August 30 – September 06 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK When I was designing my plush Donnie Druthers figures for my collection of available Christoween merchandise, I happened upon this picture of a Fonzie plush from the 70's. It served as a perfect prototype for what I was trying to [...]

August 30 – September 06 (2021)2021-09-07T07:09:53-07:00

August 23 – August 29 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Isn't it about time for another random dog picture? Oh what the heck. it's ALWAYS time for anothe random dog picture! As I was sitting at my desk doing some work I played some random music on my computer. Though [...]

August 23 – August 29 (2021)2021-08-31T06:45:46-07:00

August 17 – August 22 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK My pal Elliot Lurie, singer/songwriter of the mega-hit "Brandy (You're a Fine GIrl), celebrated another birthday this week. Happy birthday, Elliot! As I strolled through the neighborhood with my dog Roxy on one of our late-night walks, for some reason [...]

August 17 – August 22 (2021)2021-08-24T08:38:10-07:00

August 09 – August 16 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Hey Mattel. Who the hell is Namtab? I've recently heard two different songs from Gin Blossoms in stores. So it started me on a quest to rediscover this great band. I heard "Until I Fall Away" a few days ago, [...]

August 09 – August 16 (2021)2021-08-17T07:08:27-07:00

August 02 – August 08 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK An artist that uses the name Divin_Thanatos on Instagram did these sketches of a few of the Christoween characters. I love them! Follow her on Instagram! As I was driving around this week I started humming, for no apparent reason, [...]

August 02 – August 08 (2021)2021-08-10T06:59:04-07:00

July 26 – August 01 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK I got this pic from my friend Christian Malmin, whom I've known for close to 35 years. The photo arrived in my inbox without much explanation, so I automatically assumed it was me - cosplaying Michael Myers with a homemade [...]

July 26 – August 01 (2021)2021-08-03T07:21:25-07:00

July 19 – July 25 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK I just felt it was time again for another cute puppy pic. That is all. It started several weeks ago when Michelle and I were eating at El Pollo Loco. A song came on the music system that stood out [...]

July 19 – July 25 (2021)2021-07-27T13:09:58-07:00

July 12 – July 18 (2021)

RANDOM PIC OF THE WEEK Gotta admit...I'm not a fan of these cats. It looks like some sort of evil chupacabra stalking its prey! I'm starting to work out the proper spacing on the eye pieces for my 10% Rowlf replica Muppet. I ordered [...]

July 12 – July 18 (2021)2021-07-21T06:44:58-07:00

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