Episode 1 of Wally’s new webseries “Wacky Wally’s Vintage Toys” was very well received!
“IRON MAN TIMES TWO” has thousands of views, and now Episode 2 has just been released! “PROCOPIO ON PINOCCHIO” features former Disney animator and sculptor Ruben Procopio talking about his experience working for the Disney studio. And Wally discusses his collectible Pinocchio marionette made by the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.
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Here are some comments that have come streaming in about Episode 2!

“Wally I’m really loving your shows. Man you should really try and pitch this to a network if you’re not already. Plenty of us nerdy guys that will watch. It really fun and informative I can’t wait for the next one.
Good luck with it brother. – Chris A.”

“Hey Wally! My kids are addicted to your online episodes you got going on. They are great, what an awesome idea! Do you think maybe we can stop by for a visit in a couple weeks so they can see everything? Would love to visit with ya – Jen”

“Man! That Ruben can draw really fast! J Looking forward to the 50th anniversary shows – James B.”

“Thanks Wally! I’ll post it for you on my social media sites again. I loved the first one. Glad to see you continue. I love what you do, and it deserves to be out there for the massive fan base. Go bro! – J.R.H.”

“What a fun show Wally! I had no idea you were such a collector! – P.M.”

“These are really fun, pal. Great production. It’s a kick to see all of the collectibles I’ve been reading about on Wally’s Week all these years. – Dougie L.”