Here's an early publicity shot of Andy Kaufman wearing this exact outfit. This photo will be the basis for the paint and hair scheme of the lifecast.

There is no tag inside the jacket denoting size or brand.

But deep inside one of the pockets in the lining, you can see this tag signifying that the jacket was made in the USA by Amalgamated Clothing. It would be great to know if the serial number in red (238760) had some sort of significance and could be traced back to a specific date or fabric run. Here's more information here...

A close-up of the jacket fabric shows that it's gold and baby blue colored stripes against a white background.

When the jacket is opened, the lining is also a baby blue (albeit faded and stained.) Though you can't see it here, there is a considerable amount of sweat stains all over the lining.

The black turtleneck sweater Andy wore was a size Medium...

A close-up of the tag reveals the manufacturer...Tarmon Limited...The fullest fashion knits!

Apparently Andy had his blue oxford shirts custom-made, as you see an abbreviation for his name in the inside collar.
(Even though the abbreviation looks more like ZKAUF)

The tag inside his white jeans was Levi's Sta-Prest.
Never needs ironing!

His blue socks and his Converse tennis shoe.