My adopted grandma Shirley and Roxy spend some quality time relaxing on the floor. Cute!


On those overcast mornings, just as I’m heading to bed, I love to watch the dawn.  As the sun rises behind the thick cloud cover, the blackness of night gradually fades to gray, and then to a beautiful blue-gray.  Eventually it turns a really stunning shade of blue.  Of course Foreigner’s “Blue Morning, Blue Day” comes to mind as I’m witnessing this.

Monday the 20th – SUMMER HIBERNATION! – On the first day of Summer, the heatwave has begun in L.A.!  It was supposed to be about 110 today, but my neighbor said her car thermometer said it was 117 out.  I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it was hot!  I’ve decided that on days like this, I’m going to hibernate inside.  Instead of hibernating in the winter, I’m going to do it a little differently.  It’s good that summer is hot right out of the box.  That means that fall will be on time as well, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to Palm Springs as soon as it’s cool enough. Hopefully by early October.  Summer usually lasts the same amount of time, but occasionally it’ll arrive late.  It’s nice to have cooler weather deeper into June and into July, but that means October will still be hot.  I called my dad, since I had forgotten to call him on Father’s Day.  After hearing the news on Father’s Day about the untimely death of Anton Yelchin (a guy I had met several times around the neighborhood and whose parents are my neighbors) I was so sad I just slept the entire day.  But since I talk to my folks about every other day, he said it didn’t matter that I missed Father’s Day.  When I got up around 6pm it wasn’t quite as hot as it had been earlier in the day, but it was still like walking into an oven.  I came back inside and worked on Wally’s Week.  I did some work on the computer, took a swim in the pool, took a dip in the Jacuzzi, and then went inside to keep on working.  I did my nightly auditions and e-mailed them into my agent and finished Wally’s Week.  I walked Roxy, made some buffalo mac and watched another episode of “Lost in Space” from the second season Blu Ray set.

Tuesday the 21st – LAZY WEEK CONTINUES! – This week was expected to be fairly laid back, which is nice considering last week was super busy. I really needed the break!  I slept until 3, and then headed off to the bank to make some deposits.  I met my assistant Sara at Lancers for dinner, and then came home to nap again.  Later I got up for my auditions, made a Tombstone pizza and watched another episode of “Lost In Space.

Wednesday the 22nd – HOW TO BUILD EVERYTHING PREMIERES! – Around 1 I got up and did some work.  I stopped by Jersey Mike’s to get a sandwich and then headed to Wild Woods to record the voice-over narration for two more episodes of “How To Build Everything.”  The series would be premiering later that night, so I wanted to make sure and get home in time to catch the episodes.  It runs on Discovery Science every Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern.  We finished up and I got home to meet up with my pal Dave Edison who loaned me a few “Dark Shadows” collectibles for the taping of “Wacky Wally’s Vintage Toys” last Saturday night.  I returned his items to him with many thanks.  My masseuse Alex came over for a massage, which we started after I watched a few segments of “How to Build Everything” on TV. (By the way, if you have DirecTV it’s channel 284).  After the massage I took a dip in the Jacuzzi, and Sara came over to finish up some work.  I grabbed a nap for a bit, and then got up later to do my auditions.  I was up all night doing work on the computer, doing some writing and organizing of files.  I finished my Jersey Mike’s sandwich and hit the hay.

Thursday the 23rd – RUSTY! – My friend Caya met me for lunch at the Coral Café, and then we went over to Firing Line to do some target shooting.  I shot like a 3 year old!  I was really rusty!  I need to get there to practice at least every other week. Wow!  I was embarrassed!  I got home and walked my neighbor’s dog Abby and fed her some dinner, and then I walked my own dog and fed her some dinner.  I took a short nap and then got up later to do my daily auditions.  I finished the day by doing some work around the house.

Friday the 24th – DINI DONE IT! – The old Mustang was looking filthy, so I high-tailed it over to the car wash. The weather had cooled off a bit, so it was the perfect opportunity.  While I was there I met my old pal Ken Dennis.  Ken and I had produced a couple of pilots together and we originally met at “Family Guy” during the first few seasons.  I got a few pizza slices and ate them while my car was getting finished.  Then I went home and did some work around the house.  Around 7 I drove to Pasadena to a book store called Vroman’s to see my old pal Paul Dini, who was there signing his new graphic novel.  My pal Mark Evanier was emceeing the event, and Paul’s wife Misty was there assisting Paul.  Misty and I worked on “The Garfield Show” and I hadn’t seen her in years.  It was a fun evening, and my friends Scott and Vickie Sebring were there too. They had just interviewed Mark Evanier on their podcast called “My Comic Crush.”  After the signing I went to grab a bite with Scott and Vickie, and then I went home to meet up with my friend Brittney Powell for a bit.  I took a short nap and then spent the night doing work around the house.  My computer had been making strange noises, so I pulled out the CPU and discovered that the air vent was completely covered with dust!  I cleaned it out and it worked much better!  I spent the night writing ideas for future episodes of “Wacky Wally’s Vintage Toys,” did some design work, and did some other writing.  I headed to bed with a beef pot pie and an episode of “Lost In Space,” but I really enjoyed watching another “blue morning” dawn.  It was an overcast morning, quiet and cool, and I always love watching the dawn of a blue morning.  Gorgeous and peaceful.

Saturday the 25th – BACK TO HEAT! – When I woke up I had a funny realization.  In 2014 NBC fired Jay Leno because they thought a young audience couldn’t relate to a 63 year old late-night host.  But in 2016, who are all the young people going crazy for?  A 74 year old Bernie Sanders!  Ironic, no?  I guess NBC’s crystal ball was fuzzy.  Age is just a number.  I enjoyed sleeping all day and getting up later in the afternoon to prep for movie night.  We watched “The Dream Team” which had just been released on Blu Ray.  It’s a funny film!  After movie night was over I walked Shirley back home and then came back inside to do some work.  I made my traditional Saturday night super salad and watched an episode of the old BBC show “The Avengers.”  I only have 6 more episodes before the series finale. Sad.

Sunday the 26th – HOT SUN SUNDAY! – When I got out of bed around 4 it was another hot day!  It was too hot to walk to evening church with Roxy, so I had a couple options.  I figured I’d leave her at home and walk by myself.  Or I could drive my car and be lazy.  I was going to walk by myself.  But as I started getting ready, Roxy started dancing around and whining.  She knew EXACTLY where I was going, and she wanted to go too. She loves going to church.  I couldn’t leave her at home, so I threw her in the car and we drove the short distance to church. She was happy to be there!  It was a great service and the music was unbelievable!  When church was over it had turned into a gorgeous evening!  I took Roxy and my adopted grandma Shirley to dinner at Paty’s.  Eating on the patio was a blast and the evening had turned lovely!  I went home to get a nap, then got up to do my auditions and finish some work around the house.  I got some dinner to go at Denny’s and watched another “Lost In Space” episode before bed.

And how was YOUR week??!!