As I was laying out my pills to take for another day of fighting my sinus issues (one Mucinex D and two Advil) I stopped, looked down at how they had fallen, and burst out laughing!

The station K-SURF in L.A. on AM 1260 just switched to all 50’s and 60’s oldies.  I can’t stop listening to it!  Not only is it great hearing oldies on the AM band, as many of them were meant to be heard, but there are no commercials. I’m hearing stuff I literally haven’t heard in decades.  And this song got stuck in my head this week.  It’s the Moody Blues with “Go Now.” I love that high note he hits at the end.

Monday the 27th – SCAN YOU DIG IT? – By 2 I was at Voice Trax West for the final of a three-phase recording project for American Airlines.  There were a lot of tough city names to pronounce, but we made it through alright.  I sped off to Weinerschnitzel for a couple of chili cheese dogs with kraut.  Then it was over to St. Joseph hospital in Burbank to get another CT scan of my sinuses.  It was necessary for my pre-op procedure.  I’m having sinus surgery next Thursday April 6 and the surgeon needed a fresh CT scan to aid in her surgery.  On the way back I got a banana split at Foster Freeze.  Then I picked up my mail at my box, which included a really cool vintage 70’s-era red swag lamp. I bought it for the Tranquility Zone.  I think it’ll be a good addition.  I had one of these back in the early 80’s, but I think it broke during a move.  The next stop was the hardware store so I could get “swag hooks” to screw in the ceiling so I could hang the swag lamp.  It was very windy out, and when I got home my garage door wouldn’t open.  The power had been out for about an hour.  So I went inside and, unable to check my e-mail, I just took a nap.  When I woke up at 7:15 the power had kicked back on.  Unfortunately I missed a show on Fox Business with footage of my late friend Fred Westbrook’s final interview. It aired at 6:30, right during the time my power was out.  I signed some Riddler posters that were sent to me by a fan, put up my swag lamp, and then my assistant Sara came over to do some work.  Later that night I did my auditions, and fed and walked Roxy. But we didn’t stay out long because it was so windy I kept getting debris in my eyes.  I came back inside, made some lasagna and watched another episode of “Love American Style.”

Tuesday the 28th – MAKING THE CASE! – At 2:30 I was at my seamstress Karyn’s studio to pick up some fabric I needed for a new project. Then I drove over to see my pal Kyle at Plastic Depot. The new custom Plexiglas case for my Kermit Muppet Replica was finished. I got a few grocery items, got a package at my box, headed to the post office to mail a few items, and then drove over to JoAnn to shop for some fabric and supplies.  I had been battling a slight sinus headache all day, but it’s nothing I’m not used to by now.  Hopefully my surgery will change all that and I’ll have relief at last.  I got home and did some work on-line, and then grabbed a nap.  When I got up later I set up my Kermit case and it’s absolutely perfect!  I recorded my nightly auditions, fed and walked Roxy and then made a Tombstone pizza and watched another “Love  American Style” on DVD before bed.

Wednesday the 29th – BOWZER AND THE BOW-WOW! – Roxy was smelling pretty bad, so at 1:30 I dropped her off at the groomer’s for a bath.  Then I headed to my doctor’s office to get some more pre-op tests.  It’s now required to get an EKG, chest X-ray and blood test before any operation.  It’s a way for the hospital to cover their behinds in case of trouble.  I did the EKG and passed with flying colors.  My blood pressure was a little high, but the doctor explained that being on medication like Mucinex D for a long time (I’ve been on it for months to be able to breathe!) will have that effect.  Once I’m off the medication it should return to normal.  Then I went across the hall to have them take a few vials of blood.  On the way to the imaging center to get my chest X-ray I stopped at Little Cesar’s and got some Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce. YUM!  I went to get my X-ray and the radiologist had trouble getting it all in the frame.  He said I have big lungs.  I told him I could hold a musical note for about a minute.  He said that would explain it.  After getting radiated for a while, I stopped over to my box and picked up a package.  I received my “Hee Haw” 14 disc set from Amazon.  I went to the groomer’s to pick up Roxy at 5:00.  Next to her groomer’s is a sushi restaurant that opens at 5:30. It’s very popular in my neighborhood and it’s not unusual to see celebrities there.  When I got Roxy out of the bathing area, she usually likes to walk around and say hi to everybody.  People sit outside the sushi restaurant on little benches waiting for them to open so they can beat the rush.  All the people had a great time petting Roxy and talking to her.  One guy in particular, who was bent over petting her, was telling me what a great dog she was.  When he stood up I recognized him immediately.  The eyes, the nose, the mouth…it was Jon Bauman aka “Bowzer” from Sha Na Na.  I had met him a few times before, including a 1978 meeting at the Sha Na Na concert in Jamestown, North Dakota.  I brought him copies of the pictures I took back then when I met him at a recent autograph show.  I reminded him who I was and he said, “Yeah!  I remember you!”  He’s a really nice guy.  It’s funny too.  Just a few days ago I was imitating his Bowzer voice for an audition for an animated movie.  Of all the weird things!  I got home and did some work, and then my pal Sam came over to watch an episode of “Love American Style” starring legendary ventriloquists Shari Lewis and Paul Winchell. Sam is a huge ventriloquism fan, and I told him he HAD to see this episode.  Sam is one of the writers on the “Sonic Boom” show.  He loved the episode so much he vowed to get the “Love American Style” DVD set for himself!  After he left I did a little work around the house, and then grabbed a nap.  I got up later to do my nightly auditions, and then I did some work on the Muppet cases. My Animal and Kermit 1:1 replicas are in their own cases side by side in the Tranquility Zone and they’re gorgeous!  I fed and walked Roxy, made a sandwich and some soup and watched another “Love American Style” episode before bed.

Thursday the 30th –YOU NEED SURGERY…APRIL FOOL’S! – I walked into my pre-op meeting with my sinus surgeon Dr. Jill and sat down to wait.  This meeting was scheduled so that she could give me the prescriptions for all the medications I’d need, and tell me what to expect on April 6th.  But when she walked in she told me that the new CT scan they took last Monday showed a cyst sitting right above the roots of my two back teeth on my upper left side…RIGHT UNDER MY INFLAMED SINUS!  No wonder none of the anti-inflammatories I had been taking were working.  The infected cyst sitting directly below my left sinus and directly above the roots of my teeth was the cause of all my troubles!  It wasn’t my sinuses at all. The sinus was only staying inflamed because it sensed infection in the area and it was putting up its natural defenses!  She said that she could still do the surgery and that I’d be pretty good for a while, but if the infection wasn’t dealt with my sinus would inflame all over again.  So I said, “So I don’t need sinus surgery?  I actually need a dentist?”  She nodded.  WOW!  Of all the weird things!  As it’s starting to dawn on me I said, “So having sinus surgery would be like clearing the smoke out of the room, without actually putting out the fire?”  She agreed. I told her I’d talk to my dentist and be in touch regarding whether next Thursday’s surgery would be necessary.  My hat is totally off to the radiologist who saw the infection on the CT scan and brought it Dr. Jill’s attention as well as Dr. Jill herself for processing the information for me.  The CT scan I took back in February showed no such thing. Or if it did it was missed by a radiologist, an M.D., and an ENT!  I immediately called my dentist and his receptionist said he was out of town until next week. Strangely enough my 6 month check-up was scheduled for next Tuesday. What are the chances?? So she said for me to call the Endodontist right away and tell them my dentist sent me.  But the first stop was to go back to St. Joseph hospital and go to the radiology file room to get a copy of the CT scan on CD.  Once I did that I called the Endodontist from my car and told them the story.  I asked if I could see him on Friday.  She told me he was booked all day Friday, but she asked me what I was doing right that minute.  I told her I was in the parking lot of St. Joseph hospital.  She said, “Our office is right across the street.”  AMAZING!  I left my car at St. Joseph’s and walked across the street. As I walked up the stairs to my Endodontist’s office, I remembered seeing him several years back for a root canal.  I also recall him being a Jedi Master!  I had four root canals and crowns, and he was by far the absolute best!  When I walked in he said, “You’re the guy from “Family Guy! I remember you!”  I was last there in early 2009, so he looked up my file.  He put me in the chair right away and took some X-rays.  He found the exact infection my surgeon was talking about.  I told him about needing sinus surgery and he told me of the recent case of a patient who was told she needed sinus surgery, but after he did his work she was completely alright.  I hope that’s my story too!  He said once the infection above the tooth roots is gone, my sinuses should recede and drain naturally. Whew!  He said he’d call me on Friday after he studied the CT scan and X-rays more closely.  With or without sinus surgery, I need to get this stupid infection taken care of. Apparently the type of anti-biotics I had been on weren’t the right kind for infections of this nature.  I literally danced out of his office and down the street to my car. This may have just saved me a lot of agony with sinus surgery.  But if the infection disappears, and my sinuses still don’t recede, then I’m back in the same boat.  But at least there would be some finality to it.  I drove to Plastic Depot to drop off the cover for my Animal 1:1 Muppet replica so Kyle could shave off ¾” of an inch.  I stopped by KFC to get some food, and talked to my folks and friends all the way home on the phone to tell them the good news.  I went to the hardware store to get a duplicate set of keys made for my Gran Torino.  The original set had been thrown away by the thieves when they stole it back in January of 2016.  Luckily I had a spare set, but that was now my main set.  I figured it was way beyond the time to get a back-up set made.  I went home to relax and grab a nap.  When I got up later I recorded my auditions, and did some work.  It was still very windy, and I was hoping the power wouldn’t go out again.  Sara came over to do some work for a while, and then I went to Denny’s to get some food.  I was still totally jazzed about the sinus thing, and that they had found the “root” of the cause of all my troubles.  Hopefully in a few weeks everything will be back to normal; I’ll be able to breathe without Mucinex D and I won’t need to take pain killers anymore! Oh happy day!

Friday the 31st – BUNNY’S GOT BACK…PROBLEMS! – It’s a nice feeling to wake up and check your voicemail messages, and hear your Endodontist tell you to cancel your sinus surgery.  He looked at the CT scan and X-rays and thinks that I only need a root canal and anti-biotics to fix my problem!  I called and got an appointment for the preliminary work on Tuesday the 4th.  He’ll cut a canal in the two teeth and insert some antiseptic material to kill the infection, and then seal the teeth up for a few weeks.  Then I’ll go back, he’ll drain the material and perform the final process on the root canal procedures.  Once this is done and I’m on the RIGHT anti-biotics, I’m hoping to feel better almost immediately afterwards.  My friend Edi called to tell me she was on her way to L.A. to get an emergency MRI for her little dog Bunny who had serious, incapacitating back issues.  There wasn’t a vet in her area in Palm Springs who could do it.  I took the Torino out to get it washed, and then headed to Plastic Depot to pick up Animal’s cover.  I stopped by my pal Bodie’s shop to say hi, but it was all closed up tight. I think they only work four day weeks, so they probably aren’t even open on Fridays.  I got home and Sara was busy scanning photos.  Edi had a trying day dealing with Bunny’s medical issues, but by the time she left the vet’s office in West L.A., she was feeling a little better about everything.  Bunny had to stay down there to get her MRI first thing Saturday morning, and Edi came to crash in the Puppet Room for the night.  My pal Brittney Powell came over and between her and Sara, Edi was happy and laughing.  I told the ladies to have fun; I was going to my room to take a nap. I got up later to do work around the house and make some chili to enjoy while watching another episode of “Love American Style.”

Saturday the 1st – STOOGES & DUMMIES & FOOLS, OH MY! –   I slept until 3, and when I got up I hopped in the Torino and met Sara for lunch at Paty’s.  I took my comforter in for cleaning, and then went to the grocery store to get some supplies for that evening’s movie night. We came back to Planet Wallywood and Sara prepped for movie night.  But she had to leave because her sister was in town and they were going out salsa dancing.  It was a great movie night, and we watched “The Outlaws Is Coming” starring the Three Stooges and Adam West!  Then I showed everyone the “Love American Style” episode with Paul Winchell and Shari Lewis and their ventriloquist dummies. What fun!  When everyone left I napped on the couch briefly, and then got up later to do some writing, worked on the computer, made my traditional Saturday night Super Salad, and watched an episode of “Hee Haw.”

Sunday the 2nd – SMOOTH SAILIN’ SUNDAY! – When I woke up at 3 I lounged around on the bed for a while with Roxy and Spook competing for my attention.  I got ready and walked to evening church with Roxy, and after the service my “adopted grandma” Shirley and I hopped in the Torino and went to Coral Café to get dinner.  I went back home, did an audition, napped briefly on the couch, and then got up later to do some work with my video library.  I paid some bills, did some bookkeeping and filed my business receipts. I hit the hay a bit earlier than usual so I could be up early for a Voice-Over session in Santa Monica for the Texas power company Direct Energy.  It’s always a great group of people on those spots, so we always have a blast.  I was looking forward to it.

And how was YOUR week?!?!


After movie night Saturday I decided to snap off a quick selfie, displaying the shirt Sara got me for Christmas.

The Southwest Florida Eaglet wants some food!

The freshly washed Gran Torino is looking stellar!

Inside the grocery store, I read the front page of The Globe that said David Soul was dying. David just tweeted last week that he’s not dying. He’s in a wheelchair because he needs a hip replacement. He said the stunt in “Starsky & Hutch” where he jumped from a second story window on to the hood of Hutch’s car and landed on his butt caused a lifetime of hip trouble. So I made my feelings known with a tweet that said, “Fake news! Boo Globe!”

I went outside to take Roxy for a quick potty break before we retired for the day. We had an early morning encounter with a pretty morning dove who stayed close to us and didn’t fly away. As I sat there talking to her (I named her “Lovey the Dovey”) for a long time. I saw her lock her gaze off in the distance and freeze. Soon I saw a hawk fly through the complex and disappear. I’m thinking that because she was hanging out with me and my fierce dog, the hawk decided to find his breakfast elsewhere. Maybe we helped to save Lovey’s life??! I grabbed my camera and got some beautiful shots of this stunning little creature.

Spook loves the Tranquility Zone as much as I do…he VERY relaxed and tranquil.

The new display cases for my Animal and Kermit 1:1 Muppet replicas.