San Diego Comic Con
JULY 23-27,2008


I recently returned from the San Diego Comic Con 2008 with lots of fun stories and photos. I did the Voice Actor's Panel for the FOURTH year in a row, and many say this panel was the best ever!  Check out the pictures!


The Adam West busts, sculpted by Ruben Procopio, were on display in the Wizard World booth!  So many people were stopping by and were amazed by them. These 1000 busts will sell out FAST!

The perennial attendee Alvin is spotted on the first day!

BatBum and Wally's Dollies are having a grand old time!

BatBum finds Alyssa (r) and Panda (l) two Invader Zim fans.

Chuck McCann and Wally's Dollies are having a grand old time!

GloZell can't believe she's meeting Richard Dreyfuss!

Elvis Trooper grabs Deb and Christine!


The first time I've ever seen a full-sized GIR, and it was great!


Harley Quinn and Alice in Wonderland? ONLY at Comic Con!


Aspiring voice actress Jamie poses with me in the Sails Pavilion.


Who has the bigger grin...The Joker or the Cheshire Cat?

Since I did the voice of Aaron in Mega Man, I thought it was only right I pose with him.


Here I am with some of the guys from 'Mystery Science Theater 3000', one of my favorite old shows!


Here I am with some of the OTHER guys from 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'!


Just before I do the Voice Actor panel, I like to get a shot of the audience that's forming.


Here I am with Renji in the Viz Media booth.


Rikki Simmons signs my GIR hat. It was good to see he and his wife Tavisha again!


My friends in their Bat costumes! Terrific!


Scott and Vickie Sebring and Christine at the entrance of the Star Trek Exhibit.


Another shot of our gang by the Enterprise in the museum exhibit

Scott and Vickie on the bridge set at the Trek Exhibit


Seth Green, BatBum and Chuck McCann. Uh oh!  That's trouble brewing!


Spidey and Black Cat pose with Deb and Christine outside the con.


Alice and one of the hundreds of Supergirls


Disney Character Voices' own Susie Lum!


The mixing of two sixties shows!


The entrance to the Trek Exhibit.


Scott and friends have fun with tribbles!


The view from my 11th floor room at the Marriott Marina.


A young Trek fan familiarizes himself with a phaser.

The Captain is in.  Wally on the bridge.


Wally leaping through the Guardian of Time.

Me and my good friend and hero Chuck McCann as we appeared on the big screen at the San Diego Comic Con Voice Actor's panel.

The best costume of the con. The Scooby Doo impressionist/comedian Andrea Meadows as our favorite cartoon great dane!


Christine poses with Andre and Deb as Catwoman


And Xena threatens Christine and Wally!

Wally's Dollies adorn the front row of the Voice Actor's Panel on Saturday. From left to right, GloZell, Christine, Deb & Emily.


Alice in Naughtyland and Snow White!


Wally by the pool with one of his best friends, Dave Baumeister.


Christine and Vickie head for the Star Trek exhibit.


Christine and Deb flank Snoopy