul driving and David riding shotgun like on the TV show) on Sunday morning. Unlike the enormous crowds at the Hollywood Show's Starsky & Hutch weekend last year, this was a more intimate gathering, which would celebrate every aspect of that amazing show. Around 11pm, I headed to LAX to pick up Steve from his late flight. We dropped by DuPar's for a late dinner, then we went home to turn in. We had a big weekend ahead of us!

Friday the 5th – Around noon Steve and I got ready to head to NBC so I could work at "The Tonight Show." He would be in the audience for the show too. We got to NBC and I got Steve his pass, we took the Torino over to the NBC car wash so it would be nice and shiny for the weekend, and we went to grab lunch at the world-famous NBC Commissary. While we were there we had a few star sightings. Ralph Waite, the father from "The Waltons" was there dressed as a priest. He looked virtually the same, but with silver hair. I told him I have always enjoyed his work. We also saw Dennis Haskins, Principal Belding from "Saved By The Bell!" He recognized me from the episode I did back in 1997! Amazing! We chatted for awhile and he said he always comes back to NBC to have the make-up guy cut his hair. He has since "SBTB" was in production. It was great to see him again! We went to get Steve settled into his seats for the show and I went backstage. My old pal Chuck McCann, who was in two "Starsky & Hutch" episodes, was going to stop in to the dinner Saturday night and surprise the boys. The gag was, we were going to sing happy birthday to Paul and David, but the cake would not be brought in during the song. So I would demand to see the chef, and then in walks Chuck! SURPRISE! I went to "TTS" costumes and borrowed a chef's hat and apron. Then I went to the prop department to talk to some of the guys there, and we got talking about Elvis and Graceland. When it comes to those two subjects I CAN go on! We taped the show, and then I went to find Steve to bring him backstage. After a short tour we went to get the Torino. It looked beautiful! Then we drove to my house to get the new set of housekeys, which Sara had left on my desk. Luckily she left the backdoor leading to the garage unlocked so I could get in. We got them, went to a hardware store to get copies made, got the Torino gassed up, and then went back to my house to switch back to the Mustang to go to dinner. I also grabbed my range bag full of guns. We sped off to the gun range so we could do some shooting before dinner. Steve said he hadn't shot handguns in over 20 years. I brought along my Smith & Wesson Model 459 (the same gun Starsky used in the show), and I also brought along my Taurus .357 Magnum, which looks exactly like Hutch's Colt Python he used on the show. When we were 14 we played with cap guns, but now we'll try our hand with the real thing! I also brought along the .44 Magnum Dirty Harry gun, and the James Bond Walther PPK. What a fun night making holes in paper targets. I was amazed at the .459. It was shooting DEAD ON! I was putting holes in other holes. And Steve was LOVING shooting the .357. Steve loves Mexican food, so we went to Ernie's Taco House, where we met up with Sara for dinner. Another star sighting! We saw "My Three Sons" star Stanley "Chip" Livingston. After dinner we went to have some pie at DuPar's and give Chuck McCann the details on his Saturday night arrival. HORROR OF HORRORS! I had forgotten the chef's hat and apron in the prop office at "TTS!" Crap! I've had a lot on my mind all day, so I'm not totally surprised. It was like trying to stage choreography with all of the responsibilities I had, so a few things were bound to fall between the cracks. We had some pie, then we came back home to get packed up for the big weekend and do some last-minutes stuff.

Saturday the 6th - I got up at 10 and walked Roxy. Though I was excited and wanted to get up earlier, I MADE myself stay in bed. I knew it was going to be a very long day, so I wanted to rest as long as possible. Steve and I packed up the Torino, and Sara came by to begin her housesitting. Off "Hutch" and I went in the Torino, down to Marina Del Rey. I was a tad nervous about a car this old driving so far, but it purred right along! Maybe I baby it too much. I know it's just a mechanical device, but it seems to really ENJOY getting out and going places! The farther I go, the better it seems to work. I didn't want to take it on any freeways (rocks, dings, etc.) so we kept to the surface streets. Down Sepulveda we went, over to Venice Blvd, down Lincoln (past the building of my very first job in L.A. at Music Plus Video - now a Walgreens), over on Washington Blvd, and over to the Marriott in Marina Del Rey on Admiralty. When I pulled up the valet staff flipped out. They had been seeing David Soul the whole week at the hotel, now to see the car!? Ray the Valet (not to be confused with Dirk the Clerk, Jeff the Chef, or Melman the Bellman) helped me pull the car into a private section of the valet area, and cover it up for the night. But not before squeezing off a few photos! My Gran Torino will be used in a special event Sunday morning where two lucky auction winners will be driven around Venice, California by Paul and David. It's probably the first Torino Paul's driven in several years! I love when people enjoy the car as much as I do. It goes back to my Grandpa Joe in Mitchell, South Dakota. He had a Model A Ford that he would drive around town. He'd honk at people who would wave, pose for photos, etc. It's kind of like the same goodwill my Grandpa Joe created with his car, and I'm carrying on the tradition somewhat. I went back upstairs to the lobby to check into the rooms. Mine was ready, but Steve's wasn't yet. So we put his luggage in my room and moseyed down to the banquet room to see how it was all shaping up. I ran into my old pal Ian the Sweater Guy (the Canadian gentleman who facilitated getting the famous Starsky sweaters recreated for fans) and gave him a big hug. It's the first time we've actually met in person after talking on the phone for over 10 years. I also ran into a lot of familiar faces who were at the Hollywood Show last year. It was good to see everyone again. It hit me that a year can go by pretty darned fast. And then I thought about our final months on "TTS." It's going to speed by! I found the producers of the event Carolyn and Laura, and we went over last-minute additions to the timeline for the evening. But Steve and I couldn't wait until dinner, so we walked around the neighborhood and got some pizza and sodas. Then we headed back upstairs to get cleaned up for the event. The meet and greet with Paul and David started at 4:30, but I wasn't needed until 5:45 to start the show. I made it down there by 5:30, said hi to Paul and David and got set for the evening. Paul had been growing a beard for a role. Starting in July he'll be doing an eight-month run of "Fiddler On The Roof" in London and Ireland. But unlike his role in the film, where he played Perchik, this time he's headlining as Tevye! Awesome casting! Paul's going to have a blast! I started the evening rolling at 5:45 with a big thanks to all the attendees, the producers and staff, and of course Paul and David. The format was a tribute, of sorts. Paul and David needed to do nothing, except sit back, enjoy their dinner and listen to an evening full of accolades and tributes. But I knew that their instincts as performers would make them itchy to contribute to the evening's festivities. I wasn't wrong. Singer Marky Lennon surprised everyone with a beautiful rendition of David Soul's 1977 hit "Don't Give Up On Us Baby." While he sang, I went over to the table where Steve was sitting. Steve said, "Look at David." I did. David had a huge smile on his face, and was mouthing the words to the song along with Marky. I saw a hint of a tear in his eye as well! The evening was off to a great start! It was magical! Then a video was shown highlighting several great moments from "Starsky & Hutch." I was notified that Chuck had already arrived! A half hour early! This was especially disconcerting considering that the service of the dinner was taking a LOOOOONG time. We were still on our salads. And Chuck's part wasn't going to happen until dessert! WHAT TO DO?! I went out to find Chuck and his wife Betty, and told them to hang on. He said they'd be at the lobby bar waiting until it was time. The rest of the evening went off as scheduled, with several people giving heartfelt tributes that they had prepared. One was a real police officer! Sgt. Tom Barker from Chicago told of how he went into police work because of "Starsky & Hutch!" Another tribute was a lady who said that she grew up in a house without affection and open displays of love. She learned what friendship and affection was all about, by watching "Starsky & Hutch," and experiencing their on-screen (and off-screen) friendship. It was so moving, she started to get very emotional. Paul and David got up from their seats, and gave her a big hug as she finished her tribute. Amazing. Dinner was still taking forever to come. So before the food arrived, I asked Carolyn if we could move up the birthday segment to get Chuck in here right away. She said that would be fine, so I went to get Chuck into position. We sang happy birthday, but no cake. Then in walks Chuck, and the place goes nuts. David and Paul leapt from their seats to give him a big hug. They flanked him as Chuck told tales of what a pleasure it was working with these two, fine gentlemen on not one, but TWO episodes. I told the crowd how the event may not even be possible were it not for Chuck. When I found out Paul was going to be at a Book Fair back in 2011, I asked Chuck to go along to introduce me to him. Since Chuck has worked with him before, it would be a nice way to meet my childhood hero in the souped-up red car. Paul and I stayed in touch and I introduced him to Bob Belenchia, who took Paul on the circuit to promote his book "Chrystallia and the Source of Light." That turned into more and more shows, and then getting David involved in the Hollywood Show last year. And now the Surcon event! God bless Chuck McCann! Chuck sat down at our table with Betty and the food was served. This worked out well, because this way Chuck could enjoy dinner with the rest of us. We took a short break just before dinner was served (WHAT WAS TAKING THEM SO LONG??!!) and I had a great idea. Marky Lennon has blonde "Hutch-like" hair, so I brought him up to my room. I had brought along a black turtleneck sweater and a brown leather coat (the one used in the "Starsky & Hutch" parody on "TTS" awhile back) and I wanted him to wear it. He said he almost brought a set of those clothes but didn't, so he was glad I did. He looked fabulous! I changed out of my red "Starsky & Hutch" embroidered jacket, and put on the famous Starsky sweater. We walked in together to start the evening and the fans went nuts. Marky sang a song he wrote called "We're Still Here," over video clips of Paul and David. Photos of them during the filming of the show, as well as more recent photos of them together. But one thing was evident. Their amazing friendship has stood the test of time, and the most emotional person in the room was Paul Glaser! It was another amazing moment in the evening. That was it! Paul asked me if he and David could say a few words. (I KNEW they'd want to contribute!) They spoke heartfelt and humble thanks to the crowd, and it seemed at several points, they were simply moved beyond words. They clowned around a bit to keep it light, but they were clearly enjoying the evening immensely. Carolyn and Laura couldn't be happier! This time the birthday cake DID arrive, and it was time for dessert. I read the story of how the whole Surcon idea was hatched. It had something to do with an "S&H" episode that David Soul directed called "Survival," and the fact that David had misplaced his original script when he was here in L.A. a year ago at the Hollywood Show. We watched the episode as we ate cake and relaxed. Watching Paul watch himself on-screen was amazing. Watching David watch himself on-screen was amazing. I felt blessed to be in that situation, as it's only happened a few other times in my life. I got to watch Jonathan Frid onstage at a "Dark Shadows" festival watch himself in the best Barnabas Collins scenes. And I remembered standing in the newsroom of KELO-TV on March 1, 1980 with Adam West, when we noticed that one of the stations on the overhead monitors were playing a "Batman" episode. Adam stopped and we watched for awhile as he provided some quick stories about the moment. Life is rich! The evening was winding down with the Q&A session. Paul and David answered pre-selected questions for about a half hour. Paul told the story about a time when they were filming in the Torino. They were both tired and anxious to get home after a long, hard week. So in haste, Paul pulled a U-turn in the middle of Motor Avenue (where they shot a lot of the street scenes with the car) but overcompensated and ended up crashing over the curb and into someone's yard. He said they lost their insurance after that incident. I was horrified to hear this, so I said, "This just in...tomorrow's Torino ride has been CANCELLED!" Everyone laughed, but I was confident that Paul wouldn't try the same tactics in my car. Then I interjected a question about Paul's upcoming "Fiddler" run. Would he be offering guidance and instruction to the young actor who would be playing Perchik in the show? I mean, can you imagine how nervous that guy will be, having the movie Perchik studying your every move? How nerve wracking will that be? Paul said he hadn't considered it, but it was a good question. He said he was looking forward to being the "papa" to a wonderful cast of young actors. David spoke about his new project, a documentary about the restoration of Ernest Hemingway's 1955 Chrysler New Yorker, which was found rotting in a jungle in Cuba. David is going to have the car restored in time for a big Hemingway celebration in July. But the trade blockade between the U.S. and Cuba makes getting car parts very difficult. He has to have them shipped to his home in London, then shipped on to Cuba. It sounds like a fascinating endeavor! The evening ended for them around 10, and they had clearly enjoyed a very special evening. Paul grabbed the microphone and thanked me for emceeing. David told me I had done a great job! But before they left they drew four names of people who would win a sweater (donated by Ian the Sweater Guy) signed by Paul! And Paul would wear each one long enough to get a shot with each winner! There were several silent auction items up for bid, and the final moments of the auction were approaching. I gave everyone a break until 10:30 so they could put in their best and final bids. The item I had my eye on was David Soul's original green and white Hutch letterman jacket from the 2004 "Starsky & Hutch" movie. It was signed on the sleeves by both David and Paul. But apparently Laura, one of the event's producers, also had her eye on it. Not wanting to lose Laura as a friend over a silly jacket (as cool as it was) I consulted with her and tried to sell her on why I should have the jacket! We agreed that she would bid on something else, so I was free to bid on the jacket. David had recently cleaned out his storage and wanted all of this old stuff gone. There were great photos, tour jackets, and other scripts and items. I put in my bid and then slipped over to the other table. I had wanted to bid on Paul Michael Glaser's director's chair banner (the canvas back of his chair from the 2004 "Starsky & Hutch" movie), but a really nice gal from New York had her eye on it. That's why I hate silent auctions. You see the people you're bidding against, and chances are you like them. I'm too soft hearted to be ruthless at these things, so I usually let them go without a competing bid. But I DID get a couple of cool S&H cap guns, each signed by Paul and David. I figured if Steve wanted to go out back in the alley with me and play a little Starsky & Hutch for old time's sake, I would have the capguns at the ready. But Steve was in another world, completely overwhelmed by the entire evening. David said he would stay late to sign all of the auction items people won, so we brought the auction to a close and I read off the winners. It seemed that everyone got what they wanted! I had my original Hutch jacket, my two cap guns, and I surprised Steve with one of the David Soul tour jackets! It was gray with David's autograph on the front, and an embroidered director's chair on the back that simply said "SOUL." Then we finished up the evening with a group photo! It was over, but nobody wanted to leave. (Except for David who was EXHAUSTED from all the adulation!) I realized that when all was said and done, I had been on my feet FIVE hours! From 5:45 to 10:45! But it was all worth it! A bunch of us went out to the lobby for drinks. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger from the bar, since the dinner they served at the event didn't do much for me. Tina, one of the S&H fans at the show, ran and got me a Diet Coke and the hamburger. But when I tried to pay for it she said it was already taken care of. WHAT?! So you see the kind of people who are attracted to an event like this. Only the best! My pal Amanda was in the area so she stopped by to visit too. It was a very special night, but it was time to turn in. I had to be up early the next morning for yet ANOTHER dream come true!

Sunday the 7th – Breakfast arrived at my hotel room door at 9am sharp, just as my alarm went off. Perfect timing! It was foreshadowing for how perfect the day would be! I ate, then showered and went downstairs to uncover and warm up the Torino. It was her big day! I pulled her up in front of the hotel and Steve jumped in (though not like Hutch would, through the window!) We drove a mile up the road to Venice Place, the building used as the location for Hutch's apartment in the show. Fans had gathered there to see Paul and David get behind the wheel of a Gran Torino for the first time in almost 10 years! (I believe the last time was a TV commercial filmed in the U.K. to promote the soundtrack for the 2004 "S&H" film). Two lucky auction winners would be shuttled by the boys themselves, all around the Venice area. The two winners, both ladies, were beside themselves with anticipation! My pal Bodie Stroud showed up to witness the event as well. I told him it would be fun to see, but deep down inside I also wanted him there in case anything happened with the car! He could fix it up instantly. He's a genius! The winners were loaded in the back, Paul got behind the wheel and started her up. David got into the passenger seat. It was great to see them in the Torino again. And best of all...IN MINE! When the traffic was clear, Paul gunned it and took off down the street. Everyone cheered as the engine roared. As they sped off I said in Starsky's Bostonian accent, "My cahh!" (When somebody would abuse the Torino in the show, Starsky would always yell, "My car!") The attending fans caught the reference and laughed. They returned and the two event photographers got a ride with them. Next, Steve and I would be getting a ride. But I wanted to talk Paul into making it a complete experience, so I opened the trunk and brought out my spare Starsky sweater (I was wearing my first one already). I persuaded him into putting on the sweater for our ride. He agreed, and the fans went nuts! I handed Paul the sweater but he said, "Put it on me!" WOW! Suddenly I felt like the guy putting the cape on James Brown! David said, "Hey, where's MY jacket?" CRAP! I should have brought the Letterman jacket I just won. I really believe David would have worn it for the trip! AW RATS! Oh well. We got Paul "suited up" and we got in the cahh...I mean, the car. Steve and I had agreed previously, after much consideration, that he would sit behind Paul (so he could watch David), and I would sit behind David (so I could watch Paul). We took our places and hit the road. It was tough finding things to say. I struggled to keep some "cool" conversation going, but my giggling, inner 13 year old fanboy was struggling to escape! Steve and I kept looking at each other, not quite believing what was happening. It was a LOOONG way from playing Starsky & Hutch in my basement on a cold winter's day in Aberdeen, South Dakota! They told a few great stories about working on the show as we drove along the Santa Monica coastline. The day was perfect, and it certainly would be one I would never forget! I told Paul that he had created so much good karma over the past few years, going out on his book tour, meeting fans, making their dreams come true...and now that good karma was coming back around to him. His 8 month "Fiddler" engagement was a real blessing, and well-deserved payback. There was silence for a bit, and then Paul looked at David and said, "Wally's a very positive guy. If somebody gave him an empty glass he'd say, 'My, what a lovely glass!'" We all laughed. David pointed to all the gear in the center console and asked what it all was. I told him it was satellite radio/DVD/CD/MP3/GPS along with various siren sounds and wig-wag lights. Paul said the car handled very nicely and seemed rather impressed. Not quite the clunky boat he used to drive on the show. Now you have to understand, when I drive the car around town inevitably somebody will drive by with their window down and yell "STARSKY!" Well, as we drove through Santa Monica the same thing happened. This guy drives by and yells "STARSKY," but then his face totally dropped when he saw who was behind the wheel! It was hilarious! It really WAS Starsky! That started David Soul on a really funny story. He said in the first season of the show people would drive by the Torino and yell "Starsky & Hutch" while they were filming. David would politely explain to them that they were shooting and could they please move on. But it kept happening as the show got more and more popular. One day David finally snapped. They were shooting a scene in the car and a fan drove by and ruined the shot by yelling, "Hey, Starsky & Hutch!" David looked out the window and yelled "@#$)(&* YOU!" Ahhh, those were the days! I told them how blessed they both are to have been in something that meant so much to so many people, for so many different reasons. The highlight reel that was shown at the event was cut together by Carolyn and Laura, and showed different aspects of the friendship and camaraderie of the two lead characters. But the highlight reel that I cut with my friend Scott Sebring for the Hollywood Show last years was gunplay, car chases, fight scenes, funny bits and a ton of action. I told them that was the "testosterone" cut, and the one shown last night was the "estrogen" cut. They laughed. Quite a difference of format between the two, but the fact that both sexes get something wonderful from the show speaks volumes about just how amazing the show was. We drove around for about 15 minutes, just enjoying David and Paul’s banter. But Paul finally said, “I’m sweatin’ my ass off in this sweater.” So we pulled back around to Venice Place and our ride was over. When we emerged from the car, Paul gave me back the sweater. I held it up above my head for the crowd to see and said, “Who wants to buy the sweater that Paul Michael Glaser just wore in the Gran Torino? Bidding starts at $1000!” Everyone laughed, knowing that I will never, EVER part with it! Carolyn and Laura would be riding next. I introduced David to Bodie, and they spent some time talking about car parts and David's Hemingway project. Paul saw Bodie and gave him a big hug, since he hadn't seen him in over a year. They chatted and caught up. When Carolyn and Laura returned from their ride, David and Paul said their goodbyes to each other, and the crowd. But I have a feeling Paul will be seeing more of David in London while he's doing "Fiddler." Some of the remaining fans wanted a ride in the Torino, so I would load up a group, and spin them around the neighborhood for a bit. Just like Grandpa Joe used to do with the Model A Ford. When we finished I went back to the hotel to check out and load up my luggage. I put Steve in a cab to the airport, and gave him a hug goodbye. We were still quite amazed at the weekend's activities. I grabbed Ian the Sweater Guy, Christina; a lawyer from Switzerland, and my pal Dan from Boston, and I drove them around Motor Avenue to show them some of the filming locations. We drove by Venice High, where they filmed "Grease," and then we headed to lunch at Jerry's Famous Deli in Marina Del Rey. While we were driving around, we were at a stoplight. There at the bus stop was a guy in a hard hat. He yelled that he loved the car. I asked what he did for a living with a hard hat. He said he was a pimp...or "dating consultant." He ran into the street and gave me his card. His name was "Lucky." It really felt like we were filming a scene from a TV show. It was all too surreal. My out of town guests in the car were loving it! Real gritty, city stuff! We bid farewell to "Lucky" the hard hat pimp, and went on our way. We got to Jerry's and I showed them pics on my i-Pad of my collection of stuff in Planet Wallywood, as well as pictures from my Graceland trip back in 2010. Christina is a huge Elvis fan and she enjoyed seeing all the shots. With full tummies, I dropped them back at the hotel, then headed back home. It was another beautiful day. I was mellow and a bit of an afterglow. I cranked up the 70's station on the satellite in the Torino and cruised home with a smile on my face the entire way. I got back just in time for evening church with Roxy, but then it hit me. I was exhausted! I came home, grabbed a much-needed nap, and then got up later for work around the house and a few auditions. I unpacked my stuff, and set about putting together my new Hutch mannequin. I just happened to have a male torso mannequin in my garage, and the jacket fit it perfectly! What a weekend!


BETTER THAN A CAP GUN! At the range, Steve trades his old Hutch cap gun in for a real .357 Magnum. It's not the Colt Python that Hutch carried on the show, but a close approximation...a .357 Taurus made in the same color and style as the Colt.

Wally welcomes the fans to the tribute dinner

Paul's appearance manager Bob Belenchia pose with Christina from Switzerland.

While David enjoys a beer and Paul enjoys some cake, Wally asks pre-selected questions from the audience.

Just a bunch of Sioux Falls guys hanging out! Wally, David Soul and Steve!

Amanda meets David Soul himself!

During the meet and greet, Wally walks by with a salute to the boys.

At the beginning of the evening, Wally gives Paul a big hug.

Special guest Chuck McCann is introducted to the crowd.

Chuck tells tales about working with David and Paul in two "Starsky & Hutch" episodes.

Always quick with a joke, Chuck cracks up the crowd.

WALLY CONSULTS WITH HIS INTERNATIONAL ATTORNEY! Lovely Christina is ecstatic to be wearing the sweater that Paul Michael Glaser just wore for his trip in the Gran Torino with Wally and Steve. Christina is of French citizenry, and an attorney in Switzerland!

HOME SAFE AND SOUND! David Soul's original Hutch letterman jacket (from his cameo in the 2004 "Starsky & Hutch" motion picture) is set up for display in Planet Wallywood. The sleeves are autographed by David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser.

At 10am sharp, Wally pulls the Gran Torino up in front of Venice Place on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice.

Wally gives the thumbs up, as everything seems to be working OK!

A throng of photographers and fans gather around Paul and David as they board the famous Gran Torino for the first time in almost 10 years!

A bearded Paul Michael Glaser didn't slide across the hood or jump through the window, but rather he enters the Gran Torino the old fashioned way.

Paul revs the engine, and the gang takes off for their ride.

With Paul in the driver's seat, and David riding shotgun, the car pulls out with the lucky auction winners in the back!

Hey Paul! Keep your hands on the wheel!


David Soul converses with a fan as he waits for the next set of passengers to be loaded.

As one of the lucky auction winners exits the car, she has no idea how lucky she is. She's getting checked out by Paul!

Carolyn, one of the producers of the event, hobbles out of the car with a look of bliss on her face!

David seems to be having a great time!

Wally and Paul check out the interior of the car.

Bodie Stroud, from BS Industries (who's done a fair amount of work on the car) chats with David Soul about car parts. David's restoring Ernest Hemingway's 1955 Chrysler New Yorker in Cuba!

Happy to see Bodie again, Paul gives Bodie a hug and then catches up.

Laura, the other producer of the event, discusses ideas with David before the next ride.

A FAMILIAR SIGHT! Used as the location for Hutch's apartment in the show, Wally's Gran Torino is parked outside to draw a crowd.

When Paul and David return, Wally tries to convince Paul to wear the iconic sweater for his ride.

In front of the camera, Wally pleads with Paul to wear his spare sweater for his ride with the boys.

As Steve looks on, It looks like Wally and Paul have a deal!

Paul agrees, and the spare sweater is brought out of the trunk.

It's like putting the cape on James Brown! Or putting the cowl on Adam West! Wally puts the sweater on Paul Michael Glaser...

...and the ride begins. David asks, "Where's MY jacket?"

Paul, looking comfortable behind the wheel, compliments the car's easy handling.

David tells stories about filming the series, as Steve and Wally feel like they're 14 years old again! What a day!

It looks like Wally is admonishing Paul to buckle up, keep within the speed limit, and most of all, TAKE CARE OF HIS BABY!

Ciao, baby! Wally poses with two gals from Italy!

Ian the Sweater Guy from Canada and Christina from Switzerland. Fans came from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Here's some video from the event!